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Learn about different kinds of purses and how they can best be utilized

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  1. 1. Reviews theUses of Various HandbagsLearn about different kinds of purses and howthey can best be utilized
  2. 2. Carrier Me Home Tonight Carrier bags are sometimes offered by stores and feature the establishment’s name and logo They are usually colorful and designed to grab peoples’ attention Because the materials are often environmentally friendly, they can also be recycled after use
  3. 3. Meow-velous Pet Bags Take Fido or Mr. Buttons with you wherever you go with a special bag designed to carry pets Pet bags must include ventilation holes as well as insulation to protect the safety of your pup or kitten (or ferret…or snake… or…)
  4. 4. Back, Back, Backpack It Up Backpacks have become a staple of the handbag business; they can be used to carry students’ school supplies or important camping / hiking items With arm-free access, backpacks make multitasking simple and painless
  5. 5. Messenger Bag (a.k.a. the ManBag) The messenger bag is a trendy, over-the- shoulder option that has gained popularity over the past few years Men interested in fashion can replace their bulky backpack with one of these bad boys
  6. 6. The Overnight Bag ;) The overnight bag should be carried when one expects not to return home for a night (or two…) It can hold important hygiene items such as a toothbrush and toothpaste, mouthwash, deodorant, and more, so you look like less of a hot mess on your walk home
  7. 7. Workin’ on Your Fitness A gym bag is ideal for – you guessed it! – working out at the gym This bag resembles a duffle bag and can be used to carry water bottles, gym shoes, additional clothing, and more If you feel unmotivated to work out (and, let’s face it, who doesn’t?) it can also be used as storage for your extensive collection of Beanie Babies
  8. 8. The So-Outrageous-It’s-HipBag We’ve all seen one: The Hello Kitty backpack being worn by a 30-year-old or a mustache-shaped purse slung over the shoulder of a burgeoning hipster, these bags look so ridiculous that they instantly become fashionable
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