Facebook Insights 101 Briefing


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Everything you need to know about Facebook Insights in a 2-page briefing.

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Facebook Insights 101 Briefing

  1. 1. Facebook Insights is an extremely rich data source for you to understand and improveyour marketing efforts. By making effective use of Insights data, you can understand whatcontent is most visible, what content gets shared, where your new fans are coming from, andmuch, much more. Before you start digging into the data, remember that the goal is to begood at business because of Facebook, not simply good at Facebook.Access the full webinar and slides at ar.gy/facebookinsights101.Facebook Metrics VisualizedFacebook Insights metrics workdifferently and have a differentnomenclature than standard webanalytics metrics. This diagramillustrates the life cycle ofFacebook marketing.To begin making sense of this, startat 12 o’clock (at Fans) and progressclockwise. The green quadrantprovides insight into your socialconnections. The blue quadrantshows how your connectionstranslate into engagement.Orange shows how engagementtransitions to virality, and redshows how virality translates intonew fans. Source: PageLever
  2. 2. Insights Cheat SheetThere are so many new metrics included in Facebook Engaged Users # of users who interacted with yourInsights. Here’s a quick rundown on what’s what. content (click, like, share, comment) People Talking # of users who create a “story” about Fans # of users that Like your page About This you on their timeline (see next section) Friends of # of 2nd-degree connections Fans Virality Rate PTAT / Total Reach Visibility Rate Organic Reach / Fans Viral Reach # of users who saw your content from a user-created story Organic Reach # of users who saw your content (excluding paid promotions) New Fans New fans Liking your page Paid Reach # of users who saw your content (paid content only) Removed Fans Existing fans Unliking your page Total Reach Total # of users who saw your content Total Growth New Fans - Removed Fans Engagement Engaged Users / Total Reach Rate Growth Rate Total Growth / FansWhat is People Talking About This? EdgeRank isn’t something that you can see by loggingThis new metric represents the number of unique users into Facebook Insights. However, there is a very clearwho have created a Story about your page. People link between your EdgeRank and your visibility score.Talking About This is often referred to as PTAT. The higher your EdgeRank, the more visible your content.What is a Story?Facebook creates a story every time a user does one of To learn morethe following: likes you page, likes a post, mentions about EdgeRank,your page, shares your post, answers a question, including bestrecommends your page, posts to your wall, RSVPs to an practices, accessevent, checks in, tags a photo, or comments on your our free webinarpost/page/wall. and slides at ar.gy/ edgerankwebinar.How is virality measured?Virality is calculated by measuring the percentage ofpeople who have created a Story about your post out About Argyle Socialof the total number of users who have seen it. In Argyle Social helps businesses drive results throughessence, virality increases when your fans broadcast social media. We provide software to help youryour message for you. organization have conversations with prospects and customers, drive brand awareness, and integrate socialWhat about EdgeRank? media deeply throughout your organization. BehindEdgeRank is the algorithm that determines whether the scenes, we crunch your social activity through ourand what content appears in your fans’ newsfeed. It is big data engine to provide you with the mostdesigned to show your fans the content they like when actionable social intelligence in the business.they want to see it. Learn more at argylesocial.com. Follow us on Twitter @ArgyleSocial Affinity x Weight x Time Decay = EdgeRank