Winning PPC Tactics - SES London 2013


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My presentation from the Winning PPC Tactics session at SES London 2013. Content covering Product Listings Ads, Dynamic Search Ads and Enhanced Campaigns.

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  • Many people dislike them – because Google has removed a product/sales you could previously have gotten for free and now want to charge for. Allegedly to improve the user experience but also impacts revenue for Google.
  • So those issues aside, I actually quite like them.
  • Winning PPC Tactics - SES London 2013

    1. 1. Winning PPC TacticsArianne DonoghueFarnell element14Ecommerce Marketing Manager - EuropeLondon| 18–21 February
    2. 2. London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLONProduct Listings Ads @ariannedonoghue
    3. 3. London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLONHow do you feel about them? @ariannedonoghue
    4. 4. London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLONNow is the time to make sure you have PLAcampaigns! Australia, Brazil, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, the UK and the US. @ariannedonoghue
    5. 5. London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLONBenefits• Currently our best performing generic campaign!• Drives significant revenue @ariannedonoghue
    6. 6. London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLONBest Practice• Most common errors: @ariannedonoghue
    7. 7. London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLONGet to know Merchant Center! @ariannedonoghue
    8. 8. London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLON Work to improve your feed’s quality• Look at optional attributes too: @ariannedonoghue
    9. 9. London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLONHow should I structure my campaign? @ariannedonoghue
    10. 10. London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLONHow should I structure my campaign? @ariannedonoghue
    11. 11. London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLONHow should I structure my campaign? @ariannedonoghue
    12. 12. London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLONAdding product targets• Select your ad group (do you need a separate ad message?)• Choose by category/brand etc (can choose up to 3)• Ensure product target is Validated before setting live• Give specific product targets a higher bid than “All products” @ariannedonoghue
    13. 13. London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLONImproving traffic quality• Run search query reports• Add negatives for irrelevant or poorly-performing queries @ariannedonoghue
    14. 14. London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLONPromotional Text• Your chance to share your USP!• Search term “nikon d5100 body”• Create new ad groups for different messages• Be specific, NOT generic! Free Delivery. Free Free Delivery 100% UK Shipping! On Orders Stock. Over £150 @ariannedonoghue
    15. 15. London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLONProduct Listings Ads Make sure your feed is high-quality & populate optional values A quality feed can also be used for Product Extensions Ensure you have an “All products” target Add additional targets if you need to be more specific Make your business stand out with Promotional Text Create separate ad groups for unique messaging Remember to add negatives from your query reports @ariannedonoghue
    16. 16. London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLONWhat does this mean for you? @ariannedonoghue
    17. 17. London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLONDynamic Search Ads @ariannedonoghue
    18. 18. London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLON Dynamic Search AdsGoogle crawls your site and fill in the gaps in your keyword lists @ariannedonoghue
    19. 19. London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLONWill they work for you?• If you stock different products/services• Products/services that change frequently• If you sell seasonal products @ariannedonoghue
    20. 20. London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLONSetting Up Dynamic Ad Targets • Very similar to PLAs • Separate ad groups for unique ad text • Segment targets by: o Category o URL o Page Title o Page Content @ariannedonoghue
    21. 21. London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLONBest Practice Add high performing terms as keywords in your campaigns. Add poorly performing terms as negatives. If DSAs are a growing proportion of your traffic you’re missing out on an opportunity! @ariannedonoghue
    22. 22. London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLONCategoriesOptimise by determining which categories are working well and adding them as new targets. If your list of categories looks strange, speak to your SEO. @ariannedonoghue
    23. 23. London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLONExcluding Targets You can create ad targets for pages you wish to be excluded from Dynamic Search Ads Create exclusions for products that are “sold out” or “unavailable” together with site pages that aren’t product/service specific. @ariannedonoghue
    24. 24. London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLONDynamic Search AdsEnsure you have a basic target that covers your site Add additional dynamic targets if you need to be more specific Create separate ad groups for unique messaging Add search terms which perform well into your campaigns Remember to add negatives from your query reports View category reports and add these as targets if appropriate Speak to your SEO and make sure your site can be indexed @ariannedonoghue
    25. 25. London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLONEnhanced Campaigns @ariannedonoghue
    26. 26. London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLONEnhanced Campaigns ... are all about context @ariannedonoghue
    27. 27. London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLONEnhanced Campaigns ... and targeting users by location, device and time. @ariannedonoghue
    28. 28. London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLONHow has the industry taken it? @ariannedonoghue
    29. 29. London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLONAreas of improvement @ariannedonoghue
    30. 30. London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLONNew Bid Adjustments Within one campaign you can manage bids for different devices, locations and times of day. The multipliers are cumulative & work together. @ariannedonoghue
    31. 31. London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLONLocation TargetingHave multiple locations within one campaign and bid up/down as appropriate @ariannedonoghue
    32. 32. London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLONDevice Targeting Apply multipliers to mobile or desktop/tablets. Exclude mobile altogether by bidding -100%You cannot exclude desktops/tablets or bid on tablets/mobiles separately @ariannedonoghue
    33. 33. London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLONNew Ad Options Create custom mobile ads from within a desktop campaign Create mobile only sitelinks or schedule sitelinks @ariannedonoghue
    34. 34. London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLONOther Sitelink EnhancementsIndividual Sitelink Reporting & ApprovalsSitelinks also available at Ad Group level – no need for a newCampaign @ariannedonoghue
    35. 35. London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLONNew Conversion TypesIf you don’t have Google Conversion Tracking installed, get onit! @ariannedonoghue
    36. 36. London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLONFewer Campaigns Needed Once migration has taken place, management of campaigns moving forward may be simplified. @ariannedonoghue
    37. 37. London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLONSummarySimplified structure may mean fewer campaigns/easiermanagement More sophisticated bidding Ad Group Level Sitelinks Ad Extension Scheduling Individual Sitelink Performance & Approval New conversion types coming @ariannedonoghue
    38. 38. London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLONSummaryLots of work to merge split-out tablet & mobile campaigns No specific targeting for tablets or mobiles No mobile-only campaigns Cannot opt out of tablets but can from mobile No more specific device/network/OS targeting Multipliers are applied at campaign level @ariannedonoghue
    39. 39. London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLONThings We Don’t Know Yet Classification of 3G tablets – whether these count as mobiledevices or within the desktop/tablet category Mobile specific landing pages – is this possible without yourown site taking care of it? Exactly when will the forced migration happen? @ariannedonoghue
    40. 40. London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLON Key Takeaways• Get PLAs up and running in all relevantcountries – traffic here is only going toincrease over time!• Dynamic Search Ads are a great way to fillin the gaps – you don’t need a feed asGoogle does most of the work for you!• Start testing the features of EnhancedCampaigns and work on a migration plan,particularly if you split your campaigns outas per Google’s previous advice @ariannedonoghue
    41. 41. London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLONOne last tip… @ariannedonoghue
    42. 42. Thanks!London| 18–21 February