Venture Class - Assignment 2


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Venture Class - Assignment 2

  1. 1. Introducing  Outsourced Loyalty Program Management
  2. 2. Hasslefree Loyalty ManagementSnapit is a simple Loyalty Program service with a socialnetworking front end.It allows users to get rewards and points after purchasingan item, and keeps all your reward points in one place.Snapit helps businesses by making checkins and rewardspublic, leveraging social media to maximise word-of-mouthadvertising.Depending on your Snapit subscription, you can also pushtargeted ads to existing customers through our Snapitmobile app.
  3. 3. Key Partnerships● PoS Service Providers● Social Media● Mobile Ecosystems
  4. 4. Key Activities● One overarching “loyalty program” that doubles as a data-mining service for retailers, and a vehicle for pushing targeted ads/ specials to customers about their favourite stores.● Social media tie-ins allow for increased word-of-mouth advertising via engaged customers.● Opportunities to reward engaged customers for word-of- mouth advertising via facebook though specials, deals, swag etc.
  5. 5. Key Resources● Web based back-end, with social media front-ends for Google+, facebook, Foursquare etc.● IOS / Android app that allows push notifications from retailers, manages QR code scanning, and uploads codes to the server.● Web based analysis engine and advertising platform
  6. 6. Value PropositionFor customersIf you are sick of carrying multiple rewards cards, just scanthe QR code on your docket with your phone to upload yourpoints from any participating retailer.For businessesEasy setup up and management of a loyalty program.No harder to manage than a facebook page.Provides key information regarding demographics ofbuyers, number of people seeing the checkins, frequencyof purchase etc.
  7. 7. Customer Relationships● One webpage with seperate logins for businesses and customers, making sign-up a breeze.● Attach the shops you like to your facebook or google+ accounts, and earn rewards.Channels● Social networking websites such as Facebook, Foursquare.● Advertising and customer awareness through TV, Radio and viral Billboard launch campaign.
  8. 8. Customer SegmentsConsumers● Customers who want loyalty discounts● Customers who want to be rewarded for word-of-mouth advertisingBusinesses● Businesses with Retail PoS systems● Large businesses with national campaigns looking for exposure● Small businesses with zero marketing budget.
  9. 9. Cost StructureCan be divided into three main services :● Snapit Social: Free registration for both customers and corporations to the service● Snapit Analysis : Corporations pay for getting analytics on customer demographics, sending deals to their snapit accounts● Snapit Advertising: Businesses pay for being featured in their customers snapit page/ mobile app or for extra advertising
  10. 10. Revenue Streams● Retailers can sign up for a free account / fixed-length trial to activate QR codes on their eftpos terminals.● Focus on value-added memberships, allowing more datamining capabilities, and the ability to push advertising and specials to customer’s cellphones.
  11. 11. Future Possibilities● Integration with NFC based PoS Systems● Competitions - hidden codes, free stuff● Location based deals through Smart Phone app● Recommendations to friends● Print out QR stickers and place them around your city for Viral / ARG / Scavenger-Hunt type marketing.● Interactive, image based customer profiles / favourite shops● Ad design agency tie-in offering turn-key snapit advertisements
  12. 12. Snapit is looking for investors!If youre as excited as we are about thepotential of snapit...Get in touch!