Social Gamification: A Review of SunCitySpeaks 2013


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Ryan Thompson and Karri Scott of Aria review SunCitySpeaks 2013, a social game operated in El Paso Texas for TACVB 2013 Annual Conference

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Social Gamification: A Review of SunCitySpeaks 2013

  1. 1. Gamification in Tourism: A Review of SunCitySpeaks 2013 An Educational Presentation | Ryan Thompson (Founder & CEO) & Karri Scott (Marketing Director)
  2. 2. Welcome! Ryan Thompson! Karri Scott! Founder & CEO! Aria! @RyanAThompson Marketing Director! Aria! @KarriScott
  3. 3. We change how people experience destination brands through strategy, branding, marketing and digital experiences

  4. 4. What we’ll cover 1) What is Gamification? 2) Gaming history with TACVB 3) Taking it home 4) Q&A
  5. 5. Game-i-fi-ca-tion?
  6. 6. Its entertainment. Branded. Your audience has to have fun or they disengage. You’re P Barnum .T.
  7. 7. Easy. Convenient. Low Barriers. The “next big thing” in the app world may be cool but ultimately convenience matters. If you want participation, use tools they know
  8. 8. Purpose-Driven What’s the end goal? Awareness, Engagement, Conversion? Knowing your objectives will provide clarity in game design
  9. 9. Tag, Flag, Hunt... Don’t overcomplicate things. Social games generally mimic kids’ games. Capture the flag, Scavenger Hunts and races are all socially effective
  10. 10. Win + Win + Win Awareness for the brand. Fun and value for the audience. Promotion without advertising.
  11. 11. Gaming History with TACVB
  12. 12. The Beginning The birth of Battle Royale in 2011 in San Marcos
  13. 13. With a fun loving tourism audience, we went bold and over the top creating immediate awareness
  14. 14. A Capture the Flag concept used social media clues to drive participants to a physical flag located on property
  15. 15. We split players into four regions across the state. Facebook was the platform and we manually managed the game
  16. 16. More than 100 social posts, dozen of game-play destination images and a full case of Texas wine to the winners “It was a smashing success” Bridgette Snyder
! Former Supreme Allied Commander, Emperor and President Emeritas , TACVB
  17. 17. Bigger & Better The next evolution of Battle Royale in 2012 in Killeen
  18. 18. In 2012, we expanded the game, prizes, platform and interactions to drive greater engagement
  19. 19. Expanded to all popular social platforms to allow players to participate on their platform of choice
  20. 20. Last Summer A completely new game, reimagined and redesigned for El Paso 2013
  21. 21. Advanced focus on individual gameplay that built audience profiles for each player that enabled personalized marketing
  22. 22. Implemented Pre-, At-, and Post-Event Marketing
  23. 23. Simple branded landing page! registered users and presented questions
  24. 24. Opt-in game allowed personalized communication with email and SMS
  25. 25. Deeper partnership with El Paso provided local incentives chosen by the CVB
  26. 26. Every interaction provided 3 options that began to segment players
  27. 27. Every interaction was branded, highly visual with a carefully crafted message
  28. 28. Each response contributed to a profile builder gaining intelligence on every interaction Outdoor Nightlife Culture
  29. 29. In two days, over 1000 responses were received with over 85 personal itineraries built Responses averaged every 3 minutes with over 40% of TACVB participating Personalized Itinerary You gave us a peak into your personality by answering questions, taking photos, and interacting with us at TACVB 2013. From what we’ve learned about you, below you’ll find a personalized itinerary for the next time you’re visiting El Paso, Texas. You are an Outdoor Lover Enjoy.
  30. 30. Consumer Benefits
  31. 31. Play. Prize. Pride. Game play is fun and social has made it acceptable for adults. Combine that with a chance to win and take the crown and you’ve got gold
  32. 32. Educated. Entertainment. The best social games educate often without the consumer realizing. They have a blast and walk away with new destination knowledge
  33. 33. Rewarded loyalty. Its simple quid pro quo. They play, you reward, they’re entertained and appreciative and all this creates loyalty and memorability
  34. 34. Your Benefits
  35. 35. The Best of non-Advertising. Modern consumers are smart and can easily detect when they’re being sold. This is entertainment and they’ll love you for it
  36. 36. Elevated Awareness. Modern consumers are smart and can easily detect when they’re being sold. This is entertainment and they’ll love you for it
  37. 37. Deeper Engagement. Its doesn’t end at awareness. Gameplay requires participation equalling engagement. But this isn’t “read my newsletter”. Its fun, rewarding and deeper
  38. 38. ation Destin our g in y min ial Ga Soc Planning, Concept & Execution
  39. 39. Be Strategic. This stuff is fun but don’t lose site of the situation. This is serious business and you’re looking for a result. It starts with strategy
  40. 40. ASK: “Why are we doing this?” ?
  41. 41. Plan the Work. Work the Plan. Don’t underestimate the effort. This is an event, much like a festival. It takes thorough planning among internal employees and external stakeholders
  42. 42. Timelines, Deliverables, Partners ?
  43. 43. Concept & Challenge Creating your concept is critical and we don’t just mean creative design. What it is, the business objective, the creative rationale and the consumer reward are all critical
  44. 44. The Concept The Rationale Its a 
 Business Plan The Reward The Brand Awareness
  45. 45. Execute & Be Prepared Like a special event, execution must be carefully scripted and choreographed. Real-time games with frequent rewards requires a talented team
  46. 46. Director, Producers, Writers, Promoters ?
  47. 47. Remember, its about the Results Its all fun and games....except its not. Social gaming is a marketing channel and your campaign is a marketing investment like any other
  48. 48. Know your goals, match your metrics
  49. 49. What’s Next? Stay tuned for the next evolution in the Summer of 2014 in Bay Area Houston!
  50. 50. Q&A ryan@ @ryanathompson karri@ @karriscott