Film Finance Solutions With Tim Bennett And Tom Malloy


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Film finance was the discussion of topic during a recent interview between Tim Bennett of Argonette and Tom Malloy (Director and Writer)

As a director Tom has rasied over $20 dollars for his films, so when it comes to Film Finance he knows a thing or two.

You can watch the whole interview here:

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Film Finance Solutions With Tim Bennett And Tom Malloy

  1. 1. New Bankroll - A New Approach toFinancing Feature Films Webinar Please Standby Until 9.30 AM EST
  2. 2. Lets say Im an aspiringFilmmaker...What should be the 1stI do before startinga movie?
  3. 3. What do you think aboutproduct placement tohelp financing a film?
  4. 4. What about crowdfundingwhen it comes to how tofinance a film?
  5. 5. Is the internet changingthe way we create financefor movies?
  6. 6. Do you recommend filmmakersget experience in shortfilm financing before they takeon a full length movie?
  7. 7. What three things canaspiring filmmakers dotoday to get closer tomaking, marketing andselling a movie?
  8. 8. Bankroll – A New Approach to Financing Feature Films
  9. 9. Bankroll – A New Approach to Financing Feature Films“Toms perspective comes from experience and not naive idealism. Of course we all have to be passionate about the films we want to bring into production. Thats a given. Cash flow is the life line of any production and this book brings a brilliant balance between business and art. Every chapter filled with a wealth of knowledge that will help any filmmaker and producer finalize funding. Close the deal and make your film!”
  10. 10. Bankroll – A New Approach to Financing Feature Films“I just finished reading this book and as someone who has been in the film industry for a decade, I think this is the best book on the market...and Ive read them all! Its practical, down to earth, everyman approach is something anyone can get their head around. Funding a movie is difficult, but it can be done. This book outlines just how to do it. Read it! Everyone should. Right now!”
  11. 11. Bankroll – A New Approach to Financing Feature Films“A true motivator for anyone wanting to finance their own films. Mr. Malloy gives the reader proven techniques and examples of how to raise money to produce feature films. He isnt pulling punches here... Tom Malloy has raised MILLIONS for three produced films and can show you how. If you have dreams of making your movies a reality and need direction and a map of how to get it done, then BUY this book. It wont let you down. Take the first step and order this guide! ”
  12. 12. Bankroll – A New Approach to Financing Feature Films Only $17.92