Introduction to IPython & Notebook


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IPython is an interactive Python shell, it provides tools for interactive and parallel computing that are widely used in the scientific world. It can also benefit any other Python developer.

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Introduction to IPython & Notebook

  1. 1. Introduction toIPython & Notebook Areski Belaid <>
  2. 2. Introduction to IPython- Fernando Perez started IPython in 2001, hewanted a better interactive Python interpreter- 259 lines of code, written in few hours Today: 78,481 lines of code & more than 100contributors in the last 12 months
  3. 3. What is IPython?IPython is an interactive shell for Python● additional shell syntax● introspection● tab completion● rich history● better debugging● parallel computing
  4. 4. Install IPython$ mkvirtualenv testipython$ pip install ipython- You could also use easy_install, but do youwant to, really?
  5. 5. Hands On IPython- Shell $ ls, pwd, !vim- Code completion $ import os $ os.[press tab]- Introspection $ os? $ os??- History > use the key up and down- Execute previous command $ _i, _ii, _iii : Previous, next previous, next next previous input- Load Code > %loadpy- Traceback and Debugger %pdb
  6. 6. Integration with your IDE- Vim Sublime Text TextMate
  7. 7. NOTEBOOK
  8. 8. What is Notebook?A web-based application that can execute code and also containrich text and figures, mathematical equations and arbitrary HTML- a web-based shell to an IPython- a mix of notes, code, html, images, video, ...- a great tool for debugging, teaching- has ability to save, edit and delete“notebooks”
  9. 9. Install NotebookLets forget about easy_install, seriously? $ pip install ipython $ pip install pyzmq $ pip install tornado $ ipython notebookFor some of the online examples : $ pip install numpy $ apt-get install libatlas-base-dev gfortran $ pip install scipy $ pip install matplotlib
  10. 10. Hands on Notebook$ ipython notebook- Cell-based execution workflow- Load previous code- Share IPython Notebook
  11. 11. Notebook - Django ExtensionNotebook is not only for Physicists !!!- Use it with Django:$ ./ shell_plus --notebookThere is a little bug with the last IPython, that you can fix easily:export PYTHONPATH=/home/areski/public_html/django/MyProjects/newfies-dialerAdd this in your = [--ext,,--debug]
  12. 12. Conclusion- IPythonIntrospection, additional shell, tab completion, rich history,parallel computer, etc...- NotebookAll the benefits of IPython on the webIPython received a Grant Sloan Foundation grant: IPython has been awarded a $1.15 million grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. This will support several core developers, allowing them to focus on building the IPython Notebook into a tool for open, collaborative, reproducible scientific computing. The Future is Bright !!!
  13. 13. References- IPython : Python at your fingertips: Using IPython Notebook with Django: IPython Docs: IPython Notebook Viewer:
  14. 14. Hope you enjoyed it!