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Developing for SharePoint Online


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Published in: Technology, Design
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Developing for SharePoint Online

  1. 1. Developing forSharePoint Online Ari Bakker @aribakker
  2. 2. Goals• Learn how to develop applications for SharePoint Online deployments – Gain a basic understanding of the SharePoint Online offering – Understand the limitations of developing in SharePoint Online – Understand techniques for overcoming some of these limitations
  3. 3. SharePoint Online Flavours• Office 365 Public Cloud – Professionals and small businesses (P plans) • Limited to 50 users • Single site collection • Can deploy sandboxed solutions – Medium businesses and enterprises (E plans) • Can deploy sandboxed solutions• Office 365 Dedicated – Dedicated farm, aimed at 30,000+ seat deployments • Farm solutions allowed (requires Microsoft approval)
  4. 4. Why SharePoint Online?• Handles variable load• Flexible cost of ownership• Business agility/time to market• Stability
  5. 5. What’s In• My Sites• Office Integration (2007/2010) • Excel Services• SharePoint Workspace 2010 for • Access Services Offline Working • Visio Services• External Sharing • SharePoint Web Services• Simple Public-Facing Website• Document Libraries • Forms Services• Slide & Media Libraries • Custom Web Parts• Business Taxonomies & Tagging • Silverlight controls• Document Sets & ID’s • Sandboxed Solutions• Office Web Apps • Blogs• Cross-site Collection Search• Search Refiners • Wikis• Indexing Controls • Business Connectivity Services• People Search• Phonetic Search
  6. 6. What’s Out• Records Center• Information Rights Management (IRM)• SharePoint for Internet Sites and WCM workflow and approval• Site Variations• PerformancePoint Services• Power Pivot• Full-Trust Code Solutions• FAST Search
  7. 7. Development Options• Browser based customisations• SharePoint designer/InfoPath Forms• Sandboxed solutions• Windows Azure
  8. 8. Key sandbox limitations• No access to the file system• Code restrictions: – GAC deployment prohibited – Restricted set of allowed assemblies• No server side external calls• No Web Application or Farm scoped functionality• No full-trust proxy allowed in SP-O standard
  9. 9. Getting started• Install Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint Power Tools – Sandboxed visual web part – Compile against allowed assemblies• Debug using SPUCWorkerProcess locally• Use FXCop rules to validate solution against SPO – SPO contains custom solution validator• Create a test site collection in SPO
  10. 10. Limitation #1 - File system access• Limited access to the file system – Site definitions – User controls – Application pages – Branding resources – Web.config – ULS logs
  11. 11. Limitation #1 - File system access• Limited access to the file system – Site definitions – Use WebTemplates – User controls – Install Visual Studio Power Tools – Application pages – Use web parts – Branding resources – Use style library – Web.config – Use SPWeb property bag or lists – ULS logs – Log to lists. Consider resource usage e.g. #if DEBUG or a property
  12. 12. Limitation #2 - Accessing external data• Server side external calls – Web service calls – Cross site-collection calls
  13. 13. Limitation #2 - Accessing external data• Server side external calls – Web service calls – Cross site-collection calls• Solutions – Client side script – Silverlight, JavaScript, Managed client OM – Business connectivity services – Data view web part
  14. 14. Limitation #3 - Code restrictions• GAC deployment prohibited – Custom workflow solution – Timer jobs• Restricted set of allowed assemblies – SPSecurity.RunWithElevatedPriviledges• Execution context in sandbox process – Only partial access to the Page and HttpRequest objects
  15. 15. Sandboxed Code Architecture
  16. 16. Limitation #3 - Code restrictions• Consider moving application logic into Azure – Supports complex business logic – Cheap data storage – Pay for what you use
  17. 17. Limitation #4 - Deployment scope• Web Application or Farm scoped functionality – Search managed properties – Service applications – Authentication providers (uses Windows Live or ADFS)
  18. 18. How do I get started?• Office 365 free 30 day trial• Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint Power Tools:• FxCop Rules for SharePoint Online• Microsoft Cloud Essentials Pack
  19. 19. Thanks for listening• Get in touch – – @aribakker –