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Script Breakdown Sheet Collage Of Mia Final


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Script Breakdown Sheet Collage Of Mia Final

  1. 1. Scene # 2 Breakdown Sheet # 2 SCRIPT BREAKDOWN SHEET “FILM TITLE” Int / Ext Set Day / Night Pages Exterior Outside the theatre. Day 1 Description Location Studio Horatio is taking pictures of Mia for his collage. He is following her and takes Outside the N/A various pictures of her from different angles. theatre. Cast Extras Stunts Leon- Horatio Milton Baxter. Various sixth form students No stunts will be used in Jemima- Mia will act as Jemima’s friends. this scene. She is the most popular girl in school therefore she is always surrounded by friends. Props Wardrobe Vehicles • A camera will be • Horatio will be wearing No vehicles are needed for used in order for his ankle swingers, white this scene. socks, glasses, white shirt Horatio to take and a black or maroon pictures of Mia. blazer. • Natural props such • Mia will be wearing a as trees, fences and cardigan, with a stylish the theatre will be top and a skirt with tights present in the shot in and shoes. • The extra will be wearing order to highlight shirts, trousers, skirts, the fact that even in shoes etc. the most normal Notes surroundings • Remember to use a tripod in order to make sure the unnatural things can camera doesn’t shake. happen. • Make sure no other students walk into the shot.