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Newfies dialer - autodialer : freeswitch weekly conference 13 march2013


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Newfies-Dialer is a voice broadcasting and auto-dialing solution, it allows you to call millions of contacts and deliver emergency messages, complex IVR and survey application.

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Newfies dialer - autodialer : freeswitch weekly conference 13 march2013

  1. 1. Auto-Dialer & Telephone Survey Platform with FreeSWITCH Areski Belaid <> 13th March 2013
  2. 2. How does it work?1) Create IVR application / Survey2) Import Contacts3) Create Phonebook and Campaign4) Campaign Settings : CallerID / Speed / Call duration / Schedule5) Start Campaign
  3. 3. Create IVR Application
  4. 4. Import Contacts
  5. 5. Create a Campaign
  6. 6. User Dashboard
  7. 7. Admin Dashboard
  8. 8. Recent deployments- "Huron County", Emergency calling system:Call to duty, Contact verification system- "TransparentAID", Report incident systembuild on Newfies-Dialer coupled with callbacksystem- Telemarketing, Survey
  9. 9. Whats new in V2- Acapela integration - TTS- New IVR App Editor (Survey)- Enhancements to the survey branching, logic andcapabilities- Comprehensive API and API Explorer- Contact fields & Tag support in TTS- Real-time Reporting- Extension Dialing
  10. 10. Whats new in V2 (next)- TTS Preview - Preview the TTS in browser- SMS Support - Commercial module- AMD module detect answering machine- Duplicate campaign, export surveys- Friendly reporting tool and dashboard
  11. 11. Under the hood
  12. 12. Technical updates V2- Deployment with Nginx, Gunicorn, Supervisord- DBMS - PostgreSQL- Continuous Integration ( Lua FS Application
  13. 13. Performance- Closer to FreeSWITCH - mod_Lua- Caching : issues using memcached lua cache on filesystem : Bulk inserts : use FS heartbeat- Django optimization : PostgreSQL : use logs wisely
  14. 14. Roadmap Newfies-Dialer V3- Port to Django 1.5- Redirect to SIP endpoint- Callcenter / Agent interface- Inbound campaign / DID management- Improve the Dashboard
  15. 15. General Info- Website : Mailing-list : Google Group- Get started : Install script- Documentation :
  16. 16. Hope you enjoyed it! Questions? email :