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  1. 1. LinkedInArden BagniEmily MacDonaldEmily BrewsterSammi BravermanMohammed Al-AnbakiKaitlyn LevyJenn Hayes
  2. 2. LinkedIn:This is NOT Facebook!
  3. 3.  Network and connect Make a professional Purpose profile and reputation Share your interests and goals Find job opportunities through people you may and may not know Help businesses build brand awareness
  4. 4. History• Company founded in 2003 in Santa Monica, California• Founded by Reid Hoffman and founding team from Paypal• CEO- Jeff Weiner, former Yahoo! executive• Headquarters- Mountainview, CA• Offices- worldwide- Dublin, Ireland 2010• Company became profitable in 2006• January 2011- estimated $1.6 billion in worth• Became eligible for initial public offering May 2011• First day: stocks rose from $45 to $122.70• Fifth-largest day gainer• 116 million users to date, more than half from North America
  5. 5. Demonstration
  6. 6. Best Practice
  7. 7. Kalene’s Tips and Tricks Your Profile1) This is not Facebook!  Do not use your Facebook profile pic  Use something professional-looking
  8. 8. Kalene’s Tips and Tricks Your Profile2) Experience:  Be specific!  Include client work and projects  Relate it to PR!
  9. 9. Kalene’s Tips and Tricks Your Profile3) Education:  Include specific courses
  10. 10. Kalene’s Tips and Tricks Your Profile3) Personal Information:  Forget about it.
  11. 11. Kalene’s Tips and Tricks Your Profile3) Status updates:  Update regularly when relevant.  Link it to your Twitter!
  12. 12. Kalene’s Tips and Tricks Your Network1) This is your professional network.  If you don’t know them, don’t add them.  Be careful who you add.  Think before you add family and friends.  Feel free to add volunteer contacts.
  13. 13. Kalene’s Tips and Tricks Your Network2) Inviting someone to join.  Do not just send a generic invitation.
  14. 14. Kalene’s Tips and Tricks Using Your Network1) Keep in contact.  Congratulate them!
  15. 15. Kalene’s Tips and Tricks Using Your Network2) Recommendations.  Write them for your fellow students!
  16. 16. Kalene’s Tips and Tricks Using Your Network3) Utilize your connections…  … and your connections’ connections.  Make sure you check their current place of employment.
  17. 17. Kalene’s Tips and TricksOne last thing…  This is the #1 tool head hunters use!