3 // open knowledge festival // welcome             WELCOME TO THE                                                        ...
4 // open knowledge festival // spaces                                                             5 // open knowledge fes...
6 // open knowledge festival // topics                                                               7 // open knowledge f...
8 // open knowledge festival // topics                                                                                    ...
10 // open knowledge festival // schedule                                                                                 ...
12 // open knowledge festival // tuesday                                                          10:00                   ...
14 // open knowledge festival // wednesday                                                         10:00                  ...
Participant Info Pack for OKFestival 2012
Participant Info Pack for OKFestival 2012
Participant Info Pack for OKFestival 2012
Participant Info Pack for OKFestival 2012
Participant Info Pack for OKFestival 2012
Participant Info Pack for OKFestival 2012
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Participant Info Pack for OKFestival 2012


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Official printed programme for participants of the world's largest open knowledge event, OKFestival 2012 [okfestival.org] in Helsinki, Finland. Info pack built by graphic designers Inka Kosonen and Juan Hernández.

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Participant Info Pack for OKFestival 2012

  1. 1. 3 // open knowledge festival // welcome WELCOME TO THE OPEN KNOWLEDGE WORLD’S LARGEST FESTIVAL 2012: OPEN KNOWLEDGE OPEN KNOWLEDGE COMMUNITY! IN ACTIONWe are delighted to have you as a participant at the The 2012 theme of OKFestival erence the summary for each is Open Knowledge in Action, Topic Stream to find out moreworld’s first Open Knowledge Festival in Helsinki, Finland looking at the value that can about how they have been or-– a series of hands-on workshops, talks, hackathons, be generated by opening up ganised, who is involved and knowledge, the ecosystems of the programming that hasmeetings and sprints organised by a wide range of open organisations that can benefit been planned. We encourageknowledge communities around the globe. from this, and the impacts that transparency can have in our OKFestival participants to try out sessions from all 13 Topic societies. This year’s schedule Streams to experience the full is diverse, with over 13 guest- diversity of the festival week planned Topic Streams from and to help build new forms “Transparency and Account- of collaboration that promote ability” to “Open Knowledge openness in new ways! and Sustainability”. Please ref-
  2. 2. 4 // open knowledge festival // spaces 5 // open knowledge festival // spaces INSPIRE HACK MAKE MEET in-ˈspī(-ə)r: to influence and move. ˈhak to access, to manage, to build. ˈmāk to inspire, to create. ˈmēt to come together, to encounter. inspire, to draw forth or bring out, to infuse. Spaces to make something new. Spaces to construct. to bring into being. Spaces to occur. Spaces hack, Morning plenaries – Keynotes – Lightning talks – Info Desk – OKFest Library – OKFest Shop – Lunch and Hackathon Spaces 1, 2, 3 and 4 – Workshops – Partner stands – HACK Cinema 1 and 2. FabLab – Presentations – Workshops. The MAKE rooms are special... Presentations – Panel discussions – Fishbowls – Lightning talks. make Evening meals. The INSPIRE Foyer is your gathering The HACK Workshop spaces are made for building... as the Open Cultural Heritage hackathon takes place in MAKE on Tuesday 18 Sept. The rest of the week The MEET rooms are for discussion... and throughout the venue offer most of our full-day conference sessions, + place... a large public space to arrive and have a coffee in the morning before sessions and have been specifically designed for the festival’s many hackathons and hands-on group workshops. OKFestival is dedicated to those participating in the Open Design, Hardware, Manufacturing and Making Topic as well as many other smaller discussions, informal gatherings and meetings between participants. meet (speaker reception between 9–10 am) and to hang out with old friends and new contacts throughout the day. You partners stands are also located in this area, as well as two film-ready cinemas: HACK Cinema 1 and 2. Stream, which features a series of interactive workshops, lectures and seminars highlighting making in all its are also welcome to check out the forms, all focused around the rooms of OKFest Library and OKFest Shop – and Finland’s first FabLab at Aalto Media be sure to stop and support those Factory, the Aalto FabLab. speaking in our interactive programme of lightning talks and other foyer events.The venue spaces across Aalto University for OK­ The INSPIRE Auditorium is for festivalFestival 2012 have been divided to 4 different catego- features...ries, each with different contextual and social func- where you can watch morningtions. From hackathons in HACK to hardware sessions plenaries each day and get inspired byin MAKE, from keynotes in INSPIRE to workshops in our keynote speakers, who will also beMEET, these spaces have been built to promote new live-streamed outside in the INSPIREconnections and linkages across spectrums. We hope Foyer. During the day, the INSPIRE Meeting Room features a diverse rangeyou will get the chance to try each space out during of presentations from many differentthe week to explore different types of participation. Topic Streams – watch this space!
  3. 3. 6 // open knowledge festival // topics 7 // open knowledge festival // topics Open Democracy generation of problem solvers, such contemplates on the new roles and and Citizen Movements Open Cities as developers, in the public service tools openness calls for the cities, The Open Democracy and Citizen Open Cities will explore cities both as production can now be seen as evident companies, developers and dwellers. Movements stream explores the systems and as active communities elements in the process of shifting What role do digital networks and recent moves towards more open of citizens. Topic stream takes a to open cities. Collaboration between technologies play? and participatory democracies within look at the existing structures and open cities: willingness to share Open Cities program will consist of societies. Online tools now allow people practices that construct the cities of what we know and the readiness to keynote presentations and discussions to speak, be heard, find each other and today. How should future smart city implement innovations envisioned involving researchers, city officers and take collective action in new ways. This infrastructures be designed and built elsewhere, are steps towards open active citizens. Stream brings together stream will showcase and debate these to support openness in its various cities of tomorrow. Concurrently urban inspiring examples from organizations ideas, starting with an exploration forms? surveillance and data collecting set such as World Bank and European of new democratic initiatives and More effective usage of public new opportunities and challenges Network of Living Labs as well as cities formalised understandings such as the sector data and engagement of new on the way. Open Cities stream of Helsinki and Barcelona. crowdsourced Icelandic constitutional reform, participatory budgeting and European citizens’ initiatives. The Open Design, Hardware, 13 Manufacturing and Making Open Cultural Heritage theme carries on to to the informal, non-mandated citizen movements This stream covers Open Design in The Open Cultural Heritage stream at OKFestival has the goal of taking the that are shaping our societies from the all its various facets (from design as discussion about making cultural data available for anyone to re-use to the next topics bottom up. a blueprint to design as process to level. During OKFestival, experts from around the world will come together to design as an artefact) and applications share experiences, lessons learned and find out what next steps need to be taken (product design, graphic design, to achieve our common goals, or even set new ones. These experiences will also of the Transparency and fashion design, service design, interior be shared with the representatives from cultural heritage institutions during a Accountability design, architecture, hardware, etc). hands on workshop. We will help them actively with opening up their data by Transparency is important – but it’s Topics such as Open Hardware, Open addressing the different barriers and also give them the opportunity to share festival only valuable in the context that Fabrication and Manufacturing, and their experiences with the people working in the sector. Finally, there will be a full people can find and use information Making in general are also covered. The cultural hackday dedicated to working with, and building, new things using open to ensure that the behaviour of those stream will showcase contemporary cultural and scientific data in cooperation with a number of cultural heritage in power, or those watching power, research and practice in this emerging institutions to show the potential of Open Cultural Data for developers. changes for the better of the public. field and address some of the greatest This stream will look at issues of challenges in the area. transparency around data, emerging Programming will include Open Development ways to build on open data, and keynotes, presentations, panels the related issues and uncertainties and discussion, practical hands- Open Knowledge – from open educational resources to open hardware and open around privacy, sustainability and on activities and topic-focused data – can play a powerful role in supporting sustainable global development.For OKFestival 2012, we took a risk and opened up corporate data. There will also be workshops, and an exhibition about The Open Development stream is about exploring how the OKFest communitythe entire programme to festival participants, asking a day focused on the state-of-play open design and hardware. can engage with key development challenges, from addressing chronic poverty,what topics were most important to your own under- of existing Open Government Data to providing access to education and healthcare and addressing climate changestandings of openness – and the results have been movements and related initiatives, and natural resource management.astounding. Over 100 Guest Programme Planners col- as well as the Open Government It is also about bringing voices from development actors into the heart of thelaborated from across the globe to build the schedule Partnership (OGP), with an emphasis Open Knowledge debate, supporting two-way learning about making open data on the perspectives of civil society and open knowledge work for development.for 13 different Topic Streams. We are proud to high- members. Through our sessions,light such a diverse, community-focused programme we aim to help the OGP achieve its– the first of its kind in the world. Here is a summary stated goals for the community whileof each Topic Stream, written by Guest Programme overcoming what may prevent thosePlanners themselves. goals from being realised.
  4. 4. 8 // open knowledge festival // topics 9 // open knowledge festival // topics Topic Streams 1. Open Democracy and Citizen Movements 8. Open Geodata 2.Transparency and Accountability 9. Open Source Software 3. Open Cities 10. Data Journalism and Data Visualization 4. Open Design, Hardware, Manufacturing and Making 11. Gender and Diversity in Openness 5. Open Cultural Heritage 12. Business and Open Data 6. Open Development 13. Open Knowledge and Sustainability 7. Open Research and Education Data Journalism and Gender and Business Open Knowledge Open Research and Education Open Geodata Data Visualization Diversity in Openness and Open Data and SustainabilityOpenness is very much in action in The Open Geodata stream aims to The Data Journalism and Data This topic stream features a set This topic stream is focused on how Sustainability is the main challengethe generation of (and dispersal of) facilitate new collaborations and Visualization stream combines two of hands-on sessions focused on to support existing business practices of our time. Society needs to adaptknowledge. The Open Research and connections between the already closely-related disciplines for hands- promoting discussion and inspiring within the field of Open Data. It and change to avoid environmentalEducation stream will offer talks, strong geo-information community on practical sessions, discussions, action, showcasing both challenges includes a day of ‘Open Data in collapse and to guarantee thedebates and hands-on workshops (GIS) and the Open Data movement. demonstrations and debates. The and solutions regarding the role of Business Research’ sessions as well as well-being of the current and futuregeared particularly towards educational Much of the programme will therefore stream will kick off on Monday with gender, diversity and accessibility a business practitioner session which generations. We believe that openspecialists, researchers and scientists. be organized in collaboration with two satellite events, “Visualizing within open data and Open Source highlights the good cases of using and knowledge can be key in helping thisOpen Education sessions will explore other streams. Knowledge” and “Hacks/Hackers movements. Programming includes providing open data in business. The transformation.the value of open technologies, open Helsinki”. During the festival itself, “Gender, Hardware and Open research sessions are co-ordinated with Therefore openness and buildingresources, and collaborative peer join us to learn how to make data Fabrication” (with the Open Design/ Aalto University School of Economics up our knowledge commons shouldlearning through a series of interactive Open Source Software pretty, with tools demos and a session Hardware/Making topic stream), an and the business practicioner session be an integral part of sustainabilityand innovative workshops, including This stream covers various topics on using APIs for journalists. Join introductory RailsGirls workshop for is run by Sitra the Finnish Innovation thinking. In this stream we wantpecha kucha and fishbowl techniques. related to Open Source Software, the debates on how to bring data those new to code, a “10 Women Fund and IBM Finland. The topic to explore current contributions ofOpen Science topics include Open including open procurement, best journalism to the newsroom and in 10 Minutes” edit-a-thon with the stream brings business minds and Open Knowledge with sustainability,Source Drug Discovery, Open Access in open source practices and fresh make open data mainstream, and Wikimedia Foundation, “Exclusive academic minds together to discuss with the purpose of discussing andPractice and Communicating Science, showcases where open source has on how to use it to track powerful Diversity? A Conversation” with how to build sustainable business building innovative ideas to showcasealongside opportunities for discussion made a difference. We will hear about influence groups in the media. Our TechSoup Global and NetSquared, using open data. this potential.with the European Commission and the the importance of software freedom week ends with a hackday co-organized and lightning talks under the themeOpen Knowledge Foundation’s Panton and discuss the threats to openness with Helsingin Sanomat, pioneers of of “TAKE ACTION: Projects Around theFellows. The Open Data research and general purpose computing that combining Open Data and journalism World that Address the Tech Gendersession will focus on the impact of Open we are currently facing. We also have in Finland. Whether you are a hack, Gap”. Participants of all gender andData research within the academic a session dedicated to the potential a hacker or an interested bystander, cultural identifications are welcome!environment. This session will bring future of mobile technologies – what we’ll make you into a data journalist –together the latest research concerning role can Open Source Software join us!Open Data and Open Government play in these new developments?Data, forming a interdisciplinary mix Programming is organised by COSSof short presentations followed by a (the Finnish Centre for Open Systemsdiscussion panel. and Solutions).
  5. 5. 10 // open knowledge festival // schedule 11 // open knowledge festival // schedule the scheduleWe recommend engaging with a variety of sessions, codingjams, lightning talks, workshops, keynotes and meetingsfrom several Topic Streams and spaces in order to experiencethe true diversity of OKFestival 2012 – and don’t forget tojoin the Morning Plenaries at 10:00am from Tues–Fri in theINSPIRE auditorium to get energised for the day! s a t ur d a y 1 5 . 9 . + s u n d a y 1 6 . 9 . 10:00 11:00 12:00 13:00 14:00 15:00 16:00 17:00 18:00 19:00 Satellite events aalto media factory The Art of Data Cuisine The Open Data Cooking Workshop. meet & aromi kitchen Sat 15 Sept: Workshop 10-19 Sun 16 Sept Workshop 10-17, Public presentation and Tasting 17-18. (at Aromi Kitchen) monday 17.9. 09:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 13:00 14:00 15:00 16:00 17:00 18:00 19:00 13:00–17:30 // Open Cities/Open Transport sitra ePSI Sectoral Meeting 09:00–17:00 // Data Journalism and Data Visualization aalto university Visualising Knowledge Conference (Satellite event) school of business meet 17:00–20:00 // Satellite events M-cult Open Publishing and Visual Free Culture 18:00–20:00 // Data Journalism painobaari and Data Visualization Hacks/Hackers (Satellite Event)
  6. 6. 12 // open knowledge festival // tuesday 10:00 11:00 12:00 13:00 14:00 15:00 16:00 17:00 18:00 19:00 10:00–11:15 // Opening 11:30–13:00 // Transparency and 14:00–15:30 // Transparency and 16:00–17:30 // Transparency and 18:00–19:30 // Transparency and plenary/Martin Tisne & Farida Accountability/State-of-play: Accountability/Reflections on Open AUDITORIUM Accountability/Hacking the Open Accountability/What Next? Vis + Introduction to Tuesday’s The Open Government Data Government Data Standards/ Government Partnership Process Future Open Government Bar Programme Movements and Related Initiatives Principles/Measures hav e 10:00–11:15 // 11:30–13:00 // Open Cities/ 14:00–15:30 // Open Cities/ 18:00–19:30 // OKfest main Opening plenary 16:00–17:30 // OKFest partner lu n INSPIRE FOYER Open Transport/Open Transport Open Transport/Open Transport partner presentations inspire Live Video from presentations/Lightning Talks Data – Inspiring Talks Data – Tech and Policy Talks Lightning Talks B R E A K B R E A K B R E A K Morning coffee and speaker the Auditorium reception 9:00–10:00 fo y 18:00–19:30 // Open Cities/ ch 11:30–13:00 // Transparency 14:00–15:30 // Transparency and 16:00–17:30 // Open Cities/ Open Transport/Existing Transport meeting room and Accountability Accountability/Mapping Internet Open Transport/Open Transport i n Apps: Let’s Make Them Go Global by er Finnish Open Data Censorship with Open Source Software Data Plenary Discussion Adding Open Data 11:30–13:00 // Open Cities 1 3 . 0 0 – 1 4 . 0 0 // B R E A K 1 5 . 3 0 – 1 6 . 0 0 // B R E A K 1 7 . 3 0 – 1 8 . 0 0 // B R E A K Helsinki City Appstore + Open Data WORKSHOP 1 Layers to Helsinki City’s Case Management Solution (AHJO) workshop 2 14:00–17:30 // open geodata WORKSHOP 3 Open Geodata Workshoptuesday 18.9. HACK workshop 4 11:30–13:00 // open source 16:00–17:30 // business and 18:00–19:30 // Transparency 14:00–15:30 // business and CINEMA 1 software/Open Procurement – open data/The Business Value of and Accountability open data/Open Data in Business 1 3 . 0 0 – 1 4 . 0 0 // B R E A K 1 5 . 3 0 – 1 6 . 0 0 // B R E A K 1 7 . 3 0 – 1 8 . 0 0 // B R E A K by the Rules or Bend the Rules Transparency Personal Data (panel discussion) 11:30–13:00 // lightning talks 14:30–15:30 // lightning talks 16:00–17:30 // lightning talks 18:00–19:30 // lightning talks CINEMA 2 Programme TBA Programme TBA Programme TBA Programme TBA 11:30–19:30 // Open Cultural auditorium Heritage/Open Culture and Science Hackday FABLAB MAKE 11:30–19:30 // Open Cultural MEETING ROOM 1 Heritage/Open Culture and Science Hackday 1 7 . 3 0 – 1 8 . 0 0 1 5 . 3 0 – 1 6 . 0 0 1 3 . 0 0 – 1 4 . 0 0 11:30–19:30 // Open Cultural MEETING ROOM 2 Heritage/Open Culture and Science Hackday 18:00–19:30 // Data Journalism 11:30–13:00 // Data Journalism 14:00–15:30 // Data Journalism 16:00–17:30 // Data Journalism and Data Visualization/ 8th FLOOR and Visualization and Data Visualization and Data Visualization Discovering Data and Datajournalism in the Newsroom Power and the Powerless in the Media Practical Tools for Visualization Putting it into Action 16:30–17:30 // Open Knowledge 11:30–13:00 // Open Knowledge 11:30–13:00 // Open Knowledge AALTO PRO ROOM and Sustainability/Green Maps: and Sustainability and Sustainability Informing & Engaging Through Icons; Open Knowledge and Energy Data Presentations Future, Openness and Sustainability meet comic center sitra Please check the web site for possible changes in the schedule and last minute announcements: okfestival.org/programme-updates
  7. 7. 14 // open knowledge festival // wednesday 10:00 11:00 12:00 13:00 14:00 15:00 16:00 17:00 18:00 19:00 10:00–11:15 // morning 11:30–13:00 // Open Development 14:00–15:30 // Open Cities 16:00–17:30 // Open Cities 18:00–19:30 // Open Research plenary/Philip Thigo and Open Development is a Freedom Keynotes I: Cities Leading the Way – Keynotes II: Citizens Opening Up Cities AUDITORIUM and Education/Open Source Drug Carlos Rossel + Introduction Song: Power, People and Towards Open Cities Through Strategy, – Rise of Civic Technologies Defining Discovery to Wednesday’s Programme Social Change Implementation and Collaboration Open Cities of Tomorrow hav e 10:00–11:15 // 11:30–13:00 // Transparency morning plenary and Accountability/Parliamentary 14:00–15:30 // Open Geodata 16:00–17:30 // Gender and 18:00–19:30 // open cities lu n INSPIRE FOYER inspire Live Video from Monitoring Organizations: Open Geodata Lightning Talks Diversity/Lightning Talks Code4Europe launch B R E A K B R E A K B R E A K Morning coffee and speaker the Auditorium Developing a Global Action Plan reception 9:00–10:00 fo y ch 11:30–13:00 // open democracy 14:00–15:30 // Transparency 16:00–17:30 // Transparency and 18:00–19:30 // Gender/Diversity meeting room Open Democracy – and Accountability Accountability i n in Openness/Meeting on Diversity er EU Citizen Initiative (workshop) Privacy Session The Money and the Many 11:30–19:30 // Transparency 1 3 . 0 0 – 1 4 . 0 0 // B R E A K 1 5 . 3 0 – 1 6 . 0 0 // B R E A K 1 7 . 3 0 – 1 8 . 0 0 // B R E A K and Accountability WORKSHOP 1 CKAN, Data Management and Open Data Portals m e e t at 11:30–19:30 // Open Cities/ workshop 2 Open Transport Data Hackathon/Workshop th e hackwednesday 19.9. 11:30–19:30 // Open Knowledge s p WORKSHOP 3 and Sustainability Green Hackathon (Day 1/2) ac e okf e HACK 11:30–19:30 // Open Research 1 5 : 3 0 – 1 6 : 0 0 and Education st workshop 4 School of Data and School of Open p a r t n e rs 11:30–17:30 // open source 14:00–15:30 // open source 16:00–17:30 // open source CINEMA 1 software/Open IT – software/Open IT – Where it Has software/Open IT – 1 3 . 0 0 – 1 4 . 0 0 // B R E A K 1 5 . 3 0 – 1 6 . 0 0 // B R E A K 1 7 . 3 0 – 1 8 . 0 0 // B R E A K Best Practices to Make it Happen Happened? Future of Mobile 11:30–13:00 // Open Knowledge 14:30–15:30 // Open Development CINEMA 2 and Sustainability Lightning Talks Green Hackathon Start Session 14:00–15:30 // Open Design, 18:30–19:30 // Open 11:30–13:00 // Open Design, 16:00–17:30 // Open Design, Hardware and Manufacturing Design, Hardware auditorium Hardware and Manufacturing Hardware and Manufacturing Open Design, IP and Creative and Manufacturing Open Economy – Future Factory OHANDA + Fablab Documentation Commons Licences Summary of the Day 11:30–18:00 // Open Design, FABLAB Hardware and Manufacturing Open Design for Laser Cutting MAKE 11:30–15:30 // Open Design, Hard- 16:00–17:30 // Open Design, ware and Manufacturing/The MEETING ROOM 1 Hardware and Manufacturing Maker Movement and Sustainability: Design Capitalia Workshop a Live “Collaborative Delphi” 1 7 . 3 0 – 1 8 . 0 0 1 5 . 3 0 – 1 6 . 0 0 1 3 . 0 0 – 1 4 . 0 0 11:30–18:00 // Open Design, MEETING ROOM 2 Hardware and Manufacturing Fab Lab Workshop: Open Mobile 11:30–13:00 // Transparency 16:00–17:30 // Open Development 18:00–19:30 // Open Development 14:00–15:30 // Open Development and Accountability Africa Live! Live Broadcast between Taking it Local: 10 Ways to Make 8th FLOOR Open Development and Aid Flows: Corporate Transparency, Helsinki and Africa’s Innovation and ‘Open’ Relevant in Low Resource or How to Use Aid Data Corruption and Open Data Technology Hubs Marginalized Contexts 11:30–13:30 // Open Research 16:00–17:30 // Open Research 14:00–15:30 // Open Research AALTO PRO ROOM and Education and Education and Education/Open Access in The Quantified Self + Immediate Access to Raw Data from Practice – How? Communicating Science Experiments + Panton Fellowships meet comic center sitra 09:00–18:00 // Open Cultural Heritage Building the Cultural Commons Expert Meeting Please check the web site for possible changes in the schedule and last minute announcements: okfestival.org/programme-updates