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7ο δημοτικό σχολείο idaniki poli


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Greek kids of 7o

Published in: Education, Technology
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7ο δημοτικό σχολείο idaniki poli

  1. 1. 7 ο Δημοτικό Σχολείο Αιγάλεω «Κωστής Παλαμάς»
  2. 2. A big big garden full of flowers and butterflies
  3. 3. My ideal city is like a fairy city. There is a lot of grass. Everybody goes to work by balloons or bicycles. No cars allowed .
  4. 4. Everything is green. All people are happy.
  5. 5. I dream of an ideal city . It’s like a big farm with pigs, donkeys and other animals. There are playgrounds in this big farm city and everybody is happy
  6. 6. Happy people everywhere . Bicycles everywhere.
  7. 7. Cars forbidden. My ideal city is like Paris.
  8. 8. YES to bicycles. YES to animals. YES to sports
  9. 9. My ideal city has beautiful buildings and the sky is full of rainbows.
  10. 10. Yes to entertainment Yes t o stadiums.
  12. 12. Sad people are forbidden. Cars forbidden. Ponds allowed.
  13. 13. Schools and animals
  14. 14. Big Ben, Skyscrapers, coloured bicycles , castles
  15. 15. My ideal city has a lot of forests, sea around it and a big big rainbow on its sky
  16. 16. Solar powered buses and cars Music everywhere and you can hear music even from the buses
  17. 17. My ideal city has a lot of playgrounds where happy kids play all the time. The sky is full of balloons . Everybody is happy
  18. 18. A happy town
  19. 19. A sky full of fireworks
  20. 20. The acrostic of the ideal city Ι ριδα (Iris) Δ έντρα (Tree) Α νθρωποι (People) Ν ερό (Water) Ι σότητα (Equality) Κ αθαρή (Clean) Η λιος (Sun) Π αιχνίδι (Play) Ο μορφη (Beautiful) Λ ίμνες (Lakes) Η λιακά Λεωφορεία (Solar Buses)