Weather report increasing clouds - great news


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For those of you who missed @levie's #aiim10 preso today on #CCM (or want a 2nd read), here are the slides: Enjoy!
Brougght to you by - Aaron Levy, CEO , addressed this topic at the AIIM10. “Cloud Content Management: Why You Should Pay Attention”. He explained why CCM is gaining traction in a rapidly evolving business landscape: employees are more web-savvy than ever before, with access to free online tools that help them share and collaborate beyond the firewall. 

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Weather report increasing clouds - great news

  1. 2. what is cloud content management for enterprises
  2. 3. 4M users, SMB  Fortune 500 businesses and departments everywhere are adopting
  3. 4. what is the ultimate vision? the right information, integrated, extended, and available
  4. 5. how technology is adopted…
  5. 7. when do the pragmatists adopt? standards emerge, no risk, and everyone’s doing it.
  6. 8. what is driving this growth?
  7. 9. workers expect more. we’re using twitter, facebook, iPads, and youtube.
  8. 10. workplaces demand more. we’re sharing with everyone, everywhere.
  9. 11. IT departments are ready. they are sick of maintenance, want to stay competitive.
  10. 12. trading control for visibility. closed and rigid platforms discourage usage.
  11. 13. the cloud is cheap. Larry Ellison doesn’t like this.
  12. 14. small business explosion. access to best-of-breed IT, affordable, usable.
  13. 15. mature platforms = mature adopters. better integration between services, better standards
  14. 16. 8 things you need to know…
  15. 17. your business is already using it. marketing departments, sales, product managers
  16. 18. dramatically expand the market. SMBs represent 99.7% of firms, 50% workforce
  17. 19. data accessibility everywhere. across devices, geographies, and organizations
  18. 20. there really is security. transparency and visibility instead of lockdown
  19. 21. you can afford it. now. only pay what you use, economies of scale
  20. 22. adds value to current ECM. extend content outside the firewall, doesn’t replace
  21. 23. no more upgrades. always on the latest, up-to-date version!
  22. 24. your users will be happy  easier to use, quicker to setup, encourages sharing