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Infrastruktur sepeda di amsterdam


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Tentang bagaimana infrastruktur bersepeda di kota Amsterdam, sangat menarik!

Ardy [me on twitter @BroArdy]

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Infrastruktur sepeda di amsterdam

  1. 1. Cycling to sustainabilityDrs. Eveline JonkhoffSenior advisor sustainable Bicycle Infrastructure & Citywide Cycling Programs (session 10)24 augustus 2011
  2. 2. Amsterdam Definitely SustainableSustainability program 2011 - 2014:Cities are crucial in realising sustainable world.Amsterdam takes the responsibility.Ambitious long term vision and concrete program.Monitoring progress.4 sustainable pillars:Climate & EnergyMobility and Air qualitySustainable Innovative EconomyMaterials and ConsumersAttractive, flourishing and healthy city
  3. 3. Amsterdam, the cycling capital … The bicycle: daily means of transport 2 million kms by bike daily Majority of cyclists: 25-55 years 90% of the streets in Amsterdam are ‘bicycle-friendly’ routes. 400 kms bicycle lanes, separated from other traffic. Existence of a bicycle culture.
  4. 4. Integral traffic and transport policy is essential for succesfull bicycle policyPolicy for cars, publictransport and bicyclesBicycle policy containsdifferent areas that allcontribute to the succes ofthe Amsterdam bicyclepolicy.
  5. 5. Road safety
  6. 6. Bicycle infrastructure and parking
  7. 7. Education and promotion
  8. 8. Amsterdam loves bicycles