Family                                                     January 2012                                                   ...
Director‟s Corner             The New Year is a day that marks the time of the beginning in a new calendar year; Army     ...
Five Habits of Financially Successful People                                                       include a realistic bud...
2012 Army Family Action Plan (AFAP)                       ConferenceSubmitted by John Mapes,AFAP Program ManagerOn Decembe...
welfare and development of every Service Member,Family Member and DoD Civilian on the installation.Issue #FH-11-044 Cross ...
Fort Hamilton        Army Family Team BuildingArmy Family Team BuildingArmy Family Team Building (AFTB) prepares everyonei...
Veterinaries in Brooklyn               Felton Veterinary Services       Ft. Dix Veterinary Treatment Facility             ...
How to Get Your Dream Job in a Bad Economy                                                              IQ. You need to be...
Never                                                                          ForgettingOur Purpose: Survivor Outreach Se...
Ten things for you to organizebefore you make your New Year‟sResolutionsArticle from www.psychologytoday.comSubmitted by F...
Sexual Assault Prevention                                Family Advocacy Program              What is Sexual Assault?Sexua...
Military Family Life Consultants Ease WarriorTransitionsBalancing the demands of a Military career withfamily responsibili...
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ACS Jan 2012 Newsletter

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Jan 2012 newsletter (2)2

  1. 1. Family January 2012 TimesNew Year‟s Eve 2012 in NYCArticle from Hotel property located in the heart of the Meatpacking districtInformation & Referral on 16th street (between 8th and 9th Avenues). Dream Downtown presents its first Annual New Year‟s Eve eventHighline Ballroom NYC in Meatpacking district, Come taking over the entire first floor (including The Gallery,party at this mega dance club (largest nightclub in the Marble Lane & Marble Lane Lounge) will feature worldmeatpacking district) in the heart of the meatpacking district. famous DJ sets by The Knocks & DJ Reach. The KnocksHighline Ballroom, in Short, there is no better venue to ring playing a mix of electronic, hip hop, dance, rock n roll, andin the New Year in New York City. Whether you are looking 80‟s dance the night away or lounge out in the private VIPsections, Highline has it all and we cordially invite you to Penthouse 760 in Times Square. Ring in New Year‟s Eve atcelebrate this New Years Eve at this intimate space where the newest Rooftop Nightclub in Times Square, Penthousepatrons feel like theyre in the front row, even when theyre 760 (Rooftop 760) Penthouse 760 is looking to break out onstuck in the back. The result is a nightlife experience that is New Years as the most sought after destination in the cityunique and memorable. Club Highline is definitely one of the featuring a premium 4-hour open bar (9PM-1AM), buffet#1 dance clubs in New York City. Come experience New stations throughout the entire venue, festive party favors, aYear‟s Eve at Highline for 2012. midnight champagne toast, and a live broadcast of the New Years Eve countdown, it offers more entertainment (3 levels)Copacabana. Largest Night Club in Times Square. Celebrate than any venue in sight. What better place to be a part of suchNew Years Eve at the newest and most anticipated Nightclub a special celebration than high above it heart of Times Square NYC. The all Newly builtCopacabana is comprised of two floors plus the new special Why Pay more?VIP penthouse level featuring a retractable glass rooftop. The Why Pay more party now in its 4th year has been a greatCopacabana has a huge 50 foot bar on the main floor plus hit. We all know we‟re in a recession so why should we payamazing VIP options. Table service is offered throughout the for the right to party on New Year‟s Eve. The Why Paycomplex. Enjoy Latin and Top 40 music at the largest club in more party is the answer; This year we are at cabanas in theTimes Square. heart of the meatpacking district in NYC. Its near Highline Ballroom, The Dream Hotel ( PHD ) and Buddakhan, but forThe Carlton Hotel NYC. Ring in 2012 w/Boardwalk the cost of one drink at one of those establishments, you canEmpire‟s Michael Pitt “Jimmy”. Millesime inside the Carlton come and party here. Tickets start at $25 for a limited timeHotel on Madison Avenue, welcomes you to its first annual only.New Years Eve Party. This brand new venue is set up withonly one goal in mind, to satisfy and enthrall you by bringing For a complete list of the hottest spots to celebrate Newyou the best of the nightclub and VIP lounging experience. Year‟s Eve 2012 in NYC go to the night away with the legendary DJ Suss One on thedance floor with an 800 person capacity across two levels and In This Issuethee vibes, including a lounge, VIP mezzanine, and Millesime Director‟s Corner….…………………..…….....2 Restaurant. Newcomer‟s..….....…...…………………....…..2Eden NYC New Years Eve Party. Cheapest and longest Financial Readiness…..……..…………............3open bar in NYC. Come Party at Eden this great New Year‟s AFAP……………..……………………….....4/5party now in its sixth year. Drink from 8pm-4am with an AFTB.………………………….........................6option to get a tables with waitress service all night. If youve Veterinaries…….…………………………........6never attended Eden Downtown in the past, nows your ERP/AVC……................................................6/7chance. This is one experience that you definitely won‟t want SOS/EFMP….……………………....................9to miss. Tell your friends, and act quick, you want to make FAP………...…...........................................10/11sure to claim your spot. Relo/Mob/Dep.……………………...………..11 I&R…..….…………………………...……….12The Dream Downtown Hotel New Years Eve Party. TheDream Downtown is New York City‟s newest and premier Calendar………………....................................13
  2. 2. Director‟s Corner The New Year is a day that marks the time of the beginning in a new calendar year; Army Community Service pledges that this New Year, 2012, ACS will stand by its commitment to Soldiers, Retirees, Civilians and their Family Members. We continue to stand by our mission statement to assist commanders in maintaining readiness of Soldiers and their Families, to deliver programs and services which promote self-reliance, resiliency, and stability during war and peace regardless of branch or service. ACS will continue to challenge itself to improve in the delivery of services and programs to our Military community. ACS welcomes your patronage. Happy New Year from the Army Community Service Family to yours. Carmen E. Borrero, ACS Director Carmen ACS PROGRAMS & STAFF New to Ft. Hamilton? ACS Director Family Advocacy Carmen Borrero Vincent DiMaira Come to our 718-630-4457 718-630-4460Army Emergency Relief Financial Readiness Newcomer‟s Orientation 718-630-4754 718-630-4754 Army Family Front Desk/Information Team Building & Referral John Mapes Magda Lawrence 718-630-4498 718-630-4754Army Family Action Plan Lending Closet John Mapes Madeline Pastorella 718-630-4498 718-630-4462 Army Volunteer Corps Relocation Readiness Joseph Gamez Madeline Pastorella 718-630-4756 718-630-4462Deployment Readiness Sexual Assault & Madeline Pastorella Victim Advocacy Vincent DiMaira 718-630-4462 718-630-4460 January 26, 2012Employment Readiness Joseph Gamez Survivor Beginning at 8:30 a.m. 718-630-4756 Outreach Services 718-630-4754 Exceptional Family Held at the ACS Conference Room Member Program Bldg. 137-C Poly Place, 1st Floor Vincent DiMaira 718-630-4460 Call Maddy to Reserve Your Seat! (718) 630-4754
  3. 3. Five Habits of Financially Successful People include a realistic budget and spending plan that fits your personal lifestyle and prioritizes items accordingly. They are financially educated. Understanding money and credit, including your credit report, interest rates, and how to protect yourself from scams and fraud, are key elements of success. They know the value of saving. Money set-aside for a rainy day, an emergency, or even the holiday shopping season will protect your budget and credit card balances from any temporary setbacks. Building savings for the future will also help develop good financial spending habits.Article from They are confident. Don‟t get discouraged bySubmitted by Financial Readiness Program temporary setbacks. Success begins with a state ofWhat is the true definition of financial success? mind; you must believe you‟ll be successful in orderAlthough it varies from person to person it can to become a success. Your road to financial freedomusually include: the ability to pay bills without doesn‟t have to be perfect. You can „try again‟ asworry, being free of debt, and having enough many times as in savings for things such as emergencies,family vacations, retirement, college funds, and Building a secure financial future is hard work, butmore. the payoff is true financial freedom. Work hard and make all the necessary sacrifices to get what you wantBeing financially successful is easier said than to become a financially successful person.done. There are no quick fixes or magic formulasfor achieving financial success. Financiallysuccessful people understand the differencebetween wants and needs and how to create clearfinancial objectives for achieving their goals.Below are five habits of financially successfulpeople.They have a “big dream.” Thinking outside thebox allows you to develop clear financial goalsand priorities that are worth sacrifices, becausestrong desires bring strong results. Start bywriting down your financial goals. Then, listrealistic target dates for each goal. It‟s importantto also list short-term goals such as familyvacations and major purchases.They have a plan. Developing a long-termfinancial plan that supports your financial goalsprovides a clear sense of direction. It should
  4. 4. 2012 Army Family Action Plan (AFAP) ConferenceSubmitted by John Mapes,AFAP Program ManagerOn December 8, 2011 Fort Hamilton hosted the ArmyFamily Action Plan (AFAP) Conference. ThisConference is where the concerns and issues collectedfrom Soldiers, their Family Members, DoD Civiliansand Retirees throughout the year are looked at andprioritized. Issue #FH-11-044 Insufficient Basic Allowance for Housing. (BAH) Scope: Currently BAH is based on theThe AFAP Steering Committee Members, consisting of location of the installation. Housing in the surroundingthe Garrison Commander and the Directorates of Fort communities however, does not predominantly meet onHamilton, will look for solutions to these issues and post conditions. Consequently, soldiers have to spendwhere possible, implement resolutions to these issues. more than their BAH amount to secure safe and qualitySometimes these issues are beyond the scope of the housing for their families.Commander and these issues are elevated to the MilitaryDistrict of Washington‟s Commander. Other issues are Issue #FH-11-043 Ft. Hamilton Community Activitiesunattainable for various reasons, such as funding and Center. Scope: Current Community Activities Centerlogistics to name a few. does not meet the soldiers needs and is inadequate. The concentration is currently on the outside community andOur conference on December 8, 2011 was attended by is not soldier friendly. Soldiers are forced to go off post37 Delegates, 6 Facilitators, 6 Recorders, 7 Issue for after hour activities which when alcohol is involvedSupport personnel and over 8 Subject Matter Experts. it can be detrimental.The delegates considered over 40 issues and prioritized13 issues for consideration by the AFAP Steering Issue #FH-11-024 Running track on post. Scope:Committee. The issue considered are as follows: There is no designated area for soldiers outdoor running PT. Lack of running track increases disruption in traffic flow, accidents and injuries. Proper running track will increase moral and physical readiness. Issue #FH-11-036 Priority for Soldiers & Families @ Guest House Lodging. Scope: There is a lack of priority lodging for PCS/TDY service members and their families. This creates an increase in transport time, a financial burden to the service member and stress to the family members. Increased stress compromises mission readiness. Issue #FH-11-043 Workforce Reductions. Scope: Due to drastic and arbitrary reductions in the DoD work force, directorates are not able to complete their missions. For instance, DES has been mandated to be reduced by 9 officers which does not meet the daily man power requirement. . This directly affects the readiness, Continued on next page
  5. 5. welfare and development of every Service Member,Family Member and DoD Civilian on the installation.Issue #FH-11-044 Cross Training Military and CivilianPersonnel. Scope: Many military and civilian personneldo not know certain specific elements of technicalknowledge in order to complete their mission. Forinstance, DES training officers may need to know aspectsof the DPW, like GFEBS, in order to get trainingequipment. This lack of knowledge hinders productivityand mission completion.Issue #FH-11-001 Second order effect of privatizedhousing has resulted in reduction of Quality of Lifemilitary housing due to lack of enforcement of Scope: The current Emergency Notification Systemrules/policies. utilized on the installation does not reach all intended parties (tenants and residents.) It also appears that a large portion of the installation population are unaware of the Roam Secure Alert Network (RSAN.) At the time of an emergency the Fort Hamilton community may not receive notification or be aware of a potential threat, which may lead to an increase in injuries or death. Issue #FH-11-038 Waste of Electricity. Scope: There are many lights left on after business hours. This negatively effects the Garrison‟s budget. Funds can be diverted from mission critical programs. Issue #FH-11-026 Improve Recycling Program. Scope: Garrison Residents/Tenants are not fullyScope: Residents (military and non-military) are not engaged in the current recycle program. Thefollowing rules/policies set in place by property environment is affected by lack of participation frommanagement (BBC). Specifically policies of noise users.ordinance, parking, garbage (take out & clean up), curfewof youth, and fire/safety (BBQ grills on balconies) are not Issue #FH-11-032 Energy Conservation Awarenessbeing followed. Training. Scope: Lack of energy awareness notification to the Garrison. Lack of awareness resultsIssue #FH-11-034 Lower rank Service Members, in not meeting energy reduction goals. Meeting energyCivilian Staff, and Family Members are unaware of any reductions goals saves dollars that can be used towardsemergency response plan at Fort Hamilton. Scope: The mission critical activitiesaffects mission readiness and preparedness in the event ofan emergency.Issue #FH-11-035 Non DOD affiliated civilians canmake reservations at the Ft. Hamilton lodge, even thoughthey would not normally have access to the installation.Why is it they are allowed to get on post with just areservation? Scope: This degrades the security of theentire installation. A terrorist can access the installation ina vehicle with nothing more than a credit card.Issue #FH-11-033 Emergency Notification System.
  6. 6. Fort Hamilton Army Family Team BuildingArmy Family Team BuildingArmy Family Team Building (AFTB) prepares everyonein "Americas Army" to function at their highest level. Itprepares Families for any situation. Knowledge is power, AFTB provides participants with information to help understand the functions of the Army and the Soldiers role. AFTB offers the tools to assist in improving thefamily well-being. Available resource information is also provided, creating a higher level of self-sufficiency in times of separation. AFTB Program Manager John Mapes Phone: 718-630-4498 email:
  7. 7. Veterinaries in Brooklyn Felton Veterinary Services Ft. Dix Veterinary Treatment Facility (609) 562-6636 (718) 388-1172 Paws and Claws Veterinary Hospital Hope Veterinary Services Pc (718) 782-8387 (718) 852-4219 Battery Park Veterinary Hospital Banfield the Pet Hospital (212) 786-4444 (Manhattan) (718) 448-5558 Central Brooklyn Veterinary Center Windsor Terrace Veterinarians (718) 431-8950 (718) 338-9600 Carroll Gardens Vet Group Pc Vincent George Veterinarian (718) 444-5151 (718) 875-7007 Veterinary Hospital Brooklyn Veterinary Group www.fifthavenueveterinaryhospital (718) 748-1066 (718) 331-7775Employment Readiness Program Army Volunteer Corps Adult Career Skills Training Are you looking for a Job? Do you want help preparing yourself against the competition? Do you need assistance in preparing your resume? Sign up for the following classes: Making the most out of a Career Fair Translating Volunteer Experience into a Resume Secrets to Resume Success Workshop Federal Employment and the Federal Resume Networking 101 Labor Market Information Interview Skills & Dress for Success Career Plan Development For information on how to Volunteer To Schedule and appointment, please call Contact: Joseph Gamez Joseph Gamez at (718) 630-4756 @ 718-630-4756
  8. 8. How to Get Your Dream Job in a Bad Economy IQ. You need to be able to deal with conflict in the workplace and get along with your co-workers. Employers want to hire employees that they can connect with both personally and professionally. 3. Tap into Your Network Most job seekers don‟t realize that the people around them can either hire them or refer them to a job. Don‟t overlook your family, friends, professors, previous co- workers and the people that you meet at events and when you‟re traveling. Also, make sure that you grow your online network using LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. A recent survey by states that 1 in 6 workers have used social networks to get hired.Article from www.moneyland.time.comEmployment Readiness Program 4. Build Your Online Presence Job searching is less about résumé submissions and more about being found online. Create your own custom blog using WordPress or use for starters.Employers are posting the most job openings in the past Make sure you use your full name, a positioningthree years, reports the Labor Department, yet there are statement that captures your expertise and a summary ofnearly 14 million people out of work competing for your work experience. Create social profiles using thethese jobs. This means there‟s an average of 4.2 same positioning as your website and cross-link yourunemployed workers competing for each opening. Some properties. By writing blog posts and updating yourof these jobs still haven‟t been filled because job seekers social status routinely, recruiters will find you whendon‟t have the right skills to match certain positions. they are looking to hire for a position. As long as yourThe Wall Street Journal reports that 52% of companies profiles are connected to what you‟re passionate about,are having difficulty filling these positions. Despite the you will attract the right jobs and repel the wrong ones.bad economy, you can get the job you want instead ofsettling for one that simply pays the bills. Here are five 5. Create Your Own Marketing Campaignways to make the most out of your job search: You need to stand out if you want a job, and there are new strategies you can use to get an employer‟s1. Focus Your Job Search attention without having to submit a résumé. ForInstead of submitting your resume to thousands of job instance, Matthew Epstein created a custom website thatopenings on, classified ads and corporate will appeal to Google, the company for which he wantswebsites, narrow your search to the jobs you‟re truly to work. You can also create a video résumé thatpassionate about. In 2010, Simply Hired found that 83% communicates who you are, what you do and whatof people choose jobs they love over more money, and makes you different. There are nearing 17,000 videothey should. By putting all of your effort into finding résumés on YouTube, but only a few really stick at companies you‟re interested in, you will have a You can also create targeted advertising campaignsbetter chance at getting your dream job. Your positive using Facebook Ads and Google AdWords in order toattitude, work ethic, body language and persistence will get your website right in front of specific employers.shine through in your interviews and will give you thecompetitive edge in the hiring process. ARMY COMMUNITY SERVICE2. Brush Up on Your Soft Skills 137-C POLY PLACE, 1st FloorJust being good at your trade won‟t cut it anymore. You FORT HAMILTONhave to have a whole set of soft skills, includingleadership, teamwork and communication, as well as PHONE: 718.630.4754emotional intelligence. In fact, CareerBuilder reports MON-FRI 0800-1630that 71% of employers value emotional intelligence over
  9. 9. Never ForgettingOur Purpose: Survivor Outreach Services (SOS) is an Army Community Service program designed to provide short-term and long-term support to the Survivors of Soldiers who die while on active duty.Our Vision: Compassionate and determined outreach to Survivors.Our Goal: To be intentional yet noninvasive in extending the hand of support to the Survivors of fallen Soldiers attheir point of need with meaningful programs and caring counsel resulting in Survivor Families knowing that others areconcerned for their well being during their journey through grief. What We Do… Facilitate support groups where Families and individuals can share feelings, burdens, thoughts, resources and information in a safe and understand setting. Provide care for Survivor Families beyond what Casualty Officers and Unit Care Teams can offer. Offer on site financial counseling to assist Families in adjusting to their unique monetary circumstance following the loss of a loved one. For more information on the SOS Program, please call 718-630-4754Exceptional Family Member ProgramVincent DiMaira, Program ManagerBldg 137C (718) 630-4460 The Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) is a mandatory program designed to meet the needs of Family Members with physical, emotional, developmental, or learning difficulties, that require special medical treatment, therapy, or education. For any questions concerning the Exceptional Family Member Program, please contact Vincent DiMaira, Family Advocacy Program Manager at 718-630-4460 To enroll your Family Member in EFMP, please contact Ms. Brenda Shea, Occupational Health Nurse at Ainsworth Clinic, phone number 718-630-4907/4417/4611.
  10. 10. Ten things for you to organizebefore you make your New Year‟sResolutionsArticle from www.psychologytoday.comSubmitted by Family Advocacy ProgramI am always intrigued by humanity‟s belief that at midnighton December 31st a new year will begin and life will bedifferent. Not only will it be different a myriad number of exercise appeals to you? You have a little research to dochanges are going to be made simultaneously. Have you before you begin. And weight is just my „go to‟ example. Thebeen unable to stop smoking, lose weight, give up coffee or same applies to the desire to stop smoking or learn how to playstart exercising? No problem: now you can achieve success an instrument or master a sport.across the board. Why? Because it‟s a New Year, silly!Gym memberships skyrocket. Diet foods and the plans that 6. Will your family and friends be supportive? If yoursupport them rake in billions. Cravings for drugs, cigarettes, answer is „yes,‟ how will that support manifest? It‟s best tocoffee and even bad relationships are going to evaporate as know who is going to be in your corner and what theirthe ball falls at Times Square. There‟s just one assistance will look like. Perhaps Uncle Sal who lost 50problem. This is Magical Thinking. Why don‟t you craft a pounds last year will take you to your first Weight Watchers orplan for what you wish to experience in 2012? Overeaters Anonymous meeting? Help looks different for all of us.Ten things for you to organize your time, talents and energybefore you make your New Year‟s Resolutions: 7. If you feel that family and friends are not in fact going to support you, how will you circumvent their criticism and1. What do you want to change? Be specific. Don‟t just still achieve success? Probably the easiest solution is to bewrite down the same old/same old. Make a list of the things silent. Quietly set about doing the things you need to do to beyou really want to have in your life. Remember: there are no successful and let your results speaks for lunches so make your list reflect things for which youare willing to work hard to achieve. 8. Is there anything you have to purchase? How much will it cost? Do you have the funds? If not, how will you raise2. How did you get into trouble in this area of your life? them? It‟s best to face the financial facts before undertakingJust about everyone in America has some weight to lose and any endeavor. You‟re free to dive in and do the work withoutyou may be in that majority. Did your weight gain happen getting sidetracked or sabotaged when you can‟t afford the bestsuddenly or did the pounds creep on slowly? We live in a step.cause and effect world. To create a new effect it‟s best tounderstand the causes we set in motion to create the 9. Do you need to do any research? Where will your materialsituation we don‟t find satisfactory. This makes us more be found? Can you do it on line in the privacy of yourpowerful and in control. bedroom or do you have to schedule some time at the library or a friend‟s house? Designating a work zone is important no 3. What‟s your motivation for change? Keep it realistic matter what type of work you are doing. You‟ll be able to getand personal. Perhaps you want to lose weight for your down to business and minimize distractions if you‟re loyal toupcoming high school reunion or to make your spouse the same workspace and the same time.happy? I suggest you do it for your health. Let those otherconsiderations be positive by-products. 10. Would you like to have a buddy? Who else in your circle needs to make this change? The old saying is: “Misery loves4. If you have multiple goals for the year which one company.” I say: “Positive change loves company evenshould you tackle first? Change is stressful and if you more!” I walk 3 miles every day but it‟s always more fun withoverload your emotions with the statement: “I am going to my walking buddy. For one thing she makes walk faster! Wholose 25 pounds, stop smoking, give up caffeine and run a is available to you?marathon” you may be defeated before you start. Build onyour successes. As you might guess I think that an organized environment will be the biggest support you could ever wish for in your quest to5. What are the steps you need to take to achieve success change elements in your life like losing weight, stop smokingwith your first goal? Please list them in the order in which or creating any other positive change. Why? Because changethey need to be accomplished. Weight is easy to consider is stressful and challenging even when it‟s change we havebecause no matter how many fancy diets there are the elected to make. If your physical environments are nurturing,bottom line is that you need to eat less and move more. But calm and reduce stress, you will feel comforted during thethe question is what diet will you embrace and what form of times of transition.
  11. 11. Sexual Assault Prevention Family Advocacy Program What is Sexual Assault?Sexual assault is a crime. Sexual assault is defined as The US Army Family Advocacy Program isintentional sexual contact, characterized by use of dedicated to the prevention, education,force, physical threat or abuse of authority or when prompt reporting, investigation, interventionthe victim does not or cannot consent. Sexual assault and treatment of spouse and child abuse.includes:• Rape - Sexual intercourse by force and without consent. The program provides a variety of services to• Nonconsensual Sodomy - Oral or anal sex by force soldiers and families to enhance their and without consent. relationship skills and improve their quality of• Indecent Assault - Unwanted, inappropriate sexual life. contact or fondling.• Carnal Knowledge - Sexual intercourse with a child This mission is accomplished through a under age 16. variety of groups, seminars, workshops and• Attempts to commit these acts counseling and intervention services.Sexual assault can occur without regard to gender orspousal relationship or age of victim. If you are victim of sexual assault or for For assistance, please contact: Confidential Reporting of Sexual Assault, please call the USAG Victim Advocacy Hotline at Vincent DiMaira, FAPM at (347) 452-4302 available 24/7 718-630-4460 Waiting Families Military & Family Life Consultant Have a Deployed Service Member?Join Waiting Families Support Group for fun, outings & support! Build~a~Bear @ Staten Island Mall January 21, 2012 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm Meet at ACS, Bldg. 137 C, 1st Floor Military and Family Life Consultants Help with the Stress of Military Life Deployment  Relocation Adjustment  Reintegration Concerns  Loss or Grief  Parenting Challenges  Financial Management  Relationship Issues  Workplace Stress Military Family Life Counselors (MFLCs) Please call to reserve your seat!! are mental health specialist who provide confidential, short-term, non-medical Contact: Madeline Pastorella counseling to Military Families. Phone: 718-630-4754 To access MFLC services please call: ACS Bldg. 137C, 1st Floor (718) 757-9408
  12. 12. Military Family Life Consultants Ease WarriorTransitionsBalancing the demands of a Military career withfamily responsibilities can be challenging formany warriors. One of the helpful resourcesprovided by the Department of Defense is theMilitary Family Life Consultant (MFLC)program, which offers trained, professionalcounselors for Service Members and their familiesto speak with — and all conversations areconfidential and free of charge.The MFLC program augments existing Military Article from Submitted by Information & Referralsupport programs by providing short-term,problem-solving, and non-medical counseling toService Members and their Families. Specially In addition, MFLCs are professionally trained totrained on Military-specific topics, MFLCs provide non-medical counseling for important lifeprovide education and information on a variety of skills, such as:issues that warriors and their Families may facethroughout the deployment cycle. Personal financial management Productivity at workHow Can Working With a MFLC Help You? ParentingMFLCs are unique in that they are not traditional Anger managementtherapists; instead they help Service Members and Conflict resolutionMilitary Families develop an action plan for Decision makingaddressing problems. Sometimes called “walk- Relationship issuesabout counselors,” MFLCs proactively contactwarriors and Family Members, often in public MFLCs can talk to you in individual, couple, familysettings like hallways, hospitals, cafeterias and or group settings, and often have walk-in or flexiblerecreation facilities. (The proactive approach is appointment times and meeting locations.not implemented at Ft. Hamilton). Additionally, MFLCs at your instillation may offer educational sessions targeting one of the specific lifeThrough non-medical counseling, MFLCs support skills mentioned above. Finally, it is important toMilitary Families with a variety of common issues remember that no files or records are kept about yourthat occur within the Military lifestyle, including: confidential interactions with a MFLC, which can help make the experience more comfortable.Common stress reactions to deploymentReintegration and the transition from warrior to How Can You Find a MFLC Near You? citizen MFLCs and programs vary by base and installationRelocation adjustment and can be accessed through locations such as theSeparation Army Community Services, Marine CorpsHomesickness Community Services, Navy Fleet and Family SupportLoss or grief Centers or Airman and Family Readiness Centers.ResiliencyAnxiety, sadness or other common emotional If you would like to schedule an appointment with the concerns Ft. Hamilton MFLC, please call (718) 757-9408
  13. 13. Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ACS ACS HOURS ACS HOURS ACS HOURS ACS HOURS Happy Closed 0800-1630 Computer Lab 0800-1630 Computer Lab 0800-1630 Computer Lab 0800-1630 Computer Lab New 0800-1600 0800-1600 0800-1600 0800-1600 Year!8 9 10 11 12 13 14 ACS HOURS ACS HOURS ACS HOURS ACS HOURS ACS HOURS 0800-1630 0800-1630 0800-1630 0800-1630 0800-1630 Computer Lab Computer Lab Computer Lab Computer Lab Computer Lab 0800-1600 0800-1600 0800-1600 0800-1600 0800-160015 16 17 18 19 20 21 ACS Closed ACS HOURS Refinancing ACS HOURS ACS HOURS Waiting Families In Observance of 0800-1630 Home Equity 0800-1630 0800-1630 Build~a~Bear Martin Luther Computer Lab 1730-1830 Computer Lab Computer Lab 1400-1600 King Jr. Day 0800-1600 ACS Conf Rm. 0800-1600 0800-1600 Meet at ACS Conf . Rm.22 23 24 25 26 27 28 ACS HOURS ACS HOURS ACS HOURS Newcomer’s ACS HOURS 0800-1630 0800-1630 0800-1630 Orientation 0800-1630 Computer Lab Computer Lab Computer Lab 0830-1200 Computer Lab 0800-1600 0800-1600 0800-1600 ACS Conf. Rm. 0800-160029 30 31 ACS HOURS ACS HOURS 0800-1630 0800-1630 Computer Lab Computer Lab 0800-1600 0800-1600