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www.vehicle-dvr.comSolution Illustration             NO                 Location                            Target        ...     Upload all recordings and logs into server. Guards in center can control the upload sequence by   ...
www.vehicle-dvr.com4. Data Playback & ProtectionAll of our videos and protected by password and digital watermark. And GPS...
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Palm oil Truck Anti Theft Solution


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Palm oil Truck Anti Theft Solution

  1. 1. Palm Oil Truck Anti-theft SolutionMany logistic company will hear complains that clients lose their package in the transportation,maybe a iPhone or digital camera. For Palm oil and other liquid resource company, they always findthe final quantity of oil is much less than the original. As a result company and clients have to meetgreat lose.Why You Lose So Much? ose� Man-Made-AccidentsOverspeed, dangerous driving, rush traffic lights, exhausted driving, drunk driving and others, thatmay hurt people or other vehicles, oil leakage, late delivery and trouble lawsuit, which will creategreat loss to company at worst.� Unexpected Rob or TheftIn some desert areas, lonely driver cant counter armed robbers or cunning theft team. Even policearrive to arrest them, driver cant offer evidence to prove their crime.� Embezzle and Conspire to Damage PropertySome bad drivers act Misappropriation toward to the cargo. They can stop truck out of the normalroute and sell the palm oil in a isolate town. Then they lie to company for thief take it while he is indream.Somebody just want to relieve their anger while damage the goods in truck. They felt unsatisfiedtreatment in logistic company.Boss will have no evidence to punish driver, even you know he is the bad apple.� Lack of Evidence for Insurance ClaimGPS can offer some location information, but thats not enough. In most of cases, traffic accidentsneed long and professional investigation in the site of accident. If someone want to make a falsecharge against logistics company, its hard to prove company innocenceIn anther case, one some or part of oil lose in the trip, insurance company also would like to refuse tosettle the lose claim. They usually regards its logistic company and drivers fault.
  2. 2. www.vehicle-dvr.comWhat Shell We Do Now? Now?� Complete Fleet Management and create rules of transportation safety solution.� Build a Video Surveillance System as heart of this solution� Train staffs safety skills and knowledge� Improve drivers treatment and earn their loyaltyReducing the Loss in TransportationIn the fiercely competitive market of freight logistics, providing a cost effective solution for trackingand securing your precious cargo is vital. AWE in-vehicle CCTV system is a powerful fleetmanagement tool to reduce loss and to increase the safety .� Highest Quality CCTV images4 units of 540TVL HD IR camera will promise a clear image in the day andnight. With the help of MDVRs motion detection, any people enter thisarea, like oil tap, anybody touch tap, MDVR will sound alarm and trigger recordings. Prevent anyshrinkage on your cargo in the route.� GPS Tracks in Google MapMangers can track their vehicles in Google map by our player.The GPS tracked history will re-createthe whole route of the truck. Its free. Manager can find who has driven out of the normal route. Sodriver never dare to cross the board. So any strange driving will be warned .� Powerful Logs ManagementWe also offer powerful alarm logs, which relax managers to view so many videos. According to thelogs, managers are easy to judge who is dangerous driver, when and which open the oil tap or thedoor. You can according to the date and time indicate to find out the relative video quickly.� Preserve Evidence for Settlement of Insurance Claim PreserveMobile DVR can preserve beneficialevidence for statement of insurance claim.Even in the court,jury would like to believe what they see and hear in recordings.� Multiple Levels of ProtectionAll recordings are protected by dual levels of passwords, and encrypted code of video, realtime GPSinformation and digital water marks. No people can change the video.� Threaten Criminal OffencesThe final result will warning and threaten criminal offences, then to decrease theft and rob. Whenmeet accident, we can offer the evidence to protect our interests.
  3. 3. www.vehicle-dvr.comSolution Illustration NO Location Target Camera 1 Driver Room Monitor Drivers Behaviours Camera 2 Driver Room Prevent Accident Camera 3 Truck Carriage Monitor Cargos and Invader Camera 4 Carriage Door Aid View to Prevent Accident1.1 System Component � HDD Mobile DVE HD-2004(Support GPS) � Cameras � Audio Recorder � Server � CMS host & Client2. Data Backup � Manual Mode: Copy all recordings and logs into server by hand when truck return station. This will be much faster and economical. � WIFI Upload:
  4. 4. Upload all recordings and logs into server. Guards in center can control the upload sequence by CMS in server. You can choose which kind of files should be uploaded.3. Data Search and DownloadCMS also provide a powerful recording and logs management. For any fleet, commercial orgovernmental, there will be huge of files to save and view and delete everyday. It will be ratherterrible task. Therefore, we offer another management solutions to set people free.First, we setup alarm video as the priority files, to be backup and protected in server. Others remainin MDVR. Without any complain during 7 days one week, the usual files will be auto over-written.Second, every alarm signals will generate a log, .txt file. These files are rather small. So we can onlymonitor these logs. Each logs will mark date and time, alarm type, and vehicle name. According tothese abnormal logs, managers can directly search and find out the right recordings by date and time.Rather than check all of videos. In many buses, this will decrease invasion of privacy.All of files in MDVR and server can be searched by date & time and vehicle name. If you buildserver, wherever managers are, they can user our CMS clients to download any files from server orMDVR at anytime.
  5. 5. www.vehicle-dvr.com4. Data Playback & ProtectionAll of our videos and protected by password and digital watermark. And GPS realtime information.Without password and our own player, nobody can view these recording.4. Features of Mobile DVRAs the heart of in vehicle CCTV system, WATCHDOG HDD Mobile DVR offer advance H.264 MainProfile Compression, 4CH video and audio recording, metal extrusion housing, 1* 1TB HDD/SSD, 1*32GSDHC card (Class 6/10), D1/HD1/CIF, 6 sensors input, 2 sensors output, RS-232/RS-485, anti-vibration,Interior 3-axis inertia trigger of accident events.This model supports free Google Map and help count a speed and time. The built-in GPS module in MDVRcan prevent others edit or change the video as the powerful evidence in court.Features� H.264 video compression for high quality low storage needs and longer recording� D1 (720*576, NTSC, 704*576, PAL), QCIF/CIF/HD1selectable.� 4CH video and 4CH audio input, 1 video / audio output� Ultra compact extruded aluminum housing, light and vibration resistant� Embedded Linux operating system & On Screen Display menu� 1* 1TB HDD/SSD, 1*32G SDHC card (Class 6/10),� PC-based FAT 32 file system� Frame Rate per channel: (PAL) 1-25fps ; (NTSC) 1-30FPS� 6 alarm inputs with selectable pre-alarm and post-alarm recording� Interior 3-axis, inertia trigger of video-matched motion events (for accidents)� Support Google Map Tracking� Support for RFID, Police Detection Radar, Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ), etc.� Easy to use PC-based MDVR Player for playback and AVI conversion� Video event search software allows intelligent searching of video based on event� 8-36V DC input adaptive, 12V DC for camera� Broad temperature operating range: -25℃ ~ +85℃( optional heater)SpecificationsItem SpecificationsVideo 4CH input, 1 CH OutputCompression H.264
  6. 6. www.vehicle-dvr.comResolution 2D1/4HD1/4CIFRecording Rate 60FPS @ D1 (NTSC), 50FPS@D1(PAL) 120FPS@CIF(NTSC),100FPS@CIF(PAL)Record Resolution D1/HD1/CIFPlayback Rate PAL:1~25 fps, NTSC:1~30 fpsAudio 4CH Input, 1 CH outputStorage Medium 2.5 inch SATA HDD/SSD, 1*32G SDHCStorage Up to 1000 GBGPS Built-in GPS ModuleMemory port 1 USB2.0Communication 1 RJ-45, 1RS-232, 2RS-485Alarm 6 inputG-sensor Built-in G-sensor ModuleRecord mode Continuous/Cycle/Schedule/Alarm/Motion detectionVideo search By Channel, time, record time, storage locationText Overlay Yes (plate number, time, Vehicle status)Record Mode Schedule, ignition on, delay, Schedule, delay after ignition offPower DC 8-36V, DC12V 2A, 12W-30WTemperature -25℃ ~ +85℃Dimension 220mmx166mmx70mmGross Weight 2.6 Kg