Social Media Resources for Medical Reserve Corps Units


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Originally distributed at MRC Region I & II Summit 2011.

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Social Media Resources for Medical Reserve Corps Units

  1. 1.       VIDEOS Social Media Revol lution 2011 http://youtu UrnEo Social Media in Pla English ain http://youtu X1jPE Twitte in Plain En er nglish http://youtu max0o Twitte Search in Plain English er P h http://youtu QYJ6iM Wikis in Plain Engl lish http://youtu‐dnL00T TdmLY Blogs i Plain Engl in lish http://youtu WXjXI What i LinkedIn? is http://youtu GUzM Social Networking in Plain Eng glish http://youtu TYKVc How to Sell Soap (a o about viral marketing) m http://youtu F7uqg Marke eting. Social Marketing. (a M about the cha anges in 21st century http://youtu F7uqg communication)How to Use Social Media in the Federal Gov o e vernment http://youtu DGJQ 17 Sta and Local Government Honored for Web 2.0 and Social ate ts f a /kZD86t Media ARTICL & EBOO LES OKS The No onprofit Soci Media Dec ial cision Guide, 2011 , http://wwww.idealware s/nonprofit‐so ocial‐media‐ decision‐g guide How to Master Fac o cebook Marketing in 10 Days, 2011 D http://ww ww.hubspot.c com/faceboo ok‐for‐busines ss‐marketing‐ ‐ kit‐2/ A National Survey of Social Med Use in Sta dia ate http://ww ns/documents s/NASCIO‐Governnment: Frien Follower and Feeds nds, rs, s. SocialMe dia.pdf Specia Report: Exp Round Table on Soci Media and al pert T ial d http://ww /about/news/ /socialmediariskcomm_ro ouRisk Communicatio During Ti on imes of Crisis Strategic s: ndtable.h htm Challenges and OpportunitiesRisk co ommunicatio in the inte on ernet age: Th Rise of he http://bit disorg ganized skept ticism Alyson Cobb can be reached at 603-573- C e a -3319 or ac om. Arielle Slam can be reached at 603-573- S e a -3341 or asl   om.
  2. 2.  Internet, broadban and cell phone statisti nd, ics http://ww orts/2010/Internet‐ broadbannd‐and‐cell‐ph hone‐statistic cs.aspx Twitte Update, 20 er 011 http://ww orts/2011/Tw witter‐Update‐ ‐ 2011.aspx x The So ocial Life of Health Inform H mation, 2011 orts/2011/Soc cial‐Life‐of‐ Health‐In nfo/Part‐1/Sec ction‐2.aspx Web UUsers Increassingly Rely on Social Media to Seek n http://rdc Help in a Disaster, 2010 nSocial Media Vs. Th Floods , 20 he 011 http://ww u/about/med dia/social‐media‐vs‐the‐ floods Google Person Find a tool bo of disaste from e der: orn er, http://lat Hurric cane Katrina to Japan’s qu uake, tsunam 2011 mi,Internet World Sta Usage and Population Statistics, ats: n http://ww ww.internetw m/stats.htm2010The So ocial Habit 20 011 http://ww home/archive es/2011/05/th he _social_h hp  WEBSITES http:// /socialmedia a.policytool.n net/ PolicyToo ol is a social m media policy g generator tha at simplifies th he  process o of creating guidelines. HowTo‐m media “HowTo.g gov is a website to help goovernment wo orkers deliver a  better cu stomer experrience to citiz zens.”  facebo ernment A Facebo ok page for in nformation about how Go overnment can  best use F Facebook Hootsu Hootsuitee is a social m media dashboa ard used to mmanage  multiple s social media accounts, inc cluding cross‐posting the  same me ssage on mul ltiple account ts (ie. Twitter r and  Facebookk). It allows addministratorss to coordinatte with other  administrrators of the aaccounts and d track the succcess of your social me edia use.  Alyson Cobb can be reached at 603-573- C e a -3319 or ac om. Arielle Slam can be reached at 603-573- S e a -3341 or asl   om.