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  • By now you’ve probably heard a lot of people talk a lot about social media. You may be convinced social media marketing is a perfectly valid, viable way to reach your customers in today’s digital age. You may also be one of those that is skeptical about social media, but interested in learning more. Or, you may even be in what we consider to be the majority of business people: You see phrases like this uttered by social media evangelists and wonder ... where’s the beef? Where’s the money? What does playing on the Tweeter all day have to do with selling my product? What do silly FaceSpace posts have to do with bringing leads to my business? Blog? You want me to blog? How about I just jot down what I had to eat, what I thought of the Smurfs movie and how I can’t possibly comprehend why anyone thinks Lady Gaga is little more than a carnival side show. You can mail it to all the people in the world who care, which is absolutely no one.If that describes you ... pay attention. You’re going to learn something today. If you’re in the former set, you’ll learn a few things, too because THIS is what the purists tell you and ... <CHANGE>
  • This is Sara George. She lives in a small town in Eastern Kentucky called Pikeville. She also happens to be Jason’s mother. Last year for Christmas, she told Jason she wanted a remote car starter. He sent her the money to buy it so she could find an auto aftermarket shop close to home. One morning on Facebook, she sees a post in her stream from <CHANGE>
  • Greg Tackett. Greg owns an auto body and after market shop. He installs stereos, rims and other add-ons to people’s cars. Greg and Sara are connected on Facebook but not close friends. Still, they know each other. It’s a small town.Greg’s message that cold, January morning was this: “Stay warm and get your remote starter today at Greg’s Custom Audio, Video and Car Stereo!”The purists rolled over in their graves ... wait, they probably weren’t dead ... but you get the picture. Not only did Sara George comment that she was going to make an appointment -- which she later did and spent about $350 with Greg’s shop to buy and install her remote car starter -- but one of her co-workers saw the thread because Sara had commented. They wanted one, too. Another friend said, “I need three! One for each car!”At the end of the week, if each person who said they would buy one from Greg did, he cleared about $3,000. All from a blatant marketing message posted on a personal Facebook profile.You can’t sell using social media? <CHANGE>
  • DON’T SAY BULLSHIT ... JUST INTIMATE IT ... OR GET THE CROWD TO SAY IT. (And change to B.S. for finer taste crowds.)
  • DON’T SAY BULLSHIT ... JUST INTIMATE IT ... OR GET THE CROWD TO SAY IT. (And change to B.S. for finer taste crowds.)
  • No BS Social Media

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