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In class powerpoint


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Published in: Education, Technology
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In class powerpoint

  1. 1. Doing  YouTube  in  a  Web  2.0  Video  World  
  2. 2. TODAY S  GAMEPLAN      1.  YouTube  Overview      2.  Copyright  issues  &  YouTube      3.  SeIng  up  a  YouTube  Channel:  How-­‐to      4.  Short  Interviews  of  classmates  with  Flip  Cams        5.  Uploading  Video  Content  to  YouTube  Channel        6.  Embed  YouTube  Interview  of  classmate  in  Wordpress  entry  and  post  live  to  web      
  3. 3. - 2 billion video views per day- 24 hours worth of video content uploaded every minute 2005 (February) -- Founded by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen,YouTube: A Jawid Karimbrief overview 2006 (November) -- Google pays $1.76 billion for YouTube (pays in Google stock)
  4. 4. Some  YouTube  Stats  and  Figures  -­‐   April  23,  2205:  First  YouTube  video  en1tled  Me  at  the  zoo,  shows  founder  Karim  at  the  San  Diego  Zoo.    -­‐ May  2010:  YouTube s  viewership  exceeds  that  of  all  three  TV  networks  combined  during  their  prime1me  evening  1me  slot,  with  more  than  2  billion  views  per  day    -­‐   May  2010:  YouTube  dominant  provider  of  online  video  in  United  States,  with  a  market  share  of  around  43%  and  more  than  14  billion  videos  viewed  in  May  2010.  -­‐   Average  user  spends  15  minutes  a  day  on  the  site.  -­‐  YouTube  interface  available  in  29  different  languages.  -­‐   Turkey  and  Morocco  among  countries  which  have  blocked  access  to  YouTube.    2009  UK  Guardian    descrip1on  of  users  comments  on  YouTube    àJuvenile,  aggressive,  misspelled,  sexist,  homophobic,  swinging  from  raging  at  the  contents  of  a  video  to  providing  a  pointlessly  detailed  descrip1on  followed  by  a  LOL,  YouTube  comments  are  a  hotbed  of  infan1le  debate  and  unashamed  ignorance  –  with  the  occasional  burst  of  wit  shining  through.  
  5. 5. Most  Viewed  YouTube   Videos  of  All  Time   (as  of  Jan.  9,  2011)    h[p://^me.php    
  6. 6. YouTube  and  Copyright  Issues    Digital  Millenium  Copyright  Act  (1998)    (DMCA s)  safe-­‐harbor  protec^on  for  online  companies   -­‐   Copyright  holder s  responsibility  to  track  viola^ons,   not  online  company s   -­‐   Online  company  must  respond  expedi^ously  (or  risk   losing  safe  harbor  status)   -­‐   Poster/user  right  to  counter-­‐no^fica^on     -­‐   Too  many  indiscriminate  takedown  no^ces?   -­‐   Impossible  for  copyright  holders  to  be  specific  (total   numbers  of  uploads,  etc.)   -­‐   Over  the  last  five  years,  recording  industry  has  filed   more  than  30,000  lawsuits  against  individuals  who   allegedly  shared  copyrighted  songs  on  peer-­‐to-­‐peer   networks;  s^ll,  file-­‐sharing  remains  a  major  problem.   -­‐   Lenz v. Universal Music Corp.    KEY  ONGOING  LEGAL  BATTLE:  Viacom  v.  YouTube  –  Viacom  says  it  will  appeal  June  2010  ruling  in  favor  of  YouTube   safe-­‐harbor  provisions  of  DMCA  as  currently  defined.    
  7. 7. SOPA – Stop Online Piracy Actü Under current practice, copyright owners such as TV networksand Hollywood studios reach out to websites to request thatpirated videos be taken down. Under [SOPA], they could askbanks, Internet service providers and domain name registrars tostop doing business with websites that they believed weredevoted to piracy. They could, for instance, go straight toYouTubes domain registration company and demand that theentire YouTube website be taken down. And if the registrarresisted, the copyright owners would have the legal ability to takethe registrar to court.ü The bill would also allow the Department of Justice, acting onbehalf of aggrieved copyright holders, to perform domain namesystem filtering -- essentially, blocking entire websites in thename of preventing piracy.FOR SOPA:- Bose, CBS, Ford, MLB, NBA, NFL, Nike, Gibson, Peavey, Sony,Time Warner, Viacom, Wal-Mart, Warner Music GroupAGAINST SOPA:- Google, Facebook, ebay, Yahoo, Twitter, AOL
  8. 8. Some  Quotes  on  Ongoing  Copyright  Ba[le   The  entertainment  industry  wants  to  change  the  law  to  protect  their  exis1ng  business  models.  rather  than  change  their  business  models  to  adapt  to  new  technology.  -­‐  Jonathan  Band,  a  Washington,  D.C.,  a=orney  for  NetCoaliBon,  an  advocacy  group  for  major  Internet  companies,  including  Google,  Yahoo  and  CNet.     There s  a  recurrent  paVern  whenever  a  new  technology  crops  up.  Exis1ng  content  industries  insist  that  the  new  technology  must  play  by  the  old  copyright  rules  ...  The  new  companies  say  that  the  old  rules  fit  your  technology  and  business  models,  but  they  don t  fit  our  technology  and  business  models.  Some1mes  the  older  companies  impose  restric1ons  that  try  to  stop  the  new  technology,  but  in  the  end,  the  old  and  new  companies  reach  some  compromise.  -­‐-­‐  Jessica  Litman,  Instructor  in  Copyright  Law,  University  of  Michigan  Law  School.     History  tells  us  that  unless  the  [copyright]  rules  will  accommodate  their  interests,  there  will  be  no  stability.  If  the  public  does  not  see  the  rules  as  legi1mate,  they  won t  obey  them.    -­‐-­‐  Jessica  Litman,  Instructor  in  Copyright  Law,  University  of  Michigan  Law  School.    
  9. 9. Broadcast  Yourself:  Crea1ng  YourOwn  YouTube  Channel  
  10. 10. Homework    READ:  -­‐  Foust,  J.  Online  Journalism,  Chapters  8,  9  &  10    WRITTEN  ASSIGNMENT    -­‐  Draf  due  of  Issue  story  No.  1  –  Bring  an  e-­‐copy  with  at  least  a  couple  of  pictures  on  Wed.,  Jan  18!