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Arctic trend update Issue 1 2011. Earth matters. Re-decade.

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Arctictrendupdate issue1

  2. 2. arctic Trend Update on things we think matter.Issue 1 2011
  3. 3. Welcome! Editor’s letter With the first issue NO.1 we want to inspire our readers with things we think matters, directions like Earth Matters, Redecade and an undefined state of ”Happiness”. We visited Oulu to meet the architectural office of archeus as well as a finnish artist Veikko Törmänen. We also visited Harads and the Treehotel, again. We built a chicken house, lived farmlife, went on location to shoot ”Earth matters” with Photographer Fredrik Broman. We visited artist Kerstin Hedström and celebrated with pop-up stores in Luleå. Testing trends will give us an idea of how they work, what is driving trends as well as why it is important understanding directions in our society and the global world that we live in. Do we enjoy transparency or do we hate it? Do we like change or not?”The best way to predict the futureis to create it.” We are experiencing an increased amount of information in our daily lives, the question is, how do we cope with the information? Is this why some of us are longing back to nature, growing our own food and keeping chickens in our backyards? Thrifted, holey, unwashed, unbranded, miss-matched, is back in style once again. As well as the classic retro look, as we seek inspiration from vintage. We have been focusing our attention on scratched surfaces as well as upcycling initiatives. For regularly updated information on what we are up to, check out or website, Enjoy! Annkathrin Lundqvist, Editor arctic trend. ”The only constant is change.” Photo: Fredrik Broman, Styling: Arctic Trend
  4. 4. Earth matters ”The only way to interpret the future is to understand the present.” -We are all part of this fragile earth, every life form created by Nature has a purpose and a place. ”We do not inherit the Earth from our parents but borrow it from our children” -Kahlil Gibran ”Treat the earth well: it was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children. We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children. ” - ”We are more than the sum of our knowledge, we are the products of our imagination. ” -Ancient Proverb Many of your daily choices affect our environment, for example, when you Photo: Fredrik Broman, throw garbage, buy food, Shampoo your hair, uses paper, detergent and water orPhoto: Fredrik Broman, Earth issues are worth issues. Styling: Arctic Trend when you take the train, bus, car or plane. Our energy consumtion affect the en-Styling: Arctic Trend vironment as well. That is why it is more interesting than ever to see new and old upcycling initiatives. New products made from waste and garbage as well as new disposable packaging.
  5. 5. Re-Decade Re-cycle, Re-do, Re-wind, Re-work, Re-make. Investing time, skill and creativity can completely change an unwanted or damaged garment or item into a new favourite item. From small alterations or more complicated rework, used items can be customised to the creation of an entirely new upcycled artwork. The stark contrast of consumption versus population has helped to spur movements like sustainability, and the “Green” movement. The question is what we can do with waste and garbage? There are many great examples of when someones trash can become a new item, for example recycled PET bottles becomes a new scarf or bag. An old favorite T-shirts becomes a dress or used jeans creates a new jacket, Streetbanners becomes new bags. Inspiration is everywhere.Photo: Fredrik Broman, Humanspectra.comStyling: arctic trend
  6. 6. SLOW-ARTArtist Kerstin Hedström – Part 1.Photo: Emil Larsson, arctic trendShort facts:Born in Harads, Living in Luleå. Artist studio at Kulturakuten, LuleåEducation: Bergs School of Communication Studies: Graphic DesignNext exhibition: Fall 2012.Holds regular courses in concrete. Next two courses are held in October 2011.“I am a slow person, slow in thought, expression and emotion. This is also reflected in my art – I work with slow-art.With my work I hope to create meditative places and environments that give room for rest, consideration and contemplation.” -Kerstin HedströmWe met Kerstin at her artist studio at “Kulturakuten” in Luleå where she share workspace with artists, journalists, poets, sculptors, writers, photo-graphers, media producers and directors.After a nice cup of coffee and a friendly chat we found Kerstin to be far from slow in though, expression and emotion. She gave us a tour throughher workspace and her work in progress, her thoughts and drawings for “Raketskolan” in Kiruna and the “Spegla Gnosjöandan i ett konstverk”.Opposite page Left: Kerstin in her studio. Right: ”Spegla Gnosjöandan i ett konstverk”
  7. 7. We were curious to find out how she manage to collect thousands of used opti-cal glasses.Kerstin collects optical lenses from organisations like Vision for all (VFA): Anon-profit organization that wishes to awake the interests and consciousness ofpeople in general, and Optometrists/Opticians in Sweden and around the worldin particular. They collect used eyeglasses which are checked and measured be-fore sent out to people in need. The eyeglasses that doesn’t pass the test and arein poor condition are examples of the ones ending up in Kerstin’s artwork.She also collect used eyeglasses from eyeglass factories that are cut wrong orfaulty.She collects materials for her artwork, like used CD’s, used optical eyeglas-ses, textiles, stoplight, used copy machine parts, pencils. What can be trash forone person can be recycled and found parts of Kerstin’s many art installations.Patience and time is needed since collecting parts takes time; she has been col-lecting used pencils for the last 5 years.
  8. 8. Candle holders made fromMaterials that break and reflect light are used stoplightsoften inspiration to her artwork and herprojects.People can inspire us the same way places can. I feel inspired by Kerstin, herstudioand her art.If you are interested in being part of her next artworks you can donate usedpens, all kinds of pens are welcome. Please contact Kerstin Hedtröm or leavethem at thereception, Konsthallen at Kulturens Hus, Luleå. Photo: Kerstin Hedström ”Rabatt””Re-cycling and up-cycling.” ”Livstycken” Photo: Kerstin Hedström ”Mining metropolis”
  9. 9. re-decade bilder text
  10. 10. Concrete Image Store, Amsterdam”The waste of plenty isthe resource of scarcity.”Thomas Love Peacock
  11. 11. Architectural update: On location in Oulu I was in Oulu, visiting the architectural of- fice of Archeus. Sanna Pääkkönen, architect MSc and Pave Mikkonen, architect MSc at Archeus guided me through their latest architectural projects as well as upcoming projects. I can assure you that things are really happening in Oulu. All the architec- tural projects that I visited varied in both design expression and use of materials. Designed specific for each buyer and wit- hout compromise. Interestingly, this ethos of client driven work means that it is hard to categorise the practise; a look at projects produces a collection of design solutions so varied they look like they couldn’t possibly have come from the same firm. To con- stantly reinvent themselves every time must be a challenge, but for Sanna and Pave this seems to be a normal state of mind. It was a fresh impression to see different projects designed to fit both location and the buyers personal lifestyle. The innate understanding of the power of colour and texture, combined with understanding naturalSanna Pääkkönen, architect MSc Pave Mikkonen, architect MSc Graafinen Talo light specific to these latitudes – 65 degrees Photo: Timo Korhonen north.
  12. 12. Oulu is beautifully located by the Ule River and Bothnian bay. Oulu is a city of 141,742 inhabitants in the region of Northern Ostrobothnia in Finland. Oulu is the most populous city in Northern Finland and the sixth most populous city in the country. It is one of the northernmost larger cities in the world. Oulu has a subarctic climate with very cold, long and snowy winters and short, warm summers. Archeus office is located by the Ule river in a beautiful old school building, walls and floors as well as the school props were vintage. Roman rings, ropes, chalkboard as well as teachers pulpits were mixed with modern art from finnish artists Jaakko Mattila, Pekka Homanen and Veikko Törmänen.Above: Premises> Oulu: Beach Square shopping center| Archeus Oy It´s easy to spot when people love what they do, theBelow and right: Tale Kolma Puuta, Oulu, Private house| Archeus Oy result is always great. The total experience when I left Oulu yesterday was a head filled with new ideas, tons of inspiration and a warm heart. I got a chance to meet artist Veikko Törmänen in person and see his exhibition with works like Mea- dow, Chess box, Wing Box I, Wedge 2010, Boxit. An experience worth more than any words can des- cribe. Veikko Johannes Törmänen (born June 7, 1945, Kuusamo) is a Finnish artist, who paints and makes graphic art. Törmänen paints abstract works and makes instal- lations. He has collaborated with architects and has made many public works since 1979. Premises> Oulu: Beach Square shopping center| Archeus Oy Photos: archeus Oy
  13. 13. POP UP STORES, a temporary stores that pop up in a new location, that have a tendency to pop up unannounced, quickly draw Material updatein the crowds, and then disappear. we tested this trend and we are having a lot of fun doing these temporary retail stores that adds a fresh approach to the POSTED BY ARCTIC TREND JUNE 16, 2011shopping experience. Next POP UP experience will be held October 13-15 2011, Luleå. Germany based Rieder has released a high performance concrete, which requires no steel reinforcement. Steel is replaced with strands of fibre glass, which means that this concrete can be as thin as 8mm! Öko skin is a small panel version of the FibreC which opens up to possibilities of using this phenomenal system on smaller projects. It can also be coloured in almost any shade of colour. FibreC facade panels can cover buildings like a skin made of concrete – opening entirely new possibilities for modern ventilated wall design. “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” - Coco Chanel Patouf Interesting design mixed with new technology allows materials to become more versatile. These amazing concrete curtains designed by Doreen Westphal feels 100 % future. Who could imagine concrete lace curtains? Love the surprise effect as well as the high design luxury feel. The crochet tiles are lovely too and add an extra handmade feel to a modern interior. Concrete lace by Doreen Westphal POP UP STORE Images: Doreen Westphal Arctic Trend & Humbleheart bjuder in till POP UP STORE, tillfällig butik. Short facts: Designer kläder, accessoarer, skor och konst. Concrete Lace, designed by Doreen Westphal, is made from ultra high performance concrete (fabricated by G.tecz) and different suspension materials like rib- bon or 1mm steal cable. 13/10 Torsdag 12.00 -18.00 14/10 Fredag 12.00 - 18.00 Concrete Crochet Tiles designed by Doreen Westphal are made of ceramic concrete (by G.tecz) and capture a hand crafted inlay of traditional crochet. Source: 15/10 Lördag 12.00 -16.00 Doreen Westphal. Sunny Spells and Scattered Showers: a delicate, sculptural lamp, made from Ultra High Performance Concrete (Quantz), and based on the first weather forecast Kungsgatan 8, Luleå following the fall of Hosni Mubarak. The lamp metaphorically presents Doreen Westphal´s vision uniting ecology and politics in strong esthetic design.
  14. 14. Concrete lace
  15. 15. There are people
  16. 16. ”Fashion is not something that existsin dresses only. Fashion is in the sky,in the street, fashion has to do withideas, the way we live, what ishappening.” -Coco Chanel Arctic Trend Bowatersvägen 7B 97251 Luleå Tel: +46(0)70 259 59 29 Email: Web: Photo: Fredrik Broman, Styling: arctic trend