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Meeting 1

  1. 1. Meeting 1: 3rd February 2014 Where: Library, 3rd Floor Time: 3-4pm Present: All group members present Important deadlines: Project proposal: 10th February 2014 Aim to finish website by: 15th March 2014 Presentation: 17th March 2014 Final Porfolio: 26th March 2014 Summary of discussion: We discussed content of the website, what kind of pictures we wanted to use, different ways we could make the website more fun, target audience, how we could utilize Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as part of the website, booking equipment, software. In detail: Content: i. A “Destinations” page which will keep the content of the website I (Arfa) did last semester just to start us we discussed to keep the Barcelona, New York and Vietnam content but we will add more to it by using our own pictures as well other people to avoid copyright issues. ii. We discussed about creating a top 5/top 10 page that can take whichever form so for example top 10 places to visit this summer, top 10 city breaks, top 5/10 festival breaks so something that revolves around the top 5/top 10 theme. iii. We discussed including a photos page which will include some of the best photos from our website just so that users can have a look at certain pictures whenever they want rather than trying to remember which page they viewed it on. iv. Lawrence suggested we create a stop motion animation for our home page to make it more fun and different so we could create the stop motion animation from our series of images...still in development...
  2. 2. v. Target audience: Aimed at young people/ student-centric/ the website should be social, about enjoying life and give the feeling of “togetherness” vi. Website should be fun to so we discussed about making a video and asking people about the craziest things they have done on holiday, quick fire questions, word association game to make it more fun and get good answers, video on destinations of the year and ask people to sit on our very own hot seat, a deckchair, to add humour Social media & McLuhan’s “global village” McLuhan suggests that the world is becoming smaller due to greater interactivity, faster of movement information and the rise of electronic technology this theory could underpin our website as we want everyone to feel connected and together. Eliana suggested we could extend the project by using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to update users on what is happening on the website and post the latest photos. Equipment & Props: Camera, tripod, boom microphone, umbrella (just in case it rains), deckchair ...discussed filming some parts next week but have to check the weather first. Software: WordPress, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects. With WordPress we discussed purchasing a domain name to have complete control over it so that we can control the colours, content, layout etc. Next meeting: Thursday 6th February 12-3pm (approximate finish, to be finalised)