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OKFestival 2012 | Helsinki Finland


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This is the story of the world's first Open Knowledge Festival in Helsinki, Finland on September 17-22, 2012. Tickets and details at and updates via @OKFestival on Twitter.

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  • I am very impressed with the brain behind the whole event. Congratulation's to the organizers and we will all put in our effort to make this event not only successful but also trigger positive change in communities around the world.

    Desmond,Ghana United Nations Association
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OKFestival 2012 | Helsinki Finland

  1. 1. This is the storyof the worlds first openknowledge festival, aninternational team andexperimental new ideas.
  2. 2. Our names areKat, Juha, Petri, Massimo,Jussi and Antti. Together, weare the Core Organising Team.
  3. 3. We live and workaround the world,from the Open Knowledge Foundation in London to the AaltoMedia Factory in Helsinki to the Finnish Institute in London toForum Virium, EIT ICT Labs and Otavan Opisto in Helsinki.
  4. 4. And with a diverseglobal teamwe are planning the worldsfirst-ever Open KnowledgeFestival in Helsinki this Sept.
  5. 5. To define openness, We use the Open Definition: “A piece of content or data is open if anyone is free to use, reuse, and redistribute it without legal or technological restrictions.”Source:
  6. 6. The Open Knowledge Foundation isa network that fosters tools, projects and communitiesthat promote this kind of collaborative openness.Source:
  7. 7. And every year, the Open KnowledgeFoundation has held 2 annual events:Open Knowledge Conference &Open Government Data Camp.Source: and
  8. 8. #OKFest 2012 will combine these events for a week-long celebration in Helsinki.Source:
  9. 9. For this festival, the first of itskind, we decided to exploreexperimental new methods.Source:
  10. 10. With a focus on open knowledge in action, we offered festival-goers themselves the chance to plan over 2/3 of the week together as Guest Programme Planners...Source:
  11. 11. The first submission round allowed us to determine the festivals 13 key Topic Streams, from open democracy to development to sustainability software.Source:
  12. 12. But we still want more. More submissions from local communities around the globe. Leadership on emergent topics.Source:
  13. 13. Most of all, we want to see your passions come to life! We encourage strange and crazy ideas for innovation... join us!Source:
  14. 14. Get involved