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Based on its recent research on the ICT in the oil and gas industry, Frost & Sullivan presents SkyVision with the 2014 African Award for Vertical Market Penetration Leadership. Read more about it in the attached write up!

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SkyVision – Frost & Sullivan Award Official Document

  1. 1. BEST PRACTICES RESEARCH INSERT COMPANY LOGO HERE © 2014 Frost & Sullivan 1 “We Accelerate Growth”
  2. 2. BEST PRACTICES RESEARCH Vertical Market Penetration Leadership Award ICT in Oil and Gas Africa, 2014 Frost & Sullivan’s Global Research Platform Frost & Sullivan is in its 50th year in business with a global research organization of 1,800 analysts and consultants who monitor more than 300 industries and 250,000 companies. The company’s research philosophy originates with the CEO’s 360-Degree Perspective™, which serves as the foundation of its TEAM Research™ methodology. This unique approach enables us to determine how best-in-class companies worldwide manage growth, innovation and leadership. Based on the findings of this Best Practices research, Frost & Sullivan is proud to present the 2014 Africa Vertical Market Penetration Leadership Award in ICT in Oil and Gas to SkyVision Global Networks. Significance of the Vertical Market Penetration Leadership Award Key Industry Challenges Addressed by Increased Vertical Market Penetration The flourishing African oil and gas industry is seeing greater interest and growth in all the regions in Africa. The recent offshore gas discoveries in East Africa attracted large international participants. Currently Africa supplies approximately 12% of the world’s oil and it is estimated that the untapped reserves are approximately 8% of the world’s proven reserves. Africa also has proven natural gas reserves of 513 trillion cubic feet (Tcf). Predominantly the annual natural gas production comes from Nigeria, Libya, Algeria and Egypt. The oil and gas industry in Africa is experiencing continued growth and there are key opportunities due to the new exploration blocks being opened, port development, infrastructure development projects and new refinery developments and upgrades. However, there are specific business challenges in the oil and gas industry including the need to improve exploration and production, to improve refining and manufacturing efficiency and to optimise global operations. ICT innovations can be utilised to meet these business challenges and to ensure competitive advantage. Improving exploration includes the processing of a variety of data to identify the previously inaccessible reserves and to improve well performance. The harder it becomes to find oil and gas reserves, the greater the need for better, more reliable information for the support of timely decisions. It has been estimated that petroleum engineers can spend up to 60% of their productive time mining data in order to better manage well performance. The improvement of the refining and manufacturing efficiency can be gained through greater insight, flexibility and responsiveness in the refining and the manufacturing operations. Oil and gas companies, particularly in downstream activities, are under constant pressure to manage costs, due to thin margins. © 2014 Frost & Sullivan 2 “We Accelerate Growth”
  3. 3. BEST PRACTICES RESEARCH The nature of the industry leads to volatility in both the supply of raw material and the demand for products. Consequently, great insight, flexibility, and responsiveness in refining and manufacturing operations are required to remain competitive and profitable. Global operations can be optimized through increased visibility, the mitigation of risk and lower costs across the supply chain. The sharing of operational information including field, plant, pipeline, and logistics data across sites, organizational units, and geographies remain challenging for oil and gas companies. Companies need to ensure that they have the right information seamlessly integrated and without redundancy to manage the business and its significant asset investments. Timely data delivery between remote locations is particularly important in the African oil and gas industry. Due to technology development there is an increasing demand as well as growing opportunities to link people, machines and assets. In this way resources can be utilised at the optimum place and time. The concept of a “digital oilfield” is becoming increasingl y popular as operators, partners and service companies seek to take advantage of improved data and knowledge management, enhanced analytical tools, real-time systems, and more efficient business processes. Reliable connectivity is especially critical in the oil and gas industry to ensure efficient communications in the field, in between offices as well as in emergency situations. Best Practice Award Ana lysis for SkyVision The Frost & Sullivan Award for Vertical Market Penetration Leadership Award is presented each year to the company that has demonstrated excellence in capturing the fastest measured rate of change of market share of a specific vertical market. This Award recognizes how fast a company increases its vertical penetration of the market, in terms of revenues or units as specified. SkyVision’s Performance in ICT in the Oil and Gas industry SkyVision Global Networks Ltd. is a leading global communications service provider. It has comprehensive end-to-end solutions designed uniquely for the oil and gas industry. It is committed to expand its activity throughout Africa. The key factors distinguishing SkyVision from its competitors include the company’s strong local partnerships, reliable connectivity offering and its customised solutions tailored towards the oil and gas industry. © 2014 Frost & Sullivan 3 “We Accelerate Growth”
  4. 4. BEST PRACTICES RESEARCH Key Performance Drivers for SkyVision Factor 1: Strong local partnerships SkyVision has got a comprehensive network of local partners and representatives throughout Africa. This positions them well with closer reach to a broad customer base. SkyVision has subsidiaries in Nigeria, Cameroon, Morocco, Uganda, South Africa, Senegal, Guinea and Burkina Faso. Furthermore, it has hubs and Points of Presence situated across Africa. SkyVision’s strong local presence throughout the African continent enables them to offer dedicated local support and short response times. It creates a positive impact on all aspects of the business and improves customer satisfaction. This is further backed by its 24/7 multilingual technical support centres and Network Operating Centre which provide real-time support and monitoring. SkyVision plans to continue to invest and partner to better serve the growing oil and gas industry in Africa. Furthermore, SkyVision’s comprehensive Service Level Agreement (SLA) outlines the level of service that a customer may expect. Regarding Network Availability, SkyVision offer availability at a minimum average of 99%-99.5% depending on the band frequency. SkyVision’s customers can also expect that Network Unavailability shall not include the unavailability of the network as a result of network maintenance, acts of the customer, an emergency event, unavailability of customer equipment, force majeure or any other service exclusion. Notification by customers of a perceived network fault are classified according to priority levels based on the severity of the problem. Packet loss, latency and target resolution times are also included in SkyVision’s SLA. Factor 2: Reliable connectivity and safety Reliable connectivity is particularly critical to companies in the oil and gas industry. Reliable as well as efficient communications are needed both the field as well as in between remote branch offices. The reliability of connectivity is particularly crucial to ensure a real-time information flow during routine and emergency situations. This ultimately ensures smooth and efficient operations when needed most. SkyVision provides reliable high speed satellite connectivity between onshore and offshore teams in the oil and gas industry. The solution enables real-time data exchange for exploration as well as inspection, repair, salvage and surveillance operations. Factor 3: Customised solutions tailored to the needs of the oil and gas industry SkyVision has customized corporate service solutions specifically tailored to the needs of the oil and gas industry. These solutions include VoIP Services, Mobile Satellite Services, Private Networks, Managed Firewall, Business Continuity Solutions, Managed Professional © 2014 Frost & Sullivan 4 “We Accelerate Growth”
  5. 5. BEST PRACTICES RESEARCH Services and VSAT Internet/VPN services. SkyVision’s solutions are based over a wide range of connectivity platforms. These platforms include satellite/hybrid networks, WLAN, Microwave, VHF/UHF, 2-way radio and Fiber-Optics. Furthermore, SkyVision provides a diverse range of crew welfare solutions which includes scratch cards for voice calls/internet, telemedicine, video on demand, WLAN hotspots, and on-demand entertainment. For example, the business continuity solution ensures reliable back up connectivity with zero downtime for both on and offshore requirements. Furthermore, SkyVision offers enhanced crew welfare (data, voice and video), real-time upload of drilling data, on demand bandwidth for video conferencing, ROV video and telemedicine and hubless meshed connectivity. Not does SkyVision provide customised solutions, but it is coupled with a team of dedicated and skilled individuals that can serve the market with its capabilities. Conclusion Frost & Sullivan research confirms that SkyVision proves its insight and understanding into the oil and gas industry in Africa and its unique challenges. SkyVision’s solutions provides multiple benefits, including the ensured effective business communications between onshore and offshore teams, optimised business productivity, guaranteed bandwidth necessary for real time applications, support for mission-critical business applications and the enhanced crew welfare due to the provision of reliable satellite connectivity for high speed voice, video and data applications. The dramatic growth across the oil and gas industry require new innovative best of class approaches to managing information, analysing patterns, and optimising outcomes in both downstream and upstream operations. SkyVision’s superior solutions are therewore worthy recognition for Frost & Sullivan Best Practice Award 2014. Critical Importance of TEAM Research Frost & Sullivan’s TEAM Research methodology represents the analytical rigor of our research process. It offers a 360-degree view of industry challenges, trends, and issues by integrating all seven of Frost & Sullivan's research methodologies. Our experience has shown over the years that companies too often make important growth decisions based on a narrow understanding of their environment, leading to errors of both omission and commission. Frost & Sullivan contends that successful growth strategies are founded on a thorough understanding of market, technical, economic, financial, customer, best practices, and demographic analyses. In that vein, the letters T, E, A and M reflect our core technical, economic, applied (financial and best practices) and market analyses. The integration of these research disciplines into the TEAM Research methodology provides an evaluation platform for benchmarking industry players and for creating high-potential growth strategies for our clients. © 2014 Frost & Sullivan 5 “We Accelerate Growth”
  6. 6. BEST PRACTICES RESEARCH C har t 1 : B e nc h mar ki ng P e rf or ma n c e w i t h TE A M R es ea rc h About Frost & Sullivan Frost & Sullivan, the Growth Partnership Company, enables clients to accelerate growth and achieve best-in-class positions in growth, innovation and leadership. The company's Growth Partnership Service provides the CEO and the CEO's Growth Team with disciplined research and best-practice models to drive the generation, evaluation and implementation of powerful growth strategies. Frost & Sullivan leverages 50 years of experience in partnering with Global 1000 companies, emerging businesses and the investment community from more than 40 offices on six continents. To join our Growth Partnership, please visit © 2014 Frost & Sullivan 6 “We Accelerate Growth”