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May 2012 newsletter


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The monthly Army Community Services Newsletter is now available. Let us know how we are doing..submit a comment or like us.

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May 2012 newsletter

  1. 1. Family May 2012 TimesMilitary Spouse Appreciation DayReleased by Admiral G. Roughead (revised)Military Spouse appreciation Day is an Spouse Appreciation Day, but every day.occasion to honor the many Militaryspouses who support our servicemen and On May 17, 2012 ACS will recognizewomen in the work of our nation. While our Military Spouses by treating them tobalancing family life, Military obligations, a complimentary lunch at Cebu Bistro inand often careers of their own, our husbands Bay Ridge. It is the least we can do toand wives enable the good our Military show those who stand behind the onesachieves across the globe every day. who stand on the frontlines, how appreciated they are.As we celebrate Military SpouseAppreciation Day, we thank our spouses fortheir love and support through countlessdeployments; for their patience over manyhousehold moves, sometimes to places farfrom friends and family; for theanniversaries, birthdays, and holidayscelebrated alone; for their hands extended toanother Military spouse or family when theneed was there; and for the pride in servingtheir communities.The life of a Military family is a demandingone, and many of its burdens necessarily In This Issuerest with our Military spouses so our service Director’s Corner…………………..……......…2 Newcomers’.....………………………..……….2members can focus on the mission at hand. ACS Directory...…….….………………………2 Allergy Kit……...…...……..…………………..4A huge heartfelt thanks to all our Military AER Campaign.…..……………………………5spouses for their role in your success. AFAP/AFTB…....………………………….......6Honor their service to the Military and the MRT……………...…….....................................7nation, and let them know how much their FAP/SOS/MFLC.………………........................8 AVC/ERP/Safety…………………………….....9support means to us, not only on Military Relo/Dep/EFMP….……………………….......10 Calendar..……………………………………..12
  2. 2. Director’s Corner Greetings from Army Community Service, spring is in full bloom. I want to take this opportunity to extend a personal invitation to our Newcomer’s Orientation on May 31. This is a great chance to learn about the Fort Hamilton Community and to meet new people. On May 17th, 1130-1330, ACS will honor our Military Spouses by treating them to a complimentary lunch at Cebu Bistro in Bay Ridge. The Waiting Families Group has a trip scheduled to the Brooklyn Children’s Museum May 19th, 1300-1600. The AER Campaign is still running and we are accepting donations until May 15th. Funds are used to assist Soldiers, Retirees and their Families who are experiencing a financial hardship. The Annual Volunteer recognition Ceremony is right around the corner on May 22nd, 1100- 1330 at the Fort Hamilton Community Club. ACS has plenty more to offer, from the Computer Lab, Army Family Team Building classes to Family Advocacy. We also have relocation resources and volunteer and employment information. Come by and see us! We are here to serve you! Carmen E. Borrero, ACS Director ACS PROGRAMS & STAFF New to Ft. Hamilton? ACS Director Family Advocacy Would you like to learn more Carmen Borrero Vincent DiMaira 718-630-4457 718-630-4460 about your new community?Army Emergency Relief 718-630-4754 Financial Readiness 718-630-4754 Come to our Army Family Front Desk/Information Newcomer’s Orientation! Team Building & Referral John Mapes Magda Lawrence 718-630-4498 718-630-4754Army Family Action Plan Lending Closet John Mapes Madeline Pastorella 718-630-4498 718-630-4754 Army Volunteer Corps Relocation Readiness Joseph Gamez Madeline Pastorella 718-630-4756 718-630-4462Deployment Readiness Sexual Assault & Madeline Pastorella Victim Advocacy 718-630-4462 Vincent DiMairaEmployment Readiness 718-630-4460 May 31, 2012 Joseph Gamez 718-630-4756 Survivor Outreach Services Beginning at 8:30 a.m. 718-630-4754 Exceptional Family Held at the ACS Conference Room Member Program Happy Mother’s Day Vincent DiMaira Bldg. 137-C Poly Place, 1st Floor 718-630-4460 Call Maddy to Reserve Your Seat (718) 630-4754
  3. 3. Military SpouseAppreciation Day Thank you! for YOUR service! In appreciation for all the sacrifices Military spouses make, Army Community Service would like to “Thank You!” Join us for a complimentary lunch in your honor Thursday, may 17, 2012 11:30-1:30 Cebu bistro For more information and to RSVP please call: 718-630-4462 718-630-4754 transportation will be provided
  4. 4. Top Items for Your AllergyRelief KitArticle from www.webmd.comInformation & ReferralAllergies Overview Spring is the time of year that wenormally think of when it comes to seasonal allergies. As thetrees start to bloom and the pollen gets airborne, allergy Nasal Sprays Decongestants also come as nasal sprays. Butsufferers begin their annual ritual of sniffling and sneezing. these should not be used for more than a few days straightEach year, 35 million Americans fall prey to seasonal allergic because they may make symptoms worse. Other nasal spraysrhinitis, more commonly known as hay fever. may also help allergy symptoms. If allergies have your noseAlthough there is no magical cure for spring allergies, there are feeling dry, pack a nasal saline spray. Your doctor may alsoa number of ways to combat them, from medication to recommend a prescription nasal spray to help control nasalhousehold habits. allergy symptoms.Skin Creams and Lotions For allergic skin reactions, keep Antihistamines In pill form, antihistamines will take up barelysmall tubes of moisturizer and hydrocortisone cream in your any space in your kit. Yet they provide quick and powerfulallergy kit. Moisturizers can soothe the dry, itchy feeling, and relief for allergy symptoms, including nasal and eye symptoms,hydrocortisone cream reduces inflammation. Having this and itching, and hives. They work by blocking a substance calledother items handy will help you tame allergy flares -- wherever histamine, which your immune system produces in response tothey happen. For serious skin reactions or eczema, your doctor allergens. Antihistamines are available over-the-counter and bymay recommend or prescribe other medications. prescription. They are also available in nasal spray form.Inject able Epinephrine Ever had a severe allergic reaction? Medical Information People with life-threatening allergiesIf you are at risk for a severe, life-threatening allergic reaction should wear a medical alert bracelet. If you have milder(anaphylaxis), your kit should contain inject able epinephrine, allergies, you can store medical information on a laminatedsuch as EpiPen or Twinject. It can stop or curb the dangerous card in your allergy kit. Include your type of allergy, doctor’sreaction some people have to allergens such as certain foods, name and phone number, emergency contact information, andmedications, or insect stings. A severe reaction may include health insurance information.swelling of the airways, difficulty breathing, and a significantdrop in blood pressure. Severe reactions can be life-threatening Bronchodilators Allergies can play a major role in many casesif not treated immediately. of asthma. If youre prone to asthma attacks or bronchospasms, your kit should include an inhaler. Short-acting inhaler Eye Drops When your allergies leave you red-eyed and itchy, medications -- bronchodilators -- are available only byit may be helpful to have eye drops handy. They can reduce prescription. For a mild attack, a couple puffs on the inhalerinflammation and symptoms of itching, tearing, and swelling. will quickly relax the muscles that have tightened around theAsk your doctor which kind of eye drop is right for you. airways. Inhaled steroids, although they dont immediately relieve symptoms, may also be prescribed for long-term control Decongestants If stuffiness and congestion are your main of asthma. These medications control inflammation in theconcerns, include decongestants. Nasal tissues tend to airways.swellduring an allergic reaction, and decongestants counter it.They’re available over the counter as pills and may come Dust-Proof Pillowcase Frequent travelers with dust mitecombined with an antihistamine. People with certain conditions allergies, take note: those dust mite-proof, zippered pillowincluding high blood pressure, glaucoma, or thyroid disease covers from home can fold up small. Keep one in your allergyshould talk with their doctor before taking decongestants. kit, and youll have a way to fend off this allergy and asthma trigger wherever you spend the night. Where to Keep an Allergy Relief Kit Once your allergy kit is complete, go over the contents with your doctor. Make sure you havent left out anything critical. Then carry your kit with you at all times in a purse or briefcase. Another option is to make multiple kits -- one for home, one for your car, and one for work. Make sure to check periodically for items that may have expired or need replacing. When you travel, be sure to store a kit in your carry-on.
  5. 5. 70 Years of Helping the Army Take Care of It’s OwnSUPPORT YOUR LOCAL AER CAMPAIGN! Donate today!
  6. 6. Army Family Action Plan Fort HamiltonArmy Family Action Plan (AFAP) Army Family Team BuildingIs a program designed to give Soldiers,Family members, retirees, DoD civilians, and Army Family Team Building (AFTB) is a familyteens an opportunity to voice their concerns training and readiness program that providesand suggestions on how to improve life and participants with an understanding of Army cultureliving conditions for all members of the Fort and the skills and resources they need to becomeHamilton Family. self-reliant, self-sufficient members of the military AFAP…Voice of the Army Family community. AFTB helps members of the Army Family adapt to Army life, manage change and embrace challenges. The AFTB mission is to educate and empower members of the military community to develop skills and behaviors that strengthens self-reliance, promote retention and enhance readiness. AFTB strives to provide pro-active, forward thinking support for todays families and ensure the strength of tomorrows Army. Army Family Action Plan Bldg. 137C, Poly Place To inquire about AFTB classes Please contact: Phone: (718) 630-4498 John Mapes at 718-630-4498 Program Manager, John Mapes New York New York Mets Tickets Yankee TicketsPresent your active duty military ID card atthe Ticket Services counter at the Jackie **Military Personnel Ticket Special **Robinson Rotunda before any non sold outMets game and receive one complimentary Active military members can present theirticket in select areas of ballpark. Active military identification card at designatedduty personnel must be present to take Yankee Stadium Ticket Windows before selectadvantage of this offer. Additional tickets Monday through Thursday games and receivefor family and friends - when one complimentary ticket in select areas of theaccompanying active duty personnel - Grandstand Level or Bleachers, or purchasemay be purchased at the counter. Military one half-price ticket in other available non-Personnel tickets are available only on the premium seat locations at Yankee of the game and are subject to Tickets may be purchased ONLY on the dayavailability. The Ticket Services counter of the game, beginning two hours before thewill open for military ticket issuance to scheduled start time of the game, at Yankeecoincide with ballpark gate opening times. Stadium Ticket Windows, adjacent to Gate 4.Call 718-507-TIXX for more information.
  7. 7. Master Resiliency Training for FamiliesMRT for Families will provide the missing link, teaching Soldiers and Families to become moreresilient in five aspects of total fitness: physical, emotional, social, spiritual and Family strength.MRT promotes an Army of balanced and healthy Soldiers, Families, and DoD civilians whose totalfitness will help them thrive in a high-tempo era of persistent conflict. Army leaders believe anemotionally and physically healthy force will result in a reduction in rates of depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, indiscipline, domestic violence, alcohol abuse, suicide andabsences without leave. MRT marks a new era for the Army Family by comprehensively equipping and training ourSoldiers, Family members, and Army Civilians to maximize their potential and face the physical andpsychological challenges of sustained operations. We are committed to a true prevention model,aimed at the entire force, which will enhance resilience and coping skills enabling them to grow andthrive in todays Army.Resiliency Training helps Families plan for challengesTo inquire about Resiliency Training for FamiliesPlease Contact:John Mapes at 718-630-4498
  8. 8. Survivor Outreach Services Survivor Outreach Services (SOS) is an Army program developed to better serve the Surviving Families of the Sexual assault is a crime. Sexual Fallen by keeping them connected to the Army for as assault can happen to males and long as they desire. SOS provides long-term support, females of all ages. Sexual assault is resources and emotional connections. intentional sexual contact, SOS is available to all Survivors, Survivors being the characterized by the use of force, spouses, children, parents, siblings, and friendsphysical threat of force, or the abuse of grieving the loss of a Soldier. SOS coordinates with authority when the victim does not or Military, Non-Governmental Organizations and thecannot consent. Rape, nonconsensual local community to create a support network. sodomy, and indecent assault are all In order to provide continued support and better forms of sexual assault. understand the concerns and experiences of our Surviving Families of the Fallen, we reach out to Families through support care meetings, phone calls, If you are a victim of a sexual assault, and letters to capture those concerns and experiences to please contact the ACS assault assist our service delivery. response coordinator at 718-630-4460 or 347-452-4302 24/7 If you would like more information, please call 718-630-4754 Military & Family Life Consultant Family Advocacy ProgramThe Family Advocacy Programprovides education and awarenesstrainings on family violence, childabuse/neglect, spouse/partner abuse, NEED TO TALK?reporting procedures, and available Military and Family Life Consultantsresources & services on and off the Help with the Stress of Military Lifeinstallation. Deployment  Relocation Adjustment  Reintegration Concerns  Loss or GriefTo access the  Parenting Challenges  Financial ManagementFamily Advocacy  Relationship Issues  Workplace StressProgram pleasecontact: Military Family Life Counselors (MFLCs)Vincent DiMaira are mental health specialist who provide confidential, short-term, non-medicalat 718-630-4460 counseling to Military Families. To access MFLC services please call: (718) 757-9408
  9. 9. Army Volunteer Corps Employment Readiness Program Adult Career Skills Training Lend a hand….make a difference  Are you looking for a Job?  Do you want help preparing yourself against Why Volunteer? the competition?  Do you need assistance in preparing your Meet New People resume? Become Active in Your Community Gain New Job Skills Keep Busy Sign up for the following classes: Feel Good About Yourself Enhance Job Opportunities  Making the most out of a Career Fair Gain Experience  Translating Volunteer Experience into a Learn New Skills Resume  Secrets to Resume Success Workshop Explore New Interests  Federal Employment and the Federal Resume Network  Networking 101 Develop Essential Life Skills  Labor Market Information  Interview Skills & Dress for Success  Career Plan Development TO REGISTER please call (718) 630-4756 or To Schedule an appointment, please call email Joseph Gamez at (718) 630-4756Spring/Summer SafetyRespect the HeatArticle from activities are one way to enjoy the warm weather ofspring and summer, but Soldiers and Family members shouldbe mindful that high temperatures pose a significant risk forheat injury. appetite, nausea and exhaustion. Treatment: sip water, lie in a shaded area and rest, and loosen or remove clothing.According to the U.S. Army Public Health Command, firstprevention, then early recognition and treatment of heat Heat stroke. Symptoms: headache, dizziness, delirium,injuries, are critical to curbing weather-related deaths. nausea, vomiting and body temperature of 106 F or higher.Soldiers have been trained to prevent and identify heat Treatment: Heat stroke is a medical emergency and can beinjuries on duty, and they can apply that same knowledge to fatal. Immediately call 911 and follow the dispatcher’sprotect themselves and their Family members 24/7. One instructions for treatment you can perform before helphelpful source is Technical Bulletin Medical 507/Air Force arrives. Reducing body temperature is paramount in rescuePamphlet 48-152 (I), which describes the symptoms of and efforts, and the most effective cooling strategy entailstreatment protocols for the three most common heat injuries: removing the victim’s clothing and immersing him or her in cool or iced water while massaging the skin (ice sheets orHeat cramps. Symptoms: spasms in the arms, legs or ice packs are acceptable if immersion isn’t possible).stomach. Treatment: sip water, massage cramping areas and Anyone suspected to be suffering from heat stroke shouldreplace lost salt through food. Never take salt tablets unless be transported to a hospital immediately, preferably bydirected by a physician. trained medical professionals such as paramedics. For additional information on heat injuries, visitHeat exhaustion. Symptoms: headaches, paleness, skin, excessive sweating, difficulty breathing, loss of
  10. 10. Relocation Program eSponsorship Application & Training Training Sponsors to Assist Relocating 2012 Service Members & Their Families Army Volunteer Corps Sponsorship Training Available Recognition Ceremony on the following dates: 1100 - 1330, Tuesday, May 22, 2012 June 20, 2012 Fort Hamilton Community Club September 17, 2012 -RSVP Required- Location: ACS, Bldg. 137C If you volunteer and don’t at 1300 – 1400 receive an invite by May 9, 2012, please see your agency For more information contact Director/Manager. Madeline Pastorella 718-630-4754/4462 Waiting Families Exceptional Family Member Program The Exceptional Family Member Program(EFMP) is a mandatory enrollment program that works with other military and civilian agencies to Have a Deployed Service Member? provide comprehensive and coordinatedJoin Waiting Families Support Group for medical, educational, housing, community fun, outings & support! support, and personnel services to Families with special needs. Brooklyn Children’s Museum For any questions concerning the May 19, 2012 Exceptional Family Member Program, 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm please contact Vincent DiMaira, Meet at ACS, Bldg. 137C Family Advocacy Program Manager at 718-630-4460 Please call to reserve your seat!! Contact: Madeline Pastorella To enroll your Family Member in EFMP, Phone: 718-630-4754 please contact the Ainsworth Clinic Phone number 718-630-4611. ACS Bldg. 137C, 1st Floor
  11. 11. WARRIOR SPIRIT MISSION HOMEFRONT Spring Couples Night An evening of Enjoyment, Reflection and Connection Date: Tuesday, May 22nd Place: The Chapel Time: 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. Why: To enhance your relationship… And to have a great time! WE LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU THERE! If you would like to learn more about Warrior Spirit Mission Homefront, please visit "Warrior Spirit is remarkable. You just fall into the questions andeffortlessly find yourself opening up. It truly helped my wife and I to bond together as a couple again.“ – Miguel Novoa, Iraq Veteran
  12. 12. May 2012 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 1 2 3 4 5 ACS HOURS ACS HOURS ACS HOURS ACS HOURS 0800-1630 0800-1630 0800-1630 0800-1630 Computer Lab Computer Lab Computer Lab Computer Lab 0800-1600 0800-1600 0800-1600 0800-16006 7 8 9 10 11 12 ACS HOURS ACS HOURS ACS HOURS ACS HOURS ACS HOURS 0800-1630 0800-1630 0800-1630 0800-1630 0800-1630 Computer Lab Computer Lab Computer Lab Computer Lab Computer Lab 0800-1600 0800-1600 0800-1600 0800-1600 0800-160013 14 15 16 17 18 19 ACS HOURS AFTB Training ACS HOURS Military Spouse ACS HOURS Brooklyn 0800-1630 1100-1230 0800-1630 Appreciation Day 0800-1630 Children’s Computer Lab ACS Conf Rm. Computer Lab Luncheon at Cebu Computer Lab Museum 0800-1600 0800-1600 1300-1330 0800-1600 1300-1600 Meet at the Meet at ACS Conf . Bowling Center Rm.20 21 22 23 24 25 26 ACS HOURS Volunteer ACS HOURS ACS HOURS ACS HOURS 0800-1630 Ceremony 0800-1630 0800-1630 0800-1630 Computer Lab 1100-1330 Computer Lab Computer Lab Computer Lab 0800-1600 FHCC 0800-1600 0800-1600 0800-160027 28 29 30 31 Master Resiliency ACS HOURS Newcomer’s Training 0800-1630 Orientation 1300-1500 Computer Lab 0830-1130 ACS Conf. Rm. 0800-1600 ACS Conf Rm. Thank you to all our soldiers who have given of themselves for our freedom!