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eMarketer multichannel_marketing—navigating_the_increasingly_complex_customer_journey


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Multichannel marketing: definitions and rationale
The current state of multichannel marketing
Four things needed for multichannel marketing success:
Transitioning to an audience-centric approach
Integrating channels and devices
Making messages meaningful
Redefining success via measurement and insights

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eMarketer multichannel_marketing—navigating_the_increasingly_complex_customer_journey

  1. 1. ©  2016  eMarketer  Inc. Made  possible  by Multichannel Marketing: Navigating the Increasingly Complex Customer Journey Lauren T. Fisher Senior Analyst April  21,  2016
  2. 2. ©  2016  eMarketer  Inc. Today’s Agenda § Multichannel marketing: definitions and rationale § The current state of multichannel marketing § Four things needed for multichannel marketing success: – Transitioning  to  an  audience-­centric  approach – Integrating  channels  and  devices – Making  messages  meaningful – Redefining  success  via  measurement  and  insights #webinarEM
  3. 3. ©  2016  eMarketer  Inc. What is multichannel marketing? § Using multiple touchpoints to reach audiences and consumers § Is this the same as omnichannel marketing? #webinarEM
  4. 4. ©  2016  eMarketer  Inc. Why multichannel marketing? Consumers are everywhere … Source:  eMarketer,  April  2016
  5. 5. ©  2016  eMarketer  Inc. But it’s not just devices marketers need to consider Average Time Spent Per Day On Select Digital Activities: § Digital video – 1 hr 8 mins § Digital radio – 53 mins – Pandora  – 28  mins § Social networks – 43 mins – Facebook  – 22  mins   Source: eMarketer,  April  2016 #webinarEM
  6. 6. ©  2016  eMarketer  Inc. Consumers expect to navigate seamlessly between channels, and they want companies to do the same “Consumers  don’t  want   bombardment or  overlapping   messages.  They  don’t want inappropriate noise.” —Chris  Paradysz,  CEO  and  Founder,  PM   Digital #webinarEM
  7. 7. ©  2016  eMarketer  Inc. Multichannel Marketing Today
  8. 8. ©  2016  eMarketer  Inc. Multichannel marketing is by far the top priority for today’s marketer #webinarEM
  9. 9. ©  2016  eMarketer  Inc. But few have it down pat #webinarEM
  10. 10. ©  2016  eMarketer  Inc. Making it to the top 11% requires a solid strategy built on four data-­driven pillars: Audience-­Centric   View Channel  Integration Messaging Measurement  and   Insights #webinarEM
  11. 11. ©  2016  eMarketer  Inc. Audience-­Centric Marketing
  12. 12. ©  2016  eMarketer  Inc. Migrating toward a customer-­ centric view is a top priority for marketers #webinarEM
  13. 13. ©  2016  eMarketer  Inc. Richness: § Customer profile § Channel-­specific data § Device-­specific data § Third-­party data For Chris Harrison, CTO of Epsilon, it’s about the richness and the readiness of the audience: Doing so requires marketers to focus first on the individual, second on the channel Readiness: § Audience segmentation § System integration § Automation #webinarEM
  14. 14. ©  2016  eMarketer  Inc. Lack of technology and access to data across the organization are significant obstacles #webinarEM
  15. 15. ©  2016  eMarketer  Inc. For many, the DMP is a core technology to house and understand customer data § Data management platform (DMP): A repository where marketers can house and organize a variety of online and offline data #webinarEM
  16. 16. ©  2016  eMarketer  Inc. A more in-­depth look at the DMP #webinarEM
  17. 17. ©  2016  eMarketer  Inc. Marketers seek to integrate all channels with their DMP, not just some #webinarEM
  18. 18. ©  2016  eMarketer  Inc. When pursuing an audience-­centric view: § Get access to all relevant forms of data (digital, traditional, offline, customer profiles, etc.) § Find a place to organize it and make sense of it § Make it actionable #webinarEM
  19. 19. ©  2016  eMarketer  Inc. Integrating Channels and Devices
  20. 20. ©  2016  eMarketer  Inc. So you just figure out the right mix of channels and devices, right? Channel + Device § Website, app, email, search, social, video, native, in-­ store, beacons, circulars, coupons, direct mail, events… § Display video, TV, print, radio, catalog, out-­of-­home… § In-­store purchases, location data, call centers, word-­of-­ mouth… § Laptop/desktop § Smartphone § Tablet § TV § Connected TVs § New screens (e.g., wearables, connected cars, etc.) #webinarEM
  21. 21. ©  2016  eMarketer  Inc. It’s actually much more complicated than that § Website, app, email, search, social, display, video, native… #webinarEM
  22. 22. ©  2016  eMarketer  Inc. There’s a reason few marketers feel confident in their multichannel marketing efforts today #webinarEM
  23. 23. ©  2016  eMarketer  Inc. Integration is critical, but at what point is it good enough? #webinarEM
  24. 24. ©  2016  eMarketer  Inc. Efforts to integrate digital channels are well underway;; offline and traditional media integration is further out #webinarEM
  25. 25. ©  2016  eMarketer  Inc. The greatest omnichannel obstacle? Marketer’s own organizations #webinarEM
  26. 26. ©  2016  eMarketer  Inc. Different departments just have different priorities #webinarEM
  27. 27. ©  2016  eMarketer  Inc. There is high correlation between company structure and multichannel marketing success #webinarEM
  28. 28. ©  2016  eMarketer  Inc. Breaking down silos can mean massive upheaval of departmental structure, compensation and more “If  you’re  not properly aligned internally and  you’re  too  siloed,  then  you   really  haven’t  solved  the  [multichannel   marketing]  problem.  It  means  realignment of people and  things  like  resetting  titles   and  compensation  and  incentive  bonuses.   All  of  those  things  used  to  be  pretty  well  set,   but  now  they’re  being  challenged.”   —Chris  Paradysz,  CEO  and  Founder,  PM  Digital #webinarEM
  29. 29. ©  2016  eMarketer  Inc. When approaching the task of cross-­channel integration: § An audience-­centric view is a required foundation § Strive for full integration, but know it’s not 100% obtainable § The biggest obstacle to your success could be your own organization! #webinarEM
  30. 30. ©  2016  eMarketer  Inc. Making Messaging Meaningful
  31. 31. ©  2016  eMarketer  Inc. Consumers’ demands are forcing marketers to change the dialogue “Brands  are  competing more  on   customer experience. They’re   being  forced  to  be  much  more   meaningful and  much  more   relevant.” —Anneka  Gupta,  Chief  Product  Officer,   LiveRamp #webinarEM
  32. 32. ©  2016  eMarketer  Inc. Many believe getting messaging right is critical to driving sales Source: CMO   Council,  "Predicting  Routes  to  Revenue"  conducted  in  partnership  with  Pegasystems.  January  26,  2016 #webinarEM
  33. 33. ©  2016  eMarketer  Inc. Certain data points are easier to personalize off of than others #webinarEM
  34. 34. ©  2016  eMarketer  Inc. But the right message is about much more than the words on the page § Audio § Video § Text § Webinars § White papers § Lists/guides § Thought pieces #webinarEM
  35. 35. ©  2016  eMarketer  Inc. With more and more data to use, marketers must be careful not to cross the line #webinarEM
  36. 36. ©  2016  eMarketer  Inc. To make the most of your messaging: § Figure out the best types of data to personalize with § Know that a message is much more than text § Be mindful of what data is and isn’t fair game #webinarEM
  37. 37. ©  2016  eMarketer  Inc. Redefining Success via Measurement and Insights
  38. 38. ©  2016  eMarketer  Inc. This is by far the greatest challenge, but the most critical task “Just  as  data  gives  marketers  an   advantage,  it  also  drives  complexity.   Understanding  the right level of investment across  channels  is  a   huge challenge for  marketers   today.” —Haley  Rubin,  Digital  Shopper  Media,   Heineken  USA #webinarEM
  39. 39. ©  2016  eMarketer  Inc. Multichannel attribution is finally coming to the forefront 57.6% US digital marketing/media practitioners citing cross-­channel measurement and attribution as occupying their time and resources in 2016 Source: Interactive  Advertising  Bureau  (IAB)  Data  Center  of  Excellence  and  Winterberry  Group,   "The   Outlook  for  Data  2016:  A  Snapshot  Into  Digital  Media  and  the  Evolving  Role   of  Audience  Insight,”  January  2016 #webinarEM
  40. 40. ©  2016  eMarketer  Inc. What is attribution? § A method of assigning credit to a particular marketing-­ or advertising-­driven action or other brand-­imposed touchpoint Company Level Is  my   advertising/marketing   successful? Department Level Was  this  campaign  successful? Team Level Was  this  tactic  successful? #webinarEM
  41. 41. ©  2016  eMarketer  Inc. About half of US companies will shift to multichannel attribution models by 2017 § But remember: This is only the number of companies using it for digital media #webinarEM
  42. 42. ©  2016  eMarketer  Inc. The benefits to making the switch are obvious #webinarEM
  43. 43. ©  2016  eMarketer  Inc. How are companies making the switch to multichannel attribution models? #webinarEM
  44. 44. ©  2016  eMarketer  Inc. Insights are only part of the attribution goal;; actionability is also key #webinarEM
  45. 45. ©  2016  eMarketer  Inc. Moving toward a more real-­time, actionable attribution process requires moving from this: To this: Company Level Is#my# advertising/marketing# successful? Department Level Was#this#campaign#successful? Team Level Was#this#tactic#successful? Company Level Is  my  advertising/marketing   successful? Department Level Was  this  campaign   successful? Team Level Was  this  tactic  successful? #webinarEM
  46. 46. ©  2016  eMarketer  Inc. To begin to redefine success based on measurement and insights: § Multichannel attribution is a must § Making the move toward multichannel attribution requires proper analysis, but real-­time actionability is a must #webinarEM
  47. 47. ©  2016  eMarketer  Inc. Key Takeaways § An audience-­centric view is a must to navigate this new, complex world of multichannel marketing § Integrating channels requires data, technology and organizational considerations § Making messaging meaningful can be difficult, but it pays off § Moving forward, analysis and insights that are actionable will be the norm #webinarEM
  48. 48. Often  challenges  with  executing  multi-­channel   strategies  get  in  a  marketer’s  way… 48 § Getting  access  to  critical  data § Building  a  single  view  of  the  customer § Delivering  relevant  content  to  each  customer § Providing  a  consistent  customer  experience   § Interacting  with  customers  in  real  time IBM  Marketing  Cloud  Customers  Drive   Multi-­Channel  Personalized  Interactions  Every  Day • CRM  Synch • Data  Integrations • Useable  Insights   • Capturing  Behaviors • Scoring  Activity • Segmenting  Individuals • Organized  Content • Dynamic  Rulesets • Marketing  Automation
  49. 49. Client  Examples § Synching   CRM  Systems § Develop   Contact  Insights § Leverage  Marketing  Automation § Implement  Web  Tracking   § Listen  to  Customer  Behaviors § Create  Scoring  Models 49 See For Yourself…
  50. 50. Quickly  design  and  automate  consistent   cross-­channel  experiences   Make  better  decisions  and  deepen  customer   engagement with  purpose-­built  analytics Increase  marketing  agility  with  a  platform   that  easily  integrates  with  other  customer   data  sources  and  applications Gain  faster  time  to  ROI  through  a   comprehensive  set  of  cloud-­based  marketing   solutions  built  inside  IBM Marketing  Cloud With  IBM  Marketing  Cloud   50
  51. 51. Agility  to  Innovate Analytics  for  Impact A  New  Way  to  Work 51
  52. 52. Thank  You
  53. 53. ©  2016  eMarketer  Inc. Learn  more  about  digital  marketing  with  an   eMarketer corporate   subscription Around 200 eMarketer reports are published each year. Here are some recent reports you may be interested in: Q&A Session Made  possible   by You  will  receive  an  email   tomorrow  with  a  link  to  view  the   deck  and  webinar  recording. To learn more: 800-­405-­0844  or Lauren T. Fisher Multichannel  Marketing:   Navigating  the  Increasingly   Complex  Customer  Journey § Marketing  Technology:  The  Six  Developments  That  Matter  the   Most  in  2016 § Need-­to-­Know  Trends  in  US  Digital  Advertising:  From  Strategy   to  Budgeting  to  Mobile,  Programmatic,  Ad  Blocking,   Measurement  and  More   § US  Digital  Display  Advertising  Trends:  Eight  Developments  to   Watch  for  in  2016 § Cross-­Device  Targeting:  First-­Party  Data,  TV  and  Privacy  Are   Big  Factors  for  2016