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Cyber PR - Music Publicity Campaign Overview


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CYBER PR is an established digital music PR firm. We blend blog placements, email marketing, and social media while emphasizing on fan acquisition and growth. This is an overview of our music PR campaign methodology.

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Cyber PR - Music Publicity Campaign Overview

  1. 1. M U S I C
  2. 2. HOW WE OBTAIN COVERAGE We don’t “blast” a generic press release to a list of blogs in a database.
 This approach never yields strong results, and we love strong results. We carefully pitch you to writers and editors we have established relationships with. These are bloggers we actively interact with, study, care about 
 and occasionally grab a beer with. We know how to get you in these publications because we spend hours researching who takes independent submissions, how they like to be pitched 
 and what genres they prefer to cover. Cyber PR gets results because we do our homework.
  3. 3. BUILDING YOUR FOUNDATIONS Every artist following - big or small - starts with Google. Therefore, Cyber PR Campaigns start with Google. This involves: - Posting reviews to iTunes & Amazon
 - Submitting your bio to Spotify - Applying for verification on Spotify - Connecting tour dates to social media - Showing you how to submit to vital sites 
 like Pandora, Sound Exchange & Bandsintown
  4. 4. EXCLUSIVE PREMIERESEvery writer wants to discover the next big thing, making exclusive premieres appealing to them. For this first listen, we aim high. It pays off, and is instrumental to getting the right eyes (and ears) on your art.
  6. 6. TRACK & ARTIST FEATURESTRACK, ARTIST & VIDEO FEATURESFollowing a premiere, we keep the buzz going around your music with additional 
 features and interviews to keep the momentum strong.
  8. 8. NICHE & LIFESTYLE FEATURESIf you have a niche you would like publicized in addition to your music, we will find it a home.
  9. 9. SPOTIFY & SOUNDCLOUD PLAYLISTSCyber PR pitches for placements that directly aggregate to official Spotify playlists, as well as blogs that curate their own. Using our personal pitching system, we also get our artists reposted and included in key SoundCloud playlists to multiply listener count.
  10. 10. We would love to be a part of your team and help make your dreams a reality. Connect with us: (212) 239-8384 GET IN TOUCH