Tugas xii ips 3 amalia ihsana dan jannatun nisa


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Tugas xii ips 3 amalia ihsana dan jannatun nisa

  1. 1. ..
  2. 2. TujuanMateriContoh SoalUjiKompetensiReferensiNarrative Text bertujuan untuk menghiburpendengar atau pembaca tentang suatu kisahataupun cerita masa lampau yang bertaliandengan pengalaman nyata, khayal (imajinatif),atau suatu cerita yang mengarah ke suatu krisisdan yang pada akhirnya menemukan suatupenyelesaian.
  3. 3. TujuanMateriContoh SoalUjiKompetensiReferensiNarrative Text adalah lahir dari kalanganNarration , sama halnya dengan Recount Text,Spoof Text ataupun News Item Text yang manaNarrative Text berfungsi untuk menceritakankisah masa lampau dan juga bisa sebagaihiburan.Narrative Text itu teks tentang sebuat cerita(fiksi / nonfiksi / hikayat / cerita rakyat / ceritabinatang / mitos)
  4. 4. TujuanMateriContoh SoalUjiKompetensiReferensiAlur dari Narrative Text (Generic Structure) :1. Orientation (Pengenalan)2. Complication (Permasalahan)3. Resolution (Penyelesaian Masalah)
  5. 5. TujuanMateriContoh SoalUjiKompetensiReferensi1. OrientationPada bagian Orientation, berisi tentangpengenalan. Baik itu pengenalan nama tokoh/tokoh dalam certita dan juga biasanyadilengkapi dengan waktu dan juga tempatkejadiannya
  6. 6. TujuanMateriContoh SoalUjiKompetensiReferensi2. ComplicationPada bagian Complication biasanya berisitentang sebuah gambaran munculnya suatu krisisataupun permasalahan yang dialami oleh salahsatu tokoh pada cerita.
  7. 7. TujuanMateriContoh SoalUjiKompetensiReferensi3. ResolutionPada bagian resolution, biasanya berisitentang bagaimana tokoh dari ceritamemecahkan permasalahan yang adapada bagian Complication. Biasanya adalebih dari satu resulotion untuk satucomplication.
  8. 8. TujuanMateriContoh SoalUjiKompetensiReferensiCiri – ciri pada Narrative Text :c Menggunakan Action Verb dalam bentukPast Tense. Misalnya : went, hated, loved.c Menggunakan nouns tertentu sebagai kataganti orang, hewan dan benda tertentudalam cerita. Misalnya : the prince, theprincess, the farmer.
  9. 9. TujuanMateriContoh SoalUjiKompetensiReferensic Menggunakan Adjective yang membentuk Nounphrase. Misalnya : Long grey hair, two greenapples.c Menggunakan Time Connectives danConjunction untuk mengurutkan kejadian –kejadian. Misalnya : before, after, soon.c Menggunakan adverbs dan adverbial phraseuntuk menunjukkan lokasi kejadian atauperistiwa. Misalnya : happily ever after.
  10. 10. TujuanMateriContoh SoalUjiKompetensiReferensic Menggunakan kata sifat untuk membentuk frasabenda. Misalnya : the small animal.c Menggunakan kata kerja tindakan dalam bentukpast tense. Misalnya : ploughted, tied.c Menggunakan kata kerja yang menandaiucapan. Misalnya : said, asked.c Menggunakan kata kerja yang menandaipikiran. Misalnya : felt, thought.
  11. 11. TujuanMateriContoh SoalUjiKompetensiReferensiThe Frog PrinceOne fine evening a young princess put on herbonnet and and clogs, and went out to take a walk byherself in a wood; and when she came to a coolspring of water with a rose in the middle of it, she satherself down to rest a while. Now she had a goldenball in her hand, which was her favourite plaything;and she was always tossing it up into the air, andcatching it again as it fell.
  12. 12. TujuanMateriContoh SoalUjiKompetensiReferensiAfter a time she threw it up so high that shemissed catching it as it fell; and the ball boundedaway, and rolled along on the ground, until at lastit fell down into the spring. The princess lookedinto the spring after her ball, but it was very deep,so deep that she could not see the bottom of it. Shebegan to cry, and said, "Alas! If I could only getmy ball again, I would give all my fine clothes andjewels, and everything that I have in the world."
  13. 13. TujuanMateriContoh SoalUjiKompetensiReferensiWhilst she was speaking, a frog put its headout of the water, and said, "Princess, why do youweep so bitterly?“ "Alas!" Said she, "What can youdo for me, you nasty frog? My golden ball hasfallen into the spring." The frog said, "I do notwant your pearls, and jewels, and fine clothes;but if you will love me, and let me live with youand eat off your golden plate, and sleep on yourbed, I will bring you your ball again."
  14. 14. TujuanMateriContoh SoalUjiKompetensiReferensi1. What is the text about? ...a. A young princess and her bonnet.b. young princess in a cool spring of water.c. A young princess with a golden ball in her hand.d. The frog prince.
  15. 15. TujuanMateriContoh SoalUjiKompetensiReferensiEvaluasiJawaban Anda :lanjut
  16. 16. TujuanMateriContoh SoalUjiKompetensiReferensiEvaluasiJawaban Anda :lanjutCoba lagi
  17. 17. TujuanMateriContoh SoalUjiKompetensiReferensi2. What type of text is used by the writer?a. Narrative.b. Argumentative.c. Descriptive.d. Hortatory exposition.
  18. 18. TujuanMateriContoh SoalUjiKompetensiReferensiEvaluasiJawaban Anda :lanjut
  19. 19. TujuanMateriContoh SoalUjiKompetensiReferensiEvaluasiJawaban Anda :lanjutCoba lagi
  20. 20. TujuanMateriContoh SoalUjiKompetensiReferensi3. The communicative purpose of this text is....a. To describe a young princess with a golden ball.b. To amuse or to entertain the readers.c. To tell about our opinion about a young princessand her bonnet.d. To persuade the readers to do something.
  21. 21. TujuanMateriContoh SoalUjiKompetensiReferensiEvaluasiJawaban Anda :lanjut
  22. 22. TujuanMateriContoh SoalUjiKompetensiReferensiEvaluasiJawaban Anda :lanjutCoba lagi
  23. 23. TujuanMateriContoh SoalUjiKompetensiReferensi4. Paragraph 1 ....a. Gives an orientation.b. Poses a thesis.c. Shows an abstract.d. Gives a general classification.
  24. 24. TujuanMateriContoh SoalUjiKompetensiReferensiEvaluasiJawaban Anda :lanjut
  25. 25. TujuanMateriContoh SoalUjiKompetensiReferensiEvaluasiJawaban Anda :lanjutCoba lagi
  26. 26. TujuanMateriContoh SoalUjiKompetensiReferensi5. What does “it” refer to in paragraph 1line 5? ...a. A golden ball.b. A rose.c. A cool spring of water.d. A wood.
  27. 27. TujuanMateriContoh SoalUjiKompetensiReferensiEvaluasiJawaban Anda :lanjut
  28. 28. TujuanMateriContoh SoalUjiKompetensiReferensiEvaluasiJawaban Anda :Coba lagi
  29. 29. TujuanMateriContoh SoalUjiKompetensiReferensiOnce upon a time there was a man who hadtwo daughters. The one married to a gardener,and the other to a tile-maker. After a time hewent to the daughters who had married thegardener. He noticed how she was and how allthings went with her. The daughter said, “Allthings are prospering with me, and I have onlyone wish, that there may be a heavy fall of rain,in order that the plants may be well watered.”
  30. 30. TujuanMateriContoh SoalUjiKompetensiReferensiNot long after, he went to the daughter whohad married the tile maker. He also noticed of howshe fared. This daughter replied, “I want fornothing, and have only one wish, that the sunnyweather may continue, and the sun shines hot andbright, so that teh bricks might be dried.”This old man said to her, “If your sister wishesfor rain, and you for sunnu weather, with which ofthe two am I to join my wishes?
  31. 31. TujuanMateriContoh SoalUjiKompetensiReferensi1. What did the daughter who married thetile maker wish for?a. She wished for rain.b. She wished to meet her sister.c. She wished for sunny weather.d. She wished for prosperity.
  32. 32. TujuanMateriContoh SoalUjiKompetensiReferensiThere was once poor woman who wished verymuch have a little child. She went to a fairygodmother who lived near the green meadow inthe valley. The woman received a barleycorn seedfrom the fairy. She went home and planted it in theflower pot. Several days later the seed grew up intoa large beautiful flower. Surprisingly, the womansaw a little girl inside the flower. The woman gaveher the name “Thumbelina” because she was sosmall.
  33. 33. TujuanMateriContoh SoalUjiKompetensiReferensi2. What is the story about? ...a. A fairy godmother.b. The barleycorn seed.c. The beautiful flower.d. Thumbelina, a tiny little girl.
  34. 34. TujuanMateriContoh SoalUjiKompetensiReferensi3. Where was the barleycorn seed planted?a. In a valley.b. In the forest.c. In a flower pot.d. On a farmer’s field.
  35. 35. TujuanMateriContoh SoalUjiKompetensiReferensiThe Lion and The MouseOnce when a lion was a sleep, a little mousebegan running up and down upon him; this soonawoke the lion, who placed his huge paw upon themouse, and opened his big jaws to swallow him.“Pardon, o King. Forgive me this time. I shallnever forget it: who knows I may be able to do youa good turn some of these day?” The lion was sotickled at the idea of the mouse being able to helphim. Then he lifted up his paw and let him go.
  36. 36. TujuanMateriContoh SoalUjiKompetensiReferensiOne day the lion was caught in a trap. Somehunters who wanted to carry him alive the king, tiedhim to a tree while they went in search of a wagonto carry him in. Just then the little mouse happenedto pass by and see the sad plight in which the lionwas. The little mouse went up to him and soongnawed away the ropes that bound the king of thebeasts. Soon after the little mouse had finishedgnawing away the ropes, he asked the lion to runaway.
  37. 37. TujuanMateriContoh SoalUjiKompetensiReferensi4 . Who are the main characters of the story?a. The lion and the cat.b. The lion and the mouse.c. The lion and the beasts.d. The lion and the king.
  38. 38. TujuanMateriContoh SoalUjiKompetensiReferensi5. What is the moral lesson from the text?a. Don’t look at someone because of his clothes.b. It is best to prepare for the days of necessity.c. Common people may prove great ones.d. United we stand, divided we fall.
  39. 39. TujuanMateriContoh SoalUjiKompetensiReferensi6. Paragraph three mainly tells that ....a. The little mouse asked for forgiveness.b. The hunter carried the lion alive to the king.c. The lion was tied to tree by the hunter.d. The little mouse could prove that he could help thelion.
  40. 40. TujuanMateriContoh SoalUjiKompetensiReferensi7. What did the little mouse do to prove hiswords? ...a. He would never forget the lion.b. He tried hard to help the lion free.c. He ran up and down upon the lion.d. He asked for apology to the king of the beast.
  41. 41. TujuanMateriContoh SoalUjiKompetensiReferensiOnce there was a very rich and greedy man,He loved and hoarded jewels.One day a visitor asked to see them. So thejewels were brought out and the two men gazed atthe wonderful stones.As the visitor was about to leave, he said,“Thank you for sharing your jewels with me.”“I didn’t give them to you,” exclaimed therich man. “They belong to me.”
  42. 42. TujuanMateriContoh SoalUjiKompetensiReferensi“Yes, of course,” replied the visitor. “Weenjoyed the jewels the sama way, but the realdifference between us i your trouble and expenseof buying and protecting them.”
  43. 43. TujuanMateriContoh SoalUjiKompetensiReferensi8. What were the two men looking at?a. Silverware.b. Gold coins.c. Precious stones.d. Beautiful crafts.
  44. 44. TujuanMateriContoh SoalUjiKompetensiReferensi9. According to the visitor, what shouldthe rich man do for his treasure?a. He should use them wisely.b. He should share them with his siblings.c. He should keep them in the safest place.d. He should spend a lot of money to protectthem.
  45. 45. TujuanMateriContoh SoalUjiKompetensiReferensiA man found a cocoon of a butterfly. One day asmall opening appeared, he sat and watched thebutterfly for several hours as it struggled to force itsbody through the little hole. Then, it seemed to stopmaking any progress. It appeared stuck.The man decided to help the butterfly and witha pair of scissors he cut open the cocoon. Thebutterfly then emerged easily, but there wassomething strange about it.
  46. 46. TujuanMateriContoh SoalUjiKompetensiReferensiThe butterfly had a swollen body and shrivelledwings. The man watched the butterfly expecting itto take on its correct proportions, but nothingchanged.The butterfly stayed the same. It was never ableto fly. In his kindness and hastle the man did notrealise that the butterfly’s struggle to get throughthe small opening of the cocoon is nature’s way offorcing fluid from the body of the butterfly into itswings si that it would be ready for flight.
  47. 47. TujuanMateriContoh SoalUjiKompetensiReferensiLike the sapling which grows stromg frombeing buffeted by the wind, in life we all need toallow nature to take it’s course.
  48. 48. TujuanMateriContoh SoalUjiKompetensiReferensi10. What finally happened to the butterfly?...a. It was weak and died.b. It was never able to fly.c. It had a pair of beautiful wings.d. It grew into a beautiful butterfly.
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  50. 50. TujuanMateriContoh SoalUjiKompetensiReferensi• Pariwara, Intan (2012) . Detik – detik UjianNasional Bahasa Inggris 2012 / 2013. Klaten :PT Intan Pariwara.• http://wapresku.files.wordpress.com/2012/02/putri-kartika.ppt• http://missenismpm4surabaya.bridge.wikispaces.net/file/view/NARRATIVE+TEXT.ppt