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Google Analytics


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Part of a complete series on Digital Marketing and Analytics

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Google Analytics

  1. 1. Google Analytics Getting Started 1
  2. 2. First, the basics… • Create a Google Account • Create a Google Analytics Account • Add your Web Property • Copy the code into your Website • For Wordpress or Joomla or other platforms, install a plugin • Add additional properties if any 2
  3. 3. Next, on the outside… • Create a Webmaster Tools Account • Create an Adsense Account • Create an Adwords Account • Link all the accounts 3
  4. 4. Administration • Account Settings -> Setup Data Sharing • Setup Additional Users (with appropriate permissions) if required • View Settings -> Check Defaults and change as needed • Property Settings -> Setup Advanced Settings (Advertiser Features) • Business Objectives -> Goals • Appropriate Reports -> Filters/Settings • Channels -> Campaign Tracking • Customer Views -> Custom Reports 4
  5. 5. Basic Analysis Techniques • Segmentation o Referrers (Marketing Channel) o Demographics o Temporal o Technologies o Geography o Visitor Characteristics • Context o Internal (KPIs) o External (Industry Trends) 5
  6. 6. Goals of Web Analytics Goals Outcome Lead Generation Content Publishing Online Info/Support Branding Collect Contact Information Ads shown to visitors Help visitors find information Drive Awareness, Engagement & Loyalty ECommerce Sell Products
  7. 7. Objectives of Web Analytics Objectives Example Lead Generation Content Publishing Online Info/Support Branding Contact Form Ad Clicked (AdSense Link) Helpful Vote Participation/Engagement/Referral ECommerce Payment (for Purchase)
  8. 8. Conversions • Macro • Micro • Attribution o Last-Click o First-Click o Linear 8
  9. 9. Conversions 9 Micro Conversions Macro Conversion
  10. 10. Attribution Ad Spend Traffic Purchase 10 Attribution
  11. 11. Last Click Attribution 11
  12. 12. First Click Attribution 12
  13. 13. Linear Attribution 13
  14. 14. Measurement Planning • Define Business Objectives • Define Strategy • Choose KPIs • Choose Segments • Choose Targets 14
  15. 15. Example (Online Realty Site) Business Objective Help Residential Home Buyers easily discover and purchase the right home for their needs. 15 Strategies  Get a comprehensive listing of Realtors in the areas served  Get a comprehensive listing of Home Finance companies  Create a mortgage estimation tool KPIs  %age of visitors who search for Realtors  %age of visitors who contact a realtor/finance company  %age of visitors who use the mortgage tools
  16. 16. Example (Online Realty Site) 16 Segments  Compare First-time vs. Experienced buyers  Compare those who used the tools vs. those who didn’t  Compare those who registered vs. “skimmers” Targets  Benchmarks from business planning  Industry Data  %age increase in visitors in each segment