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Personal Brand

  1. 1. A Publishing and PR Powerhouse: Defining My Personal Brand By: Arianna McLaughlin C2
  2. 2. Reading+ lit crit.+ publicity + culture…= my brand Derek Zoolander: Who am I? Derek’s reflection: I don't know. Derek: I guess I have a lot of things to ponder. It took me a while to determine my brand. At first I was too focused on creating the “perfect brand,” instead of finding out what makes me click. It came down to what I love and what I see myself doing. Reading and books have defined each stage of my life. I can’t think of a way of “branding” myself without incorporating that part of my identity. Combing my love of reading and my interest in PR was the obvious answer to my branding concerns
  3. 3. My Goals   I want to establish myself as the go-to-girl for literary PR in Canada   I want to create a brand that feels natural to me   I want to create a legitimate and authoritative voice for my brand   I want a brand that helps me take what I love (reading) and turn it into a career in PR   I want to be help increase the international profile of Canadian authors
  4. 4. Key Messages
  5. 5. Where I am at now: Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Knowledge Very limited Recent Decreasing about literary online presence blockbusters like interest in criticism Twilight are reading and increasing the print in online presence particular of literature Distinct Fear of putting Transitional Difficult to perspective my “personal” time: traditional establish an self out there publishing to authoritative social media voice both Dedicated and online and in committed to literary everything I community start Writing and Beginner in reading skills technology
  6. 6. Objectives and Strategies •  Objective: To integrate myself into the Canadian literary and publishing worlds •  Strategy: Increase my online presence •  Tactics: •  Launch my literary review blog by end of Nov. 2009 •  Establish a presence on Canadian literary blogs like the Quill & Quire by commenting on posts- at least 2 comments per month beginning Nov. 2009 •  Increase the literary/PR focus of my Tweets- min. 3 Tweets a day, beginning Nov. 2009
  7. 7. Objectives and Strategies (cont) •  Objective: To integrate my love of literature into my PR career path •  Strategies: Create a brand that integrates literature and PR •  Tactics: •  Review novels and the publicity they receive- begin with 2 per month for Nov. 2009-Jan. 2010 •  Focus my school assignments on publishing so I have specific examples for my portfolio •  Conduct an analysis of Oprah’s current book club selection and how the novel and author are affected by the process –ongoing
  8. 8. Objectives and Strategies (cont)   Objective: To make PR and publishing industry connections   Strategies: Put myself out there online and at events   Tactics:   Use social networking sites to try to find a mentor by January 2010   Attend industry events beginning Nov. 2009   Add more industry Twitter contacts- get in contact with a least 5 by Dec. 2009.
  9. 9. Channels and Tools SOCIAL TWITTER BLOGS NETWORKING SITES Launch Use Humber my blog- NING and New industry end of LKSU30 contacts-make Nov. NING for contact with 2009. contacts 5x a month Update 2x a week Comment Begin ReTweet on industry using industry blogs like Facebook ppl. or Quill and as a orgs. 5x a Quire to business week get my tool name out there
  10. 10. CRITICAL PATH BLOG TWITTER CONTACTS • Blog will be launched • Increase industry • Get in touch with 5 by end of Nov. 2009 followers- 5 new Humber PR NING/ industry follower per LKAU30 NING contacts • min. 2 reviews per month throughout Nov. and month for Nov.-Jan Dec. 2009 2010 • ReTweet 5 related Tweets per week • Attend 2 networking • min. 2 other related beginning Nov. 2009 events outside Humber posts a month for Nov- by the end of Dec. 2009 Jan 2010 • Min 3 Tweets per day • Comment on other • Join CPRS mentorship blogs at least 2x a program by end of Nov. month until Jan. 2010 2009 • Jan.2010: reevaluate • Join IABC and CPRS by blogging progress and the end of Nov. 2009 success- see if goals should be changed • Engage with 5 members from each org. by Jan. 2010
  11. 11. Self-evaluation   My brand is a work in progress- I am still a beginner in brand planning and social media . I’m learning as I go along   I am going to continually update my plan and my brand as I explore what personal branding is all about   Self-evaluation will be a defining feature of my personal brand plan – I need to know what works for me and what needs to be changed. January 2010 will be a month review and revision   At the end of the day, I need to… TAKE CHANCES PUT MYSELF OUT THERE EVALUATE