AFTB offers Enlisted Spouse Training Series


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Is your spouse a military recruiter

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AFTB offers Enlisted Spouse Training Series

  1. 1. AFTB offers Enlisted Spouse Training Series2012-01-27 / News Update The Enlisted Spouse Training Series was developed to prepareenlisted spouses to assume additional responsibilities as related Soldiers advance through the ranks. The primarytarget audience is spouses of drill sergeants, recruiters, and first sergeants prior to the assumption of their new role.The seminars are small group sessions (5-15 spouses.) The unique aspects of each seminar include paneldiscussions with two to three couples currently serving in a drill sergeant, recruiter or first sergeant assignment.The purpose of the Drill Sergeant Seminar is to help equip drill sergeant spouses with the information and tools theywill need to promote and support their spouse’s duty tour and their own and Family’s well-being. By being informed,empowered, self- reliant and proactive, drill sergeant spouses will be better able to meet the challenges andopportunities that lie ahead.The purpose of the Recruiter Spouse Seminar it to assist recruiter spouses gain the tools and information they willneed to enjoy a successful tour with their Soldier while on recruiting duty. This seminar’s orientation, while specific torecruiter duty, will focus on meeting the needs of spouses who’s recruiter will be on a tour for three years. Thisseminar’s goals are to encourage self-reliant, informed, and empowered spouses by helping the spouse and Familyprepare for this important and rewarding assignment.The purpose of the First Sergeant Spouse Seminar is to provide future or current first sergeant spouses with the skillsthey need to take on the role of an informed, involved and productive member of the command team. The demandsplaced on 1SGs and their spouses have increased exponentially with the increased number of deployments our Armyhas experienced over the last several years. Our 1SGs fill a critical role in the NCO Corps. Their contributions to theArmy have a direct and immediate influence on Soldiers and Families, as leaders, trainers, coaches, mentors andtrue keepers of Army standards. First Sergeants are directly responsible for the welfare of Soldiers and Families.They are an integral part of the command team. Some of the roles a 1SG spouse may fill include helper, supporter,advisor, mentor, coach, leader, role model, teammate and networker. This seminar is designed to equip 1SGspouses with the information, tools and resources needed to fulfill these roles as a value member of the commandteam.AFTB needs you! If you are a seasoned Soldier in one of these positions and are interested in serving on thediscussion panel to answer questions from class attendees or if you are a spouse who will be assuming one of theenlisted spouse roles, or have just assumed the role, and would like to attend class, we want to hear from you!Please contact the AFTB Program Manager at 718-630-4498 or e-mail Spouse Seminars will be held on: March 21 @ 0830 to 1630 hrs. Pre-registration and RSVPs are due tothe AFTB Program Manager two weeks prior to the class date.For more information about the Enlisted Spouse Training Series, go to