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Cognitive perspective


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Cognitive perspective

  1. 1. Cognitive Perspective Gestalt Pscychology
  2. 2. Gestalt Psychology • It served as the foundation of the cognitive perspective to learning. It opposed the external and mechanistic focus of behaviorism. • It considered the mental processes and products of perception.
  3. 3. Gestalt theory • The initial cognitive response to behaviorism. It emphasized the importance of sensory wholes and the dynamic nature of visual perception. • The tem gestalt, means “form” or “configuration”
  4. 4. Gestalt Principles
  5. 5. Ex of pragnanz
  6. 6. LAW OF FIGURE – GROUND Viewers will perceive an object (figure) and a surface (ground) even in shapes are grouped together. This law also defines use of contrast.
  7. 7. The end