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Week 4 Assignment


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Week 4 Assignment

  1. 1. Board of Trustees Superintendent Director of Instructional Technology Assistant Assistant Superintendent for Superintendent for Elementary Schools Secondary Schools Director of Curriculum and Instruction Campus Principal District Technology Specialist District Technology Support Specialist Campus Technology Teachers Specialist Site-Based Decision Making Team Campus Technology Support Specialist Campus Stakeholders Students Week 4 Assignment, Part 1
  2. 2. Board of Trustees: The Board is the boss of the district and has final say in all matters regarding the school district. The board controls funding and decision making involving all educational technology. Superintendent: The Superintendent is in charge of all day-to-day operations of the district and reports directly to the Board of Trustees. The Superintendent is the educational leader and in charge of implementing the District Improvement Plan. Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Schools: The Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Schools reports directly to the Superintendent. He/She makes recommendations for technology implementation in the elementary schools. He/She can also request funding based on needs for technology. Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Schools: The same position as the Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Schools, however he/she works directly with junior high and high schools. Director of Curriculum and Instruction: This person is in charge of implementation of the district curriculum. He/She is also in charge of analyzing data and making recommendations for change within the curriculum. Director of Instructional Technology: This person makes recommendations to the Assistant Superintendents based on technological needs throughout the district. This person is also in charge of overseeing the entire Instructional Technology department. The Director offers staff development that will integrate technology into teaching and learning. Campus Principal: Creates a vision for each campus that includes the use of instructional technology. The principal controls the campus budget to ensure that proper funding is directed toward instructional technology. The principal oversees the implementation of curriculum and instruction. He/She also serves on the Campus Leadership Team which creates the school’s Campus Improvement Plan. The principal is very important when it comes to the implementation and/or the adoption of instructional technology. District Technology Specialist: This person reports directly to the Director of Instructional Technology. He/She facilitates professional development throughout the district to support teachers with instructional technology. Oversee campus technology specialist. District Technology Support Specialist: This person oversees technology support throughout the district. Maintaining the technology from beginning to ending is the responsibility of this person. Teachers: This person is responsible for all of the learning that occurs within a school. Teachers are directly responsible for the amount of instructional technology taking place in a classroom. If a teacher embraces technology, then the students in the class are going
  3. 3. to be successful at using technology and comfortable using it. Teachers can provide the platform for learning, but it is up to the students to take the leap. Campus Technology Specialist: These certified teachers are not seen as traveling computer teachers, but facilitators that focus on staff development. This includes the development and adaptation of lessons to allow full integration of technology into the existing curriculum. Their job is to empower the entire staff by enabling them to fully utilize the equipment and resources of a district. Campus Technology Support Specialist: This person provides additional technical support needed for more specialized problems that occur on a campus. Site-Based Decision Making Team: This team of teachers, administrators, and community members are responsible for setting the goals for the school each year. The team must also decide how to implement instructional technology. Students: Students are responsible for using instructional technology and letting teachers know if their needs are not being met. Students are a strong force if they are open and honest about their needs. Students will let teachers know what is working and what is not. Campus Stakeholders: These are people that are directly or indirectly involved with the school. Parents, community members, and business leaders can help with funding and partnerships in dealing with instructional technology. Week 4 Assignment, Part 2 After reviewing the Mooneyham Elementary Campus Improvement Plan, Texas Campus STaR Chart Summary for Mooneyham Elementary, and the Frisco ISD District Improvement Plan, I realized our campus is in desperate need to incorporate educational technology. Educational technology seems to be a priority on the District level, but it has not been a priority on the campus level. The Frisco ISD District Improvement Plan list several needs, two of which are: Continuing to provide staff development on a consistent basis using “job embedded”, after school, and summer training opportunities, and Continuing to evaluate the “campus standards” with long range plans to provide all needed equipment, striving to provide a 21st Century learning environment. (ie – laptop computes, wireless LAN access, wiki server, instructional tools, etc). I did not find any standards or goal setting for the use of educational technology in the Campus Improvement Plan; however I found the key areas of need on the Texas Campus STaR Chart Summary to be: Teaching and Learning, and Educator Preparation and Development. Based on the areas of need on the STaR Chart and the District Improvement Plan I have designed professional development that will provide teachers with the resources necessary to increase levels of understanding of educational technology, increase awareness of resources that are available to teachers and students to connect to content
  4. 4. areas, and allow teachers to appropriately model their on-line experiences for their students. The educational technology introduced and used in the professional development is easily implemented by the teachers, easily understood by the students, and will engage students. The more time a student is engaged in learning, then the more the student is learning. Studies show a direct correlation between level of engagement and learning. The professional development will focus on all four core classes, but will be applicable to all subject areas. Elective teacher will be divided up and assigned to a core area for instructional purposes. The topics covered in the professional development are: Wordle, Wikis-Blogs, Animoto, and Glogs. I will also utilize Podcast. I will allow the teachers time to create a “practice” Podcast. Every teacher will have an opportunity to create something useful for their class using each one of the educational technology tools. Professional Development Plan Time Description of PD Plan Participants Location Comments Schedule Activity Facilitator 8:00-8:3 Breakfast, Campus All campus Library The teachers 0 Welcome, Technology teachers will start off the Introduction to Specialist session with Podcasting breakfast. During their breakfast the Campus Technology Specialist will introduce to all of the teachers the power of Podcasting. The demonstration will allow a brief overview of Podcasting. The teachers will have a chance to learn more during the afternoon if they choose to attend the session on podcasting. After breakfast
  5. 5. the teachers will receive their schedule for the day. Teachers will be divided up by core teaching area and assigned to a breakout session. The teachers will rotate through each of the breakout sessions in numerical order, and then #4 will rotate back to #1. All teachers will attend every breakout session by the end of the day. 8:45-9:4 Breakout District All campus C101 Wordle- 5 Session #1 Technology teachers Director Teachers will be introduced to Wordle. Wordle’s are word collages. The teachers will learn how to create a word collage. The potential for a word collage is huge when working with English Language Learners. Teachers must create a wordle that can be used in their subject area before
  6. 6. moving onto the next session. 9:50-10: Breakout Campus All campus A214 Wikis / Blogs 50 Session #2 Technology teachers www.wikispace Teacher chers www.freetech4t www.soyouwan Free sites for teachers that anyone can update and respond to. Teachers will learn how to set-up their own educational blogs. Teachers must set-up blog by the end of the session. 10:55-11 Reflection on Campus All campus Library Teachers will :05 the morning Principal teachers complete an on- Breakout line survey over Sessions the morning sessions, once the surveys are completed the teachers will go to lunch 11:05-12 Lunch :45 12:50-1: Breakout Campus All campus D113 Animoto – 50 Session #3 Technology teachers http://animoto.c Teacher om Animoto is an easy “video” maker. The teachers will learn how to create educational videos using
  7. 7. Animoto for each subject area. The teachers must make at least a 2 minute video before moving onto the next session. 1:55-2:5 Breakout Campus All campus B211 Glogster – 5 Session #4 Instructional teachers www.glogster.c Specialist om/edu Glogser is an online tool for making posters. This tool is useful when it comes to classroom presentations. The teachers must create an online poster for leaving the session. 3:00-3:3 Podcasting or Campus All campus Library Podcasting A 0 Technology Technology teachers podcast is a Implementation Specialist series of digital media files, usually either digital audio or video that is made available for download via web syndication. Teachers will use this time to complete all of the projects and/ or learn more about podcasting Week 4 Assignment, Part 3
  8. 8. Time Description of PD Plan Participants Location Comments Schedule Activity Facilitator 3:35-4:0 Reflection on Campus All campus Library Teachers will 0 the afternoon Principal teachers complete an on- Breakout line survey over Sessions the afternoon sessions; once the surveys are completed the teachers will be dismissed for the day. On- Wiki reflection Campus All campus On-line The principal going Principal teachers will set-up a and Campus Wiki and use it Technology as a form of Specialist communication with the staff to discuss the use of educational technology throughout their everyday teaching. It will also serve as a question and answer board for implementation ideas and problems. Ongoing Evaluation As the campus principal and campus technology specialist are monitoring the Wiki set-up for the teachers of the school, the principal could note the teachers that are consistently using educational technology. The principal could then build future staff developments around the most frequently used technology to serve as a brainstorming session on uses and struggles with the technology. The most frequent users could facilitate the training, thus causing more buy-in from the rest of the staff. The Wiki could also be used to introduce new ideas and new educational technology. The current students in our schools are very comfortable with educational technology, and thrive in an electronic environment. If we continue to teach the way our
  9. 9. teachers taught, then we are going to continue to lose our students interest thus causing them not to learn. Learning is fun, and it is time that we start having some!!!!