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Easy Guide to Making Pizza and Dough


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Easy Guide to Making Pizza and Dough

  1. 1. The Easy Guide to Making Pizza Learn to Make Authentic Pizza at Home!The Easy Guide to Making Pizza
  2. 2. Making your own pizza is faster, easier and farmore straight forward than you first thought.Making pizza at home is the fun alternative to ordering, going out for, or cooking a frozen pizza. It’ssurprisingly easy to make your own pizza base at home and it ensures what you’re eating is fresh, full ofnutrients and cooked to your exacting tastes.You can break down this pizza recipe into four easy stages: The dough The sauce The toppings The cookingIt’s looking far less daunting now isn’t it? This guide will walk you through the process of making a greatpizza at home, and provide some resources for when you feel like pizza, but don’t have the time or effortto make your own.How long’s it going to take?Preparation time: 40 minsCooking time: 15 minsThis is what you’d wait for a delivery, or just a little longer than it takes to heat up the oven to putsomething frozen in. It really is that easy. So let’s get started by preheating the oven to gas mark 8/250degrees or however hot your oven can go as a hot oven will help crisp up the base. The Easy Guide to Making Pizza
  3. 3. The recipeChorizo, red pepper and chili pizza, finished with parmesan cheese and fresh basil.Of course you can modify the toppings to your own taste, but I find the combination of meaty chorizo,sweet red peppers and spicy chilies the perfect comfort food. You can’t get anything as good as this fromyour local store. Trust me, this will taste better than anything you’ve had before.You’ll need the following ingredients for this recipe. They’re all easy to find and they’re cheap too! Theseingredients are enough for 1 really large pizza, or two individual sized ones.The base300g of strong bread flour1tsp of instant dried yeast1tsp of salt1tsp of olive oil (plus a little extra for drizzling)The sauce125ml of passata (tomato sauce)Some chopped up basil1 crushed garlic cloveThe toppings125g of fresh mozzarellaSome parmesan shavingsSlices of chorizo (to your taste)Half a red pepper1 small chiliA sprinkle of fresh basil leaves The Easy Guide to Making Pizza
  4. 4. Making the doughMaking the dough is great fun. It’s an excuse to get messy and take your stress out when kneading it. Theprocess doesn’t take long, but it’s important to keep the surface dry and floured so it doesn’t stick,otherwise there could be a pizza dough related disaster!1.First start by mixing the 300g of strong bread flourwith the 1tsp of salt and 1tsp of dried yeast. Use awooden spoon to just lightly stir this dry mix toensure the yeast and salt is spread evenly. 2. Now create a small well in the mix and add in the 200ml of warm water. Use the wooden spoon to incorporate the water slowly until the dough forms a sticky ball. If you can immediately tell it is too dry or wet, add more flour or water as appropriate. The Easy Guide to Making Pizza
  5. 5. 3.Take the dough out of the bowl and put it onto afloured surface and start kneading. There’s no realskill to this, so just get stuck in and put some effortinto manipulating the dough. After 4 or 5 minutes itwill be smooth and stretchy, and ready to roll out.Here you can leave it for 20 minutes to ‘proof’ if youwant the base to bake a little fluffier. There is noneed to wait if you prefer a thinner and crispier base. 4. The mix is enough to make 2 fair sized pizzas, so split the ball into two parts and using a rolling pin, roll out the first ball into a pizza shaped base, making it as thin as possible. Keep adding flour too, as it will easily stick to the surface when being rolled.5. Trim the base down to the size and shape you desire for baking, dependant on the baking tray youwant to use. From here you can start adding the toppings. The Easy Guide to Making Pizza
  6. 6. Making the sauceMaking this simple pizza base sauce literally takes aminute and it’s packed with flavor.1.This part is easy. Simply mix the 125ml of passata withsome finely chopped basil and some crushed garlic. Mixthis up well and then liberally spoon it onto the base,smoothing it with the back of a spoon until the base iscompletely covered.Adding the toppingsThis recipe centres around chorizo, red peppers andchilies, but you can use anything you fancy.1.Tear the mozzarella ball into small strips or chunks andstart positioning these over the base with the sauce.Remember the cheese will melt out so do not clusterthese too closely together.2.Add the chorizo, red peppers, chilies and someparmesan shavings to complete the pizza. You candrizzle a small amount of olive oil over this now beforeit goes in the oven. It looks like it is taking shape now,and trust me, you’ll be enjoying this pizza in just a fewmoments! The Easy Guide to Making Pizza
  7. 7. Cooking the pizza1.A hot oven cooks pizza dough well, so ensure youroven is as hot as it will go. Put the pizza in the ovenand leave it for around 10 minutes. The cooking timeis surprisingly fast when your oven is hot, and becauseeverything is fresh it cooks a lot quicker. Keep an eyeon the pizza in the oven and take it out when the cruststarts to brown.All done! Just leave the pizza for a couple of minutesto settle and then tuck in to this crisp, healthy, freshand tasty pizza that you can take all the credit for.Don’t forget that there’s some left over ingredients forthe second base so you have a go at another selectionof toppings or chill the dough to use another day.ResourcesI hope this guide has shown how easy it is to make your own pizza, and you’ve been inspired to give it ago. If you’re still not convinced then there are a number of other options. You can order pizza deliveryonline or just suppress your hunger. Here are some great resources for learning more about pizza, orgetting an online order in: The History of Pizza Read about the history of pizza on Wikipedia. Just-Eat Pizza Delivery Order pizza delivery online from a huge choice of places near you. Just search your postcode to view all the menus in your area. London’s Best Pizza Restaurants Time Out Magazine look at some of the best restaurants serving pizza in London.Happy pizza making! The Easy Guide to Making Pizza