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July 2012 mrt atc


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Put this on your calendar for July 2012. Call 718-630-4498 to reserve your seat.

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July 2012 mrt atc

  1. 1. Master Resiliency Training (MRT)17 July 2012 --1300 hrs (1:00 pm) at the Army CommunityService Center-- 137 C Poly Place, 1st floor-- Fort Hamilton. Master Resiliency Training (MRT) Module 2 Unit 1 ATC- Activating Event, Thoughts and ConsequencesJoin us as we continue the MRT series of training. It’s nottoo late to join our class. Open to all Military, FamilyMembers and DoD Civilians.Call 718 630-4498 or e-mail toreserve your seat or get information. 1