Newfies dialer-stable-released-21-november-2011


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Newfies dialer-stable-released-21-november-2011

  1. 1. Newfies-Dialer - Open Source Voice BroadcastingNewfies-Dialer ( is an Open Source voice broadcasting application for Freeswitch toenable the automated delivery of interactive voice calls to contacts, clients and the general public.Voice Broadcasting is a powerful business tool to automate phone calls for mass marketing, appointment reminders,delivery confirmations, debt collection, phone voting and surveys, automated teleconferencing and to relay vitalinformation to your contacts over the phone.Newfies-Dialer’s voice broadcast system is powerful and adaptable : ● Scalable – Newfies-Dialer uses distributed message passing to make millions of calls per day via multiple cloud based instances of Freeswitch. ● Multi-User – Facilitates SaaS voice broadcast providers to let their customers create voice broadcast campaigns via an intuitive web interface. ● Integration – Comprehensive API ‘s to integrate Newfies-Dialer into third party applications to automate call distribution.The Newfies-Dialer Voice Broadcasting Platform is assembled entirely from free and Open Source componentsincluding Freeswitch, Plivo, RabbitMQ/Redis, Celery and Django.For more details on Newfies-Dialer including comprehensive installation guides, an automated installscript, user manuals and developer’s documentation view or contact Contact Details: The Newfies-Dialer is offered by Star2Billing (, reach the team at