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  1. 1. Remember… Alyssa Gonzalez
  2. 2. My loves…
  3. 4. My Community Involvement…
  4. 5. Being Social
  5. 6. My Inspiration
  6. 7. My family… … My Support
  7. 8. How I achieved… My Presidential Scholarship
  8. 9. Recognized…
  9. 10. Others’ comments… “ Are you on your way to med school? If so, consider some area of medicine (or wherever you end up) where you can write. Very few undergraduates can write as well as you. And you have a beautiful mind too.”
  10. 11. “ Alyssa, excellent work, I strongly recommend you present this research at the student research symposium in the spring for med-school. You chose excellent articles, and your summaries are outstanding. Your final essay has a clear thesis [and] use evidence well to support it. This is mature, impressive work. I enjoyed learning from it.”
  11. 12. Thank you for your Invite!
  12. 13. A favorite quote of Mine