Foodscapes English


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Foodscapes English

  1. 1. The English photographer Car Warner produced a series of photos of food items, with which he created all kinds of sceneries. The pictures show underwater landscapes, forests, beaches, sun and waterfalls made with fruit, vegetables and cheese.
  2. 2. Trees of green cabbage and rocks of potatoes. Bread is also used and the sky was made of red cabbage leaves.
  3. 3. This landscape was made of broccoli, peas and basil. De road is covered in seeds, the rocks are made of bread and in the sky you see cauliflower clouds.
  4. 4. To create a third dimension, the photos were taken on tables after which the dishes were assembled in layers to prevent the food items from collapsing before the photos were taken.
  5. 5. All edible ingredients here are inspired by Italy. The cart was made with lasagna, the ground is covered in grains, clouds were created with mozorella, trees of parsley and basil. In the background a village made of cheese.
  6. 6. The photographer was upset his children did not want to eat vegetables. The landscapes made them excited to eat these foods.
  7. 7. This fjord was made with fruits from the sea and the stalagtites are carrots. The bolders are created with bread and at the horizon you will find cauliflower.
  8. 8. Rice, coconuts, a variety of grains and a sky of cabbage leaves.
  9. 9. Fillets of salmon create the sea and the rocks are potatoes and bread. On the water floats a little pea-pod boat.
  10. 10. Mushrooms, sesame seeds and other grains.
  11. 11. The rim of a plate creates a beautiful rainbow over a forest of parsley and potatoes.
  12. 12. To create the houses cheese was used. The blinds and the baskets & crates are made of pasta and grains can be found everywhere.
  13. 13. An Italian kitchen: vegetables, pasta and cheese.
  14. 14. Can you spot the mountains of bread?
  15. 15. Impressive creativity: hot air balloons made of fruit and vegetables, trees of brocoli, rocks of potato, fields of herbs, corn, zucchini and asperagus. A village of cheese and a carrot makes up the steeple of a church.
  16. 16. A cart of biscuits on a road of salami with trees of smoked ham lined up along the road.
  17. 17. Food items used: ham, bread, biscuits and salami.
  18. 18. The Swiss Alps – made of biscuits, raw ham, sausages, cheese and bread.