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AFAP Issues being submitted to the Fort Hamilton AFAP Steering Committee

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Prioritized issues

  1. 1. United States Army Garrison – Fort Hamilton- The face of America’s Army in New York City.Prioritized issues from the Survivor Outreach Services Mini AFAP Conference on 9 August 2011:Issue #: FH-11-011 Benefits for Gold Star ParentsScope: Gold Star Parents are currently not receiving the same benefits as surviving spouses and children. For example,there are no preventive medical benefits for Gold Star Parents. Lack of matching benefits create hardships and isolationof Gold Star Parents from the military family.Recommendation(s): Provide equal benefits for Gold Star Parents that mirror benefits of surviving spouses and children.Issue #: FH-11-012 Survivor Preferential Hiring StatusScope: Next of kin are not given the same preferential hiring status as spouses when applying for government positions.Often times the next of kin (i.e. Gold Star Parents) have more qualifications than the spouses, but are not considered foremployment due to lack of equal preferential status. Therefore the government is not benefiting by the employmentof the most qualified candidate. Gold Star Parents should be allowed to offer their dedication, experiences andeducational backgrounds for consideration of employment on an equal par with military spouses.Recommendation(s): Provide Next of Kin the same preferential hiring status that are offered to spouses.Prioritized issue from the Youth Mini AFAP on 30 August 2011:Issue #: FH-11-014 Recreational fun for teensScope: There aren’t enough recreational activities for teens on post. The younger teens are not allowed off post;meanwhile the older teens who are allowed off post participate in reckless behavior/activities. The lack of recreationalactivities affects the entire youth population on post.Recommendation(s): Provide new recreational activities such as an indoor roller rink. Provide additional equipment atalready established recreation sites, such as more swings at the Ocean View Park and a waterslide at the CommunityPool. Initiate quarterly Teen Forums in the Child, Youth and School Services sphere to discuss additional requests forrecreational activities.Prioritized issues from the AFAP Conference on 8 December 2011 Issue #: FH-11-001 Inconsiderate Housing Area OccupantsScope: The effect of privatized housing has resulted in a reduction of quality of life in military housing due to lack ofenforcement of rules/policies. Residents (military and non-military) are not following rules/policies set in place byproperty management (BBC). Specifically policies of noise ordinance, parking, garbage (take out & clean up), curfew ofyouth and fire/safety (BBQ grills on balconies) are not being followed.Recommendation(s): Revise policies so that when violations are committed enforcement/consequences areimplemented by garrison CMD instead of property management (regardless of the privatized agreement).Issue #: FH-11-024 Running track on postScope: There is no designated area for Soldiers outdoor running PT. Lack of running track increases disruption in trafficflow, accidents and injuries. Proper running track will increase moral and physical readiness.Recommendation(s): Build a track around the ball field or another location.
  2. 2. Issue #: FH-11-026 Improve Recycling ProgramScope: Garrison Residents/Tenants are not fully engaged in the current recycle program. The environment is affected bylack of participation from users. The garrison is not meeting the established base line standards.Recommendation(s):1) Aggressively market current recycling program2) Demand 100% participationIssue #: FH-11-032 Energy Conservation Awareness TrainingScope: Lack of energy awareness notification to the Garrison. Lack of awareness results in not meeting energyreduction goals. Meeting energy reductions goals saves dollars that can be used towards mission critical activitiesRecommendation(s): Coordinate with Garrison energy POC’s to provide mandatory Energy Conservation AwarenessTraining.Issue#: FH-11-033 Emergency Notification SystemScope: The current Emergency Notification System utilized on the installation does not reach all intended parties(tenants and residents.) It also appears that a large portion of the installation population are unaware of the RoamSecure Alert Network (RSAN.) At the time of an emergency the Fort Hamilton community may not receive notificationor be aware of a potential threat, which may lead to an increase in injuries or death.Recommendation(s):1) Broaden the Fort Hamilton knowledge base of RSAN capabilities and ensure that the information is provided in atimely manner to all residents and tenants.2) Install internal intercom capabilities within all buildings on the installation.Issue #: FH-11-034 Lower rank Service Members, Civilian Staff, and Family Members are unaware of any emergencyresponse plan at Fort Hamilton. Scope: This affects mission readiness and preparedness in the event of an emergency.Recommendation(s): Discover and utilize additional channels of communication and be more aggressive in distributinginformation to military community.Issue #: FH-11-035 Non DOD affiliated civilians can make reservations at the Ft. Hamilton lodge, even though they wouldnot normally have access to the installation. Why is it that they are allowed to get on post with just a reservation? Scope: This degrades the security of the entire installation. A terrorist can access the installation in a vehicle withnothing more than a credit card.Recommendation(s): Ensure that unauthorized civilians do not enter the installation with just a lodge reservation.Issue #: FH-11-036 Priority for Soldiers & Families @ Guest House LodgingScope: There is a lack of priority lodging for PCS/TDY service members and their families. This creates an increase intransport time, a financial burden to the service member and stress to the family members. Increased stresscompromises mission readiness.Recommendation(s): Provide priority to Service Members and their families at privatized lodging on military facilities
  3. 3. Issue #: FH-11-038 Waste of ElectricityScope: There are many lights left on after business hours. This negatively affects the Garrison’s budget. Funds are being diverted from mission critical programs to fund higher than necessary electrical bills.Recommendation(s): 1) Install occupancy sensors in OMA buildings 2) Increase energy awareness (lights) 3) Offer incentives to save energyIssue #: FH-11-043 Workforce ReductionsScope: Due to drastic and arbitrary reductions in the DoD work force, directorates are not able to complete theirmissions. For instance, DES has been mandated to be reduced by 9 officers which does not meet the daily man powerrequirement. This directly affects the readiness, welfare and development of every Service Member, Family Memberand DoD Civilian on the installation.Recommendation(s): Ensure that every directorate has enough qualified Military and civilian personnel to accomplishtheir mission and provide services to the current standard.Issue #: FH-11-044 Insufficient Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH)Scope: Currently BAH is based on the location of the installation. Housing in the surrounding communities however,does not predominantly meet on post conditions. Consequently soldiers have to spend more than their BAH amount tosecure safe and quality housing for their families.Recommendation(s): Provide BAH to reflect the markets equivalent to on post living.Issue #: FH-11-045 Ft. Hamilton Community Activities CenterScope: Current Community Activities Center does not meet the soldiers need and is inadequate. The concentration iscurrently on the outside community and is not soldier friendly. Soldiers are forced to go off post for after hour activities,and when alcohol is involved, it can be detrimental.Recommendation(s): Establish appropriate after hours Community Activities Center for Service members.Issue #: FH-11-046 Cross Training Military and Civilian PersonnelScope: Many military and civilian personnel do not know certain specific elements of technical knowledge in order tocomplete their mission. For instance, DES training officers may need to know aspects of the DPW, like GFEBS, in order toget training equipment. This lack of knowledge hinders productivity and mission completion.Recommendation(s): Create focus group sessions on cross training Military and Civilians to distribute relevant technicalknowledge throughout the work force.