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A presentation describing some of JWA's ground-breaking projects involving user-generated and user-moderated content, highlighting efforts to gather a more complete record of Jewish American history, to interpret it, and to share it.

Published in: Education, Spiritual, Technology
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  1. 1. Re:membering and Re:searching the past
  2. 3. When Jon uploaded his picture he searched Flickr for his grandmother’s name and came up with this photo of his grandmother in a DP camp.  He’d never seen this image before, though his grandmother is quite vocal and public about her experiences in the Holocaust. He wrote to the person who had uploaded that pic, and within a few minutes she had written back, and asked him to add his photo to other groups about heroines, etc.  As he told the story (all this discovery and connection within 10 minutes, literally), we ALL got goosebumps and really felt the power and potential of this tool, and the value of broad platforms like Flickr, rather than proprietary of very focused platforms only.  I could not have planned the lesson better if I had tried.
  3. 6. “ In recent years … the rise of social media has given Web users the technological wherewithal to play a more active role in shaping the direction of museum collections.” -- NY Times , Jan 20, 2010
  4. 7. Jewish Women and the Feminist Revolution --Launched 2005
  5. 10. Katrina’s Jewish Voices Launched August 2006
  6. 11. Dear Carol, I met recently with Tamara Kreinin and she told me a bit about how involved you are with the Jewish Women's Archive and especially with the Katrina's Jewish Voices project. So I wanted to write you to let you know how appreciative I am of the JWA's resources. The website has come in handy many times, even allowing me to learn about locals like Molliew Wanick and Miriam Waltzer. I also just received the poster series which I plan to use to decorate the AVODAH house. In any case, I thought that if you have availability in the coming month (or perhaps after Mardi Gras is best), I would enjoy getting to meet with you. I would like to ask your advice with regards to AVODAH's presence in New Orleans. Best wishes, Joshua -- Joshua Lichtman Program Director, New Orleans AVODAH: The Jewish Service Corps 7733 Maple St., New Orleans, LA 70118 504-861-1068