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Argentesting 2016 - Los nuevos desafios del testing


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por Maria José Pérez Zavala.

Published in: Technology
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Argentesting 2016 - Los nuevos desafios del testing

  1. 1. Los nuevos desafíos del Testing
  2. 2. Ing. María José Pérez Zavala, UTN - FRBA QA Technical Director at Globant María José es Ingeniera en Sistemas de Información, certificada en ISTQB con más de 17 años de experiencia en el área de Calidad en la Industria del desarrollo de Software. Tiene experiencia trabajando tanto en Control de Calidad o Testing como en QA en la definición e implementación de procesos. Su paso por proyectos para distintos tipos de industrias, tanto para pequeñas empresas como multinacionales, le ha dado la posibilidad de adquirir experiencia y desarrollar su especialización confrontando importantes desafíos tanto tecnológicos como de procesos. Su experiencia comprende tanto metodologías de testing tradicionales como agile, para proyectos como e-commerce, websites, mobile applications, gaming, CMSs entre otros. En los últimos años trabajando en Globant ha ocupado diversidad de roles, actualmente está focalizada en gestión y liderazgo de equipos, así como consultoría y desarrollo de estrategias y procesos de testing para gran diversidad de clientes.
  3. 3. ● Today’s challenges ● Technology tendencies, What to test? ● Planning the Testing scope Objectives
  4. 4. Companies engage with “technology voracious” users, customers, employees, partners... that have high expectations. Users want to create an emotional tie with brands, which will increase loyalty They demand for personalized experiences Today’s challenge
  5. 5. The Software Industry has a challenge... is time to ADAPT!! Mobile | Big Data | Cloud | Internet of things | UX | Gamification | and more... Emerging technologies create a HUGE opportunity
  6. 6. Integrated systems - Multi-platformSingle applications Fragmentation vs Integration and flexibility
  7. 7. Testing Cross-Browser compatibility Different browser, same Look and feel and Functionality - Responsive Web Design - Adaptive Web Design
  8. 8. Cloud Wearable > Big Data < Internet of Things Much more to test Internet of Things
  9. 9. Volume Velocity Variety Veracity Gigabytes to Terabytes (1000 GB) DATAWAREHOUSE BIG DATA Petabytes (1000 TB) to Exabytes (1000 PB) Batch Near real time Simplified, Structured Data from relational database Complex, Semi or Unstructured Data from non-relational flat file storage Distributed data sources Centralized data Big Data - Challenges regarding testing strategy DATA ERRORS METRICS CALCULATION ERRORS PERFORMANCE ISSUES INFRASTRUCTURE FAILURESDATA AND ENVIRONMENT NOT READY
  10. 10. Testing approach Traditional Agile
  11. 11. Planning the testing scope SupportingTeam Q2 Functional Tests Examples Story Tests Prototypes Simulations Q1 Unit Tests Component Test Testing Connectivity Quadrants by Lisa Crispin and Janet Gregory
  12. 12. Requirements, Test Cases & Defect Mgmt. Functional Automation - Licensed Functional Automation - Open Source Functional Automation - Open Source Functional Automation - CI & BDD Non-Functional (Performance, Security) Test Case Management Test Case Management Test Case Management Code Reviews JS based automation framework Robot Framework Angular js based framework Web based automation Context Sensitive Mobile Automation (iOS/Android) Unit Testing framework BDD (Behavior driven framework) BDD Test execution Continuous Integration Continuous Integration Performance testing Load & performance Testing Tools
  13. 13. Ing. María José Pérez Zavala