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Arenzonov Resume


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Published in: Technology
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Arenzonov Resume

  1. 1. Oleg Arenzonov 125 John West Way Aurora, ON L4G7E2 (416) 822-8821 cell Overview Senior Business System Analyst / Intelligence Consultant/Developer • Over 9 years progressive experience implementing enterprise wide reporting solutions in financial industry • Developed innovative and secure database and business intelligence solutions with VB.NET, ADO.NET, SQL 2000/2005 Reporting Services as well as VB6, VBA and VBScript, MDX scripting and XML • Extensive knowledge of all aspects of business, finance and technology. • Outstanding knowledge of reporting and OLAP methodologies along with great programming competence. • Expert business analysis skills: requirements gathering, definition & analysis, alternatives, solution architecture and costing, prototyping, business process design, mapping & troubleshooting, business process training. • Exceptional written and oral communication, facilitation, presentation and interpersonal skills • Excellent problem solving skills Experience CIBC, Human Resources, Corporate Training 7/2008 – 1/2009 and Development - Toronto, ON Senior Business Intelligence Consultant, MCTS SQL 2005 The responsibility of Senior Business Intelligence Consultant is to analyze, document, architect and develop a new Human Resource Training & Development reporting solution based on SQL server platform. Projects CTD DataMart (Corporate Training & Development DataMart): Thoroughly analyzed departmental requirements and propose a new innovative way of reporting. Completely redesigned SQL server infrastructure including new database files and arrays layout. Implemented backup and failover strategy along with disaster recovery plan. Achieved nearly 100 % uptime. Redesigned old and created new reporting modules. Reduced daily loading routing from 2 hours to nearly 12 minutes on the same server. For the whole duration of the project kept documentation as well as knowledge transfer. Simplified development strategy and gained 100% in accuracy on all reports. Created numerous Microsoft Access Projects with SQL 2000 backend with data entry and reporting capability. Utilized SQL server security model within Access front end thus minimizing security risk and administration overhead. Scotia Bank, Shared Services, Strategic Support - Toronto, ON 7/2007 – 7/2008S enior Programmer Analyst, MCTS SQL 2005 The responsibility of the Senior Programmer Analyst is to architecture, develop and maintain enterprise wide reporting solutions based on financial and management data residing on SQL server 2005, DB2 and flat files. Projects DataMart (Shared Services DataMart Project): Created a database infrastructure for Shared Services allowing multiple user groups access one database on a different schema. Introduced multiple files and filegroups for better backup and restore functionality. Spread out database files and index files on multiple raid arrays achieving a tremendous speed increase on reporting side. Created all net new reports as well as modified old. Consolidated group of reports into one with dynamically changing dimensions and multiple views. Created a row level security module for reporting services allowing users from different hierarchy view data accordingly. Received multiple awards from user community on my commitment and dedication. ACE (Adjudication Center of Excellence): Created a suite of reports allowing users to view their statistics on deals statuses along with charts. The unique security structure allows team leaders and managers to view only data on employees who reports them according to Active Directory. MIMS (Maple Integrated Mortgage System): Created more then 25 net new reports allowing management to make faster mission critical decisions on one of the main bank system which processes mortgages. Was also involved in creation of mathematical model on calculation for productivity, SLA and management dashboard. Brought a reporting solution from start to end. Created a new function that allows calculation of business hours and days (between two dates/ adding business hours, etc.) for different branches all across Canada. The non- looping approach was posted on and was recognized as the best solution for this type of tasks. Achieved a 100% up-time on reporting server. CIBC Wood Gundy, Head Office, Management Reporting - Toronto, ON 9/2006 – 7/2007S enior Information/ Reporting Analyst, Level 7 The responsibility of the Senior Information/Reporting Analyst is to provide enterprise wide reporting solutions based on financial and management data. It also includes analysis and data mining of existing systems.
  2. 2. Projects BMIC (Branch Monitor Incentive Compensation): Converted existing application written in VB 6.0 to a newest format VB 2005. Rewrote 1000 lines of code using best practices and technologies. Reduced run time from 4 hours to 15 minutes. Normalized database of the system to a dynamic driven application capable of delivering any type of report. Introduced automatic email distribution despite of outlook security limitation. Consolidated data load procedure into one module achieving astonishing results in speed. Added error checking capabilities and notification. ISI Daily Report: The report built in MS Excel initially had numerous manual tasks. Completely rebuilt report bringing VBA capability of automatic downloading source files from FTP and loading them using ADO.NET. Brought automatic updating functionality and email distribution. By eliminating all manual tasks achieved substantial reduce of run time and possibility of error. RD Report (Regional Director) Built a new MS Access report for Wood Gundy Regional directors showing various types of general spending. Other: Built a prototype Data Mining System based on MS Analysis Services. Included almost every data source WG Management Reporting using for their reporting. Based on that, initiated project of bringing SQL server as a main reporting tool to a department. Wrote multiple modules using VBA for various databases where needed. Introduced PDF capabilities to some reports. Act as subject matter on Excel programming for an entire floor. Participated in database modeling for VNC group. Trained other developers and helped them acquire programming skills through interactive and hands on sessions CIBC, Telephone Banking, MIS shared Services - Toronto, ON 5/2000 – 7/2006S enior Business Information/System Analyst, Level 5 The responsibility of the MIS Senior Business Information Analyst is to actively support reporting process for multiple groups associated with CIBC Customer Contact Centers Projects: Credit Tracker Application: the system which allows call center credit representatives to log all their sales using Outlook template. The development of this application included and Database programming on a very advanced level. CCPI (Call Center Performance Indicator): Completely redesigned entire database including data load and reporting. Initiated the project which eliminated Amicus data warehouse as a data provider and brought Aspect switch extracts directly. Used best technologies and practices to enhance data loading procedure as well as reporting capabilities. Achieved reducing by 45 minutes of a daily run time. AP Reports (Agent Productivity) Proactively initiated call center survey on usability and enhancements desired in AP reports. Redesigned all reports accordingly. Credit Reports: Entirely rewrote credit reporting suite according to provided specification. Introduced innovative snapshot-to-PDF conversion procedure which allows call center representative to search data. Fully automated database was recognized by Call Center and brought our team a Quarter Achiever Nomination. MIS Reporting Portal: Participated in every aspect of introducing MS SQL Reporting Services to MIS team. Acted as a subject matter on hardware and software installation and configuration. Converted numerous existing MS Access databases to SQL server. Designed and provided reporting data requirements to CCTS team. Built core reporting structure utilizing .NET skills. During this process acquired solid knowledge of XML technology as well as VB.NET Business Analysis • Identifying and capturing data requirements; focusing on understanding the data, establishing data subject areas and the relationships to inbound and outbound interfacing applications. • Analyzing, assessing, and documenting project data sources. • Responsible for data profiling (ability to write SQL queries using SQL Server, MS Access 2000); ensuring production readiness of data through quality checks, summarization and reporting. • Investigating invalid/erroneous data by identifying the root cause of data integrity issues and creating recommendations to the business unit for corrective processes to prevent reoccurrence • Interacting with business unit and development team members to document data inconsistencies. • Defining and implementing data testing strategies with the business • Creating and maintaining data mapping documents • Providing technical and business guidance to end users • Conducting meetings/focus groups and training sessions with business unit end-users. • Participating in strategic planning and resources management SQL Server 2000/2005 • Identifying hardware requirements, configuration and installation options according to the business specs • Scoping, analyzing and developing custom security model • Database Analysis and Design ( Normalization, Relationships, OLTP/OLAP) • Maintaining Referential integrity, Diagramming Databases • Backups and Recovery, Maintenance Plans, Restoring Databases and Integrity checks • Creating complex stored procedures, sql queries and triggers. • Utilizing expert level of VBscript knowledge in creating custom DTS packages. • Upsizing MS access databases to SQL 2000 • Creating Custom DLL’s required for specific to banking industry calculation. • Managing linked servers, configuring and maintaining replication services • Optimizing hardware resource usage and troubleshooting server activity • Applying best practices to achieve best performance of overall system
  3. 3. SQL Server 2000/2005 Analysis Services • Installing and configuring Analysis Services on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise platform • Defining OLAP solution/model according business specification • Preparing, building and processing cubes. • Identifying cube storage options • Creating Standard, Snowflake or Parent-Child dimensions • Modifying Advanced Dimension Settings • Creating Virtual Dimensions/Cubes • Implementing Usage-Based Optimization, Optimization Tuning • Creating, Merging and Applying Advanced settings to partitions • Using MDX for complex calculations • Using Excel as an OLAP client • Creating OLAP enabled Web pages • Implementing Dimension/Cube security • Copying and archiving OLAP databases SQL Server 2000/2005 Reporting Services • Using Visual Studio .NET to develop and deploy reports through the Report • Designer. • Providing best deployment scenarios and architecture. • Structuring and formatting reports. • Using report and query parameters, filters • Publishing reports to a report server. • Executing reports on demand. • Creating cached report instances and snapshot reports • Delivering reports using the publish/subscribe model. • Using configuration files to administer the report server. • Monitoring the performance and reliability of the report server. • Administering the ReportServer and ReportServerTempDB databases. • Administering the Reporting Services security model. • Automating report management tasks. • Rendering reports programmatically using the Report Server Web Service. • Creating custom code and call custom functionality from reports. Microsoft Access 97/2000/XP • Creating and customizing tables, queries and forms • Defining relationships • Building complex queries using functions written in VBA • Migrating access databases to SQL server by upsizing most of the objects • Converting databases version 97 to XP and rewriting all VBA modules. • Introducing Automation • Applying all possible techniques to optimize even very large databases for speed and data integrity • Using OLE objects in data entry forms • Creating replicas, compiling front end databases to MDE files • Managing user group permission • Troubleshooting and consulting on any issues related to MS Access. Technologies • LANGUAGES: ASP.NET(C#/VB), VB6, VBScript, SQL/T-SQL, HTML, ADO, OLAP Modeling. • DATABASES: SQL Server 2000/2005, MS Access • PLATFORMS: Windows 2003 Server, 2000 Server, XP, NT, 9X (IIS). • TOOLS: Visual Studio.NET, Visio, MS Project, Brio
  4. 4. Education • 2008 - Currently working on MCTS SQL Server 2005 BI certification. • 2006 – Completed a hands-on course on Microsoft Analysis Services • 2005 - Completed a hands-on course on Microsoft Reporting Services. • 1997-2000 – York University, Math for Commerce References Available upon request