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Published on The Arham Hi-Tech Design And Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is no exception. The company's founder Mr. Amish Mehta established the company with the name ARHAM ENGINEERING COMPANY in 1996. The new breed in FRP led Mr. Mehta to focus on the design and manufacturing of the products such as Ladder, Telescopic Trolley, OFC Junction box, Panels, Handrails, Gratings and many more custom mould products. Arham's clientele includes renowned industries such as INDIAN RAILWAYS, BMC, TATA STEEL, RELIANCE, L&T, BPCL, RCF, UDHE INDIA, etc
2, Gamdevi Ambika Temple,
Kirol Road, Vidyavihar (W),
Mumbai-400086. India .
TELEPHONE: +91-22-2515 8246
TELEFAX : +91-22-2513 5728

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  1. 1. ARHAM HI-TECH DESIGN AND SOLUTIONPVT.LTD.2, Gamdevi Ambika Temple,Kirol Road, Vidyavihar (W),Mumbai-400086. India .TELEPHONE: +91-22-2515 8246TELEFAX: +91-22-2513 5728E-MAIL
  2. 2.             Gratings 1. MOLDED GRATING :   “ARHAM” Molded Grating is an integral construction one-piece Fiber Glass roving reinforced unsaturated polyester resin (FRP) grating. This grating comprises of 60-65% resin by weight and immensely strong continuous glass. 2. PULTRUDED GRATING :
  3. 3.   Advantages of “ARHAM” GRATING Corrosion Resistance Eliminates normal corrosion problems High Strength Pultruded fiberglass has a high glass content and will give strength to weight ratios that surpass equivalent metal products Low Maintenance Fiberglass does not require a periodic maintenance program thereby reducing your repair costs. Will not rust streak onto adjacent structures High Impact Resistance Will return to its original position without any permanent deflection or  distortion...even when  subjected to heavy objects being dropped on the grating. 
  4. 4.   UV Inhibited Contains an ultraviolet inhibiting additive in the resin in addition to a synthetic surfacing veil used in the pultrusion process to give an extra layer of this resin on the surface. Easily Fabricated in the Field Can be easily cut and drilled using normal metal or woodworking tools in conjunction with an abrasive blade or bit. As with all fiberglass products, any cut or drilled areas should be coated with a resin afterwards to prevent premature degradation of the composite. Low Thermal Conductivity Fiberglass has a very low level of thermal conductivity and will not transfer heat or cold like metal product. Cost Effective
  5. 5.   Safety & Comfort The immediate and accumulated negative effects of working on a grating surface are lessened Flooring considerably with ARHAMª Grating. This is due primarily to the larger surface area contacted while Stairs or kneeling on the surface. walking Trench Covers ARHAM HI-TECH DESIGN AND SOLUTION PVT.LTD. 2, Gamdevi Ambika Temple, Bridges Kirol Road, Vidyavihar (W),    Mumbai-400086. India .  TELEPHONE: +91-22-2515 8246  TELEFAX Machinery Guards 5728 : +91-22-2513   Applications   Ramps
  6. 6. Model Gratings “ARHAM” Molded Grating is an integral construction one-piece Fiber Glass roving reinforcedunsaturated polyester resin (FRP) grating. This grating comprises of 60-65% resin by weight and immensely strong continuous glass. Corrosion Resistant Fiber by a specially designed process, provides a property of good corrosion resistance. Angular Non-Magnetic silica particles are em- bedded in the top surface of grating to provide longlasting slip resistantsurface (optional)  Easy to Maintain  The surface of FRP Molded Grating can be concave top, flat top, grit top,Decorative Non-Slip PatternCover,Grit Cover and Smooth Cover
  7. 7. RANGE : MODEL HEIGHT( MESHSIZE OPENAR WEIGHT( NO MM) (MM) EA(%) kg/m²) Molded Gratings : AM-GR01 25 38x38 68 12.50 AM-GR02 25 25x100 75 13.50 AM-GR03 30 38x38 68 15.00 AM-GR04 40(rib4x11) 40x40 73 17.00  AM-GR05 40(rib9x11) 40x40 60 20.00   AM-GR06 40(rib9x11) 40x100 70 18.00  AM-GR07 50 50x50 74 22.00   ARHAM HI-TECH DESIGN AND SOLUTION PVT.LTD.  2, Gamdevi Ambika Temple,   Kirol Road, Vidyavihar (W),  Mumbai-400086. India .  TELEPHONE: +91-22-2515 8246  TELEFAX : +91-22-2513 5728 
  8. 8. Types of Surface for Molded Grating Open Grating      Gritted Surface  Concave Surface       CoveredGrating Chequered Pattern  Flat Surface  Grit Cover  Span(M 38x38x25(MM) 38x38x38(MM) 25x100x25(MM) 50x50x50(MM) Smooth Cover  M) DeflectionChoice LOADS OF STANDARD MODEL FS1% FS1% FS1% FS1% 300 335482592 70810611273 322482580 90013501620 450 312438552 6569381142 302422548 87813121580 600  Maximun loads of full panel for Concentrated load kgf 900 228323412 125188240 524786942 335456564 225340404 126189226 82012301476 6199281161  1200 82115148 210314377 97145174 404606732  
  9. 9.        Maximun loads of full panel for Uniform load kgf Spa 38x38x25(M 38x38x38(M 25x100x25(MM 50x50x50(MM) n(M M) M) ) M) DeflectionChoice FS1% FS1% FS1% 305 ------------ FS1% 30894636556 16849252963036 457 38406038757 536680539661 3 0 610 0 200830153619 91213711644 5998899810800 917 16152659319 85812871545 381576693 288043205185 121 2 337507609 112171205 110816631996 9 478708849 138207249 ------------ 467702843 200293351      F-------Fixed deflection to span ratio is 1:180 
  10. 10.             Pultruded Gratings  “ARHAM” Pultruded Grating is assembled pultruded H-sections or T-sections linked by rod per distance into panel. The distance is decided by an open area rate. Pultruded grating        provides extremely high unidirectional strength and stiffness, since H-section or T-section resistant than Pultruded Grating using the same resin system.  can provide great mechanical load whereas the rods work as Connector. Pultruded   Grating are stronger than Molded Grating because of the higher glass content.    FRP Pultruded Grating can span long distance for any given load. Of course, Pultruded
  11. 11.          RANGE :   ModelNo. I-BeamSize CrossRodDistanc RecommendedLoad   e  AM-GR2530 25mm 300mm 300kg/  AM-GR2520 25mm 200mm 400kg/  AM-GR2515 25mm 150mm 400kg/  AM-GR2510 25mm 100mm 750kg/  AM-GR4030 40mm 300mm 750kg/  AM-GR4020 40mm 200mm 1000kg/  AM-GR4015 40mm 150mm 1500kg/  AM-GR4010 40mm 100mm 2500kg/Sq.mtrAM-GR4004 40mm 40mm 5000kg/    The loads are determined by a deflection of L/125. A deflection of L/125 is   equivalent to 0,75% refering to the span.  The point load has been generated with a load stamp of WxL = 200x200mm.We recommend to assay the applicability cases.
  12. 12.      How To Choose “ARHAM” FRP Grating:      Grating : Molded or Pultruded (Pls specify Product Code) Type of resin : Isopthallic/Vinyl Ester   For Open Type : Gritted or Non Gritted Panel size of : Please Specify Surface Type :: Open or Close For Close Type Chequered/Gritted/Smooth Color the grating : Standard green, Standard yellow, Standard grey, Standard red, Standard blue and Standard black. It is suggested that different color of grating is used in different environment and case, where it is more people friendly. However “ARHAM” also provides special color as per cusotmers requirements  Wastewater Treatment : Cover of trench, Walkways, Drain, Large capacity vessel,Washing machine, Water channel, Ventilation valve, Stair treads,Flooring. APPLICATIONSChemical Plant : Stair trends, Platform, Handrails system, Cover of concrete pool, Double flooring, Filter plate.Oil Industry : Platform above sea.
  13. 13. APPLICATIONSTransportation : Platform, Ships, contaminated area, Minesweeper, Stair treads.Beverage Plant : Stair treads, Replacing stainless steel, Floor grating.Pulp and Paper Factory : Stair treads and platform, Walkways, Walkways of wet area.Electronic Industry : Cover of concrete pool, Acid pickling, Electronic-resistance (conductive grating) and high clearance workshop.Meat Processing Factory Floor of easily corrosion area, Ladder, Platform of oily floor and stair treads. :Others Corrosion resistance frame, Decoration, Construction, Flooring close to fountain Utilities, :
  14. 14. ARHAM HI-TECH DESIGN AND SOLUTIONPVT.LTD.2, Gamdevi Ambika Temple,Kirol Road, Vidyavihar (W),Mumbai-400086. India .TELEPHONE: +91-22-2515 8246TELEFAX: +91-22-2513 5728E-MAIL