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Workshop Wednesdays presentation 7 18-12


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Workshop Wednesdays presentation 7 18-12

  1. 1. Facebook & Pinterestin the Academic LibraryArianna SchlegelWorkshop Wednesdays7/18/12
  2. 2. Facebook• over 900 million active users (as of May 2012)--The New York Times• the most-used social networking service based on worldwide monthly active users
  3. 3. Facebook Pages• American Library Association• Library Technology Guides Library Technology Guides aims to provide comprehensive and objective information related to the field of library automation. Created and maintained by Marshall Breeding.
  4. 4. Facebook Groups• ALA Think Tank• CLA• LJ Movers & Shakers• NELIG
  5. 5. FB: Showcase Your Library?If you want to create a page for your library, you can:• post about events, collections, services• push information to users (if they see it at the right time)• use your "likers" as your librarys advocate (they will share posts)• but it can be pretty redundant: vs.
  6. 6. PinterestInspired by:
  7. 7. PinterestA visualsocialnetwork:
  8. 8. Pinterest + Professional Development?Follow boards you find here, if interested: again, Pinterest isnot really designed forprofessional development.
  9. 9. Pinterest: Other Library-ish Things To Do1. Library Tours Exhibits Books General Info
  10. 10. In Conclusion...• They can be great as extra resources to add to your arsenal (check in occasionally).• They are a good way to keep up with colleagues on a personal level.• They will reach your users - but not reliably.• Its always good (but not vital) to have a presence.