Migrating to office 365


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Slide deck from the Office 365 user group meeting.

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Migrating to office 365

  1. 1. Migrating to Office 365023 8097 0968 www.spedutech.com
  2. 2. Who Am I• IT Consultant• Worked in education for over 18 years• Led teams in the early adoption of Microsoft systems• Regular presenter at events• SharePoint MVP023 8097 0968 www.spedutech.com
  3. 3. Topics• Office 365 co-existence options• Types of migration• Single Signon• A client migration – Real World023 8097 0968 www.spedutech.com
  4. 4. Co-Existence• You already have onPremise Exchange• Shared Address Space – Use the same domain name for all users – OnPremise or cloud receives email – Forwards onto the other one• Multiple Addresses – Use different domain names for onPremise & Cloud – Each entity receives its own email – Manage mail contacts in either onPremise or cloud023 8097 0968 www.spedutech.com
  5. 5. Types Of Migration• IMAP cutover: E-mail is extracted from the source mail system by IMAP, DNS MX records are changed, and workstations configured to connect to Office 365. E-mail is moved, but no contacts and calendars.• Exchange cutover: Same as IMAP but it uses RPC over HTTPS (Outlook Anywhere) to extract your entire mailbox from a legacy Exchange e-mail system (2003 or later only).• Staged coexistence: Similar to an Exchange cutover, but allows for batches of users to move at a time and for the two systems (Exchange and Office 365) to interoperate over a period of time.• Hybrid coexistence: This solution is intended for customers who require onsite and cloud e-mail systems to coexist for longer periods. Active Directory and Office 365 synchronize and single-sign-on is set up. This is the most technically complex migration method but makes for the easiest mailbox migrations, simply using the existing Exchange Management Console’s commands.023 8097 0968 www.spedutech.com
  6. 6. Single Signon• Use Active directory account to access Office 365• Uses Active Directory federation services – Minimum 4 servers for load balancing – Federation server & Federation proxy server – PowerShell to form ‘link’• Separate server for DirSync software• DO NOT ENABLE BEFORE MIGRATION023 8097 0968 www.spedutech.com
  7. 7. Real World Migration• Planning – Prepare your AD • Delete users – Clean up Exchange • Empty deleted items • Empty sent items• Migration type – Choose the right one for your environment • How many users • Keeping onPremise023 8097 0968 www.spedutech.com
  8. 8. Real World Migration• Migration takes time – 400 users took 5 days – Incremental updates after full migration• Complete migration – Convert mailboxes to mail enabled users – PowerShell scripts downloadable from Microsoft• All migrations run from Exchange Control Panel023 8097 0968 www.spedutech.com
  9. 9. Demo – Sort Of !!023 8097 0968 www.spedutech.com
  10. 10. Federated Login023 8097 0968 www.spedutech.com
  11. 11. Federated Login023 8097 0968 www.spedutech.com
  12. 12. Exchange Control Panel023 8097 0968 www.spedutech.com
  13. 13. Email Migration023 8097 0968 www.spedutech.com
  14. 14. onPremise Server Details023 8097 0968 www.spedutech.com
  15. 15. onPremise Server Details023 8097 0968 www.spedutech.com
  16. 16. • arichards_Saruk• alan@sharepointedutech.com023 8097 0968 www.spedutech.com