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journey of hope final ppt


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journey of hope final ppt

  1. 1. Journey of Hope Works by Chng Seok TinPresented by: Joseph Joo, Shalynn Chua & Arfah Rahman, DSA231 Contemporary Southeast Asian Art.
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  3. 3. Overview Exhibition Rationale of Description Exhibition Key Points Q & A/ of Analysis References
  4. 4. Exhibition DescriptionArtist : Chng Seok Tin• Admire her as an artist and a person who has experienced much in her life and career• Impressed by the scope; breadth and depth of her artworksTitle : Journey of Hope | 希望之旅 |• Based it on Chng’s life journey of much trials and tribulations• Despite her struggles, Chng maintains her resilience and never give up attitudeArtworks: Selected Works from 1985 to 2011• Selection is almost chronologically portraying Chng’s life struggles and turning points• Also displays variety of media forms and techniques she’s experienced with
  5. 5. Selected Works (i) Gone With The Water 浪涛尽千古风流人物, 1985, Lithograph 5/6, 30 x40cm (ii) Self Portrait 自画像, 1989, Drypoint and Etching A .P. 60.5 x 40cm
  6. 6. Selected Works (iii) It’s Okay to be Blur! 难得糊涂 , 2009, Mixed Media on Canvas, 127 x98cm (iv) Looking Up to Danko 仰望丹科 , 2011, Bronze and Stainless Steel, H220cm, Weight 148kg
  7. 7. Rationale of Exhibition • Life challenges and inner strengths Theme • Sub-theme of nature and human behaviour • Sub-theme of an artist is also a writer • pay tribute to Chngs versatility as an artist • celebrate the scope of her literary perspective Objectives • highlight the different challenges experienced and her resilience • Attitude of RESILIENCE as an artistLearning Points • To instill character building values for Students • Exposure to various media, techniques and contextual issues raised
  8. 8. Analysis(i) Gone With The Water 浪涛尽千古风流人物 Title in Mandarin means “no matter how successful the past heroic figures may be, they are still subjected to fade through time” Artwork is divided into 3 sections:o Bottom – dark/ intense markso Center – fill of facial imageso Top – stretch of landscape linked by 3 parts Most figures not well defined - fade into the lines and marks, depicting a river flowing.o great or not, fade by the current of the river of time
  9. 9. Analysis(i) Gone With The Water 浪涛尽千古风流人物 Top section is made up of 3 partso ten circular structureso connected by bold markso a stretch of landscape Question: Is this Chng’s way of depicting heroes forming a landscape of history for the current viewer to learn from?
  10. 10. Analysis(ii) Self Portrait 自画像 not a realistic representation of selfo emphasis of lines, texture and layering of images Main image: the dark dense patch of lineso Contrast with bottom areao portray sense of frustration and confusion layering of lines to define the faceo uncertainty of artist impression of herself
  11. 11. Analysis(ii) Self Portrait 自画像 background of small rectangular shapeso Images of different portraitso fades off towards the centero Looks like graffiti non-figurative illustration of selfo Convey her thoughts and emotions Question: Can you feel her struggle in facing adversity?
  12. 12. Analysis(iii) It’s Okay to be Blur! 难得糊涂 Colors consist of:o mainly earthly toneso main Chinese texts are in goldo figures are in various colors lower half consist of 3 mountain-like piles of figures striving upwardso Portray rat race urban lifestyles Main focus is the inverted banner - meaning of texts (by Zhen Banchiao, 1751):o “It is difficult to be clear minded, it is difficult to be vague, it is more difficult to transcend from clarity to vagueness. Let lose a little, take a step back, be at ease in present moment, not seeking future good returns”
  13. 13. Analysis(iii) It’s Okay to be Blur! 难得糊涂 Ancient Chinese coins symbolise material wealtho Figures playing with the coinso wealth may not be the only thing human seek “When spring wind blow, grasses will grow again”o resilience of wild grasseso resilience of humans to surviveo in relation to our present urban lifestyles Question: Is it really alright to be vague and blur in life?
  14. 14. Analysis(iv) Looking Up to Danko 仰望丹科 man-size sculpture casted from bronze holding up a red stainless steel hearto Slavonic literary tale by Maxim Gorkyo Self-sacrificial hero, Danko, who plucks his heart out to rescue his tribe from an inhospitable place. Notable features of sculpture:o Surface - heavily textured, uneven, almost crudeo Contrast – smooth even-shaped vinyl red heart, central hole in his chesto Stance - steadfast and powerfulo Gestures - hands reach out skywards, upturned open facial features
  15. 15. Analysis(iv) Looking Up to Danko 仰望丹科 Nature’s materials, hand-made feel & guided by the moral storyo scale of work and striking contrasts in materials, colors and treatmentso dramatic and endearing impression self-sacrifice for the good of otherso inspired role models who went through hardships to contribute to society’s survival and progressiono What is our personal threshold for that?o To maintain our resilience in our life pursuits Question: Does this work bring to mind any role models that you greatly appreciate in your life?
  16. 16. Q&A
  17. 17. References: Artist’s book: Chng, S.T. (2011). Uncommon Wisdom:Works by Chng Seok Tin from 1966-2011. Singapore: Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. Artworks viewed in exhibition; Uncommon Wisdom: Works by Chng Seok Tin from 1966 – 2011, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Galleries 1 & 2, on Oct 1 2011.