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Phi sig prez ref 1


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Phi sig prez ref 1

  1. 1. Core Values• Lifelong LearningAs new members, as collegiate members and as alumnae, learning is apriority and we encourage our sisters to make the most of educationalopportunities at our colleges and in our communities. Through educationand challenging ourselves to reach new goals, we become women ofinfluence and substance.• InclusivenessAn inclusive sisterhood prepares its members for a world filled withdiversity. By embracing our differences, we become a strongerorganization that benefits not only our members, but those around us. Weseek out and include women of various races, cultures, levels ofability, socioeconomic origin, backgrounds and perspectives.• Leadership through ServicePhi Sigma Sigma believes that a woman who serves is also a woman wholeads. By serving others, our members become more valuablecitizens, students, parents, workers and community leaders.
  2. 2. Four Responsibilitiesof Membershippage 107 Reflections Book
  3. 3. Responsibility to Self• Achieve Academic Excellence• Seek leadership opportunities• Explore New Friends Ships• Maintain Personal Wellness• Respect Self-Worth
  4. 4. Responsibility to Chapter• Meet chapter financial obligations• Understand chapter history• Participate in chapter activities• Participate in two chapter activities• Seek leadership opportunities• Fulfill membership responsibilities• Encourage Phi Sigma Sigma membership• Foster alumnae relationships
  5. 5. Responsibility to Campus/Community• Participate in Panhellenic/Greek activities• Participate in at least two campus activities• Participate in at least two communityactivities per year• Support the Phi Sigma Sigma Foundationthrough annual contributions
  6. 6. Responsibility to Fraternity• Understand Fraternity history• Embrace Fraternity programs and policies• Fulfill membership responsibilities• Live the Fraternity’s ritual and core values• Meet Fraternity financial obligations• Foster relationships within greater Phi SigmaSigma community