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  • Greg: CA arcserve is now even better. We just launched the next generation data protection solution; CA arcserve Unified Data Protection.

    Chris: Hmmm, sounds interesting is it complicated? Is it hard to implement? How many consoles does it use?

    Greg: No actually it is quite simple. It is one comprehensive solution that can be managed from one central location, protecting physical and or virtual platforms, on premise or off-premise with granular recovery for your critical applications like MS-Exchange, and MS-SQL.

    Chris: Is it easy to license.

    Greg: Yes but talk to your sales rep I work in presales, so tell me about your solution requirements….
  • Chris: Were you listening? you’re a doctor your supposed to listen…not talk all the time.

    Greg: Well when we scripted this you wanted to lay on a couch and sleep and now your telling me to be quiet, figures.

    Chris: Really? are you done….so as I mentioned can CA arcserve Unified Data Protection protect my local and remote locations? At each of my locations I have a combination of physical and virtual servers running on Windows and Linux and multiple applications and databases such as MS-Exchange, and MS-SQL.

    Greg: Yes it does, using arcserve Unified Data Protection agent technology; we can deploy agents to perform backups of your local and remote locations, leveraging incremental forever technology on Windows writing data to a local UNC destination or Recovery Point Server and then replicate that data to a remote Recovery Point Server located at your Data Center.
  • Chris: Can you also explain incremental forever? I heard about it but I am confused.

    Greg: Incremental forever is the ability to only backup the changed blocks after on a workstation/server after performing a full backup. This technology will minimize the impact to your production environment, eliminating any backup window constraints. I should mention this works on physical or virtual platforms, hence the disappearance of Dr. V.
  • Chris: That sounds like a space saver, another question please, what is a Recovery Point Server?

    Greg: A Recovery Point Server is the target or destination, this is where you create your data store and can access your backed up data for quick local recovery or even bare metal recovery.

    Chris: And that can be at local and or remote location? And run on a physical or virtual Windows Server?
  • Greg: Yes, also replication is now fully integrated to where you can replicate the data stored on a local recovery point server to a remote recovery point server or even the cloud. Depends on your requirements, and the available infrastructure.

    Chris: Sounds like there are some other great features you should be plugging about now.

    Greg: Yes, you are right, the Recovery Point Server that I previously described can use Global Deduplication where any backed up data from nodes, jobs or sites written to the Recovery Point Server will go through a global data deduplication process. This will reduce the load on production, offloading merge and backup catalog generation to the Recovery Point Server.
  • Chris: What if I have a large amount of data at each location and have small to no bandwidth available between locations?

    Greg: Well for those situations you can take advantage of jumpstart data seeding or you may have heard the term offline synchronization. This is where you can physically move data from the primary RPS location to secondary RPS location using a hard drive, or even tape, a technical term for this is sneaker net.
  • Greg: Another great feature is you can take advantage of is High Availability.

    Chris: Really?

    Greg: Really…….yes you can setup CA arcserve Unified Data Protection to continuously replicate your critical system and or applications, for example MS-Exchange, and or MS-SQL at your local or primary location to a remote or secondary location. In the event of a system or application failure you can configure the replication task to automatically failover redirecting your users from the primary site to the remote site, in short near instant recovery.

    Chris: Wow that really takes it to the next level, does it matter if physical and Virtual or even the cloud?

    Greg: No, arcserve Unified Data Protection can support P2V and V2V, and the cloud. For example we can perform full system high availability to Amazon EC2. Let’s take the process of replicating the data from your primary location to the remote or secondary location I just described, replacing the secondary location with a cloud destination, the results will be the same, users will be redirected to the secondary or cloud location upon critical system or application failure.
  • Greg: What makes this even better is that you will be able to remove all doubt, you can setup automated DR-Testing with no impact to production, you are performing a failover and failback or as we call it “assured recovery tests”.
  • Greg: You also mentioned that you have Virtual Platforms that you need to protect. Is that correct? And do you have VMware and Hyper-V?

    Chris: Well, yes we have VMware.

    Greg: Before I jump to far ahead I should mention that as part of CA arcserve Unified Data Protection you can perform agentless backup of your VMware and Hyper-V Hosts.

    Chris: This is amazing so no agents need to be deployed on each of the virtual guests?

    Greg: Correct……arcserve Unified Data Protection integrates with the VMware vStorage API’s providing a centralized node and group plan to perform single pass backup of the VM Host without installing anything in the virtual guest. The amazing part is you will be able to perform granular recovery of files and folders from within each of the virtual guests.
  • Greg: Another great feature you can take advantage of is where you can take your image based backups or recovery points of your physical and virtual servers and perform a virtual standby.

    Chris: So what you are saying is that I can take the image backup of my physical server and stand it up as a Virtual Guest in the event of a system or application issue.

    Greg: That is correct, you can convert your recovery points into VHD or VMDK formats at local or remote site.
  • Chris: What about being able to scale, no environment remains static, what happens if we add a new server, Virtual Host and or application?

    Greg: Well the beauty of CA arcserve UDP is it can scale from small to very large environments like yours where we can take individual elements that can be installed individually to increase performance & scalability.

  • Greg: So if I remember correctly there was another requirement, being able to archive data to tape or even the cloud.

    Chris: Correct I need to have a complete solution as I have a compliance requirement to keep data for a period of 7 years.

    Greg: Well, once again CA arcserve Unified Data Protection can meet this requirement where you can copy the recovery point server image backups to tape. You can also archive file based backups to disk, tape and cloud, i.e. Amazon, and MS-Azure.
  • Greg: One last thing Chris, being able to provide reports to your customers and management is critical, CA arcserve Unified Data Protection provides you with the ability to provide managed capacity reporting, job status reports, as well as CPU and Memory reporting.

    Chris: Yes, I totally forget about the reporting requirements, I am very impressed.

    Greg: and you should be, so I believe that this will meet the requirements you outlined and you see that CA arcserve Unified Data Protection is Assured Recovery.

    Chris: Yes…

    Greg: Well I think that went well, now it is time for you to review a couple of real-world examples of where arcserve met and solved customer requirements.
  • Greg: Well that about wraps it up, so here is my prescription…..please take one CA arcserve UDP and get…..

    Flexible Licensing
    Simple Deployment
    Unified Console
    Local and Remote Protection
    Physical and Agentless Virtual
    Platform and Application Breadth
    Recovery Point Server
    True Global Deduplication
    Built-In Replication
    Full System High Availability
    Tape Archive

    And lastly……ASSURED RECOVERY !

    Chris: Thanks Doc, you are a life saver!
  • Greg: I should mention if you don’t take your medication you will experience the following,

    thanks for coming in…..
  • Commercial track 2_UDP Solution Selling Made Simple

    1. 1. EMEA Barcelona May 20th – 21st UDP solution selling, made simple Charlie Smith & Phil Maynard
    2. 2. Scene 1: Somewhere in the city a stressed out IT Manager is visiting his doctor… Copyright © 2014 CA. All rights reserved.
    3. 3. arcserve® UDP Next-generation unified data protection  Protect and manage thousands of Windows & Linux nodes, quickly & easily  Agentless, single pass backup for virtual host protection  Hybrid agent for physical system protection with local, or centrally managed granular recovery  Recovery Point Server provides global deduplication across nodes, jobs and sites  Virtual Standby for DR  Built-in, WAN optimized replication  Full System HA  AES encryption  Jumpstart data seeding  Tape archive, with in-place re-hydration Unified Data Protection Copyright © 2014 CA. All rights reserved. 3 UnifiedManagement Console Virtual Protection RecoveryPoint Server (Global Deduplication) Virtual Standby Replication High Availability Physical Protection UnifiedArchitecture Tape Archive
    4. 4. arcserve® UDP One, simple, unified management console  One, simple, unified management & reporting console, to manage the full data protection lifecycle  “Getting Started” wizard  Intuitive workflow based protection strategies, plans & tasks  Web-based management console enables web browser- based access from anywhere, including mobile devices  Designed to extend with 3rd party integrations  Detailed reporting & logs Unified management console Copyright © 2014 CA. All rights reserved. 4
    5. 5. NEW Full Backup A Incremental A1 Incremental A2 Incremental A3 Incremental A4 Full Backup B Incremental B1 Incremental B2 Full Backup Free space Infinite Incremental 2 Infinite Incremental 1 Infinite Incremental 4 I2 Technology Traditional Solution Infinite Incremental 3 arcserve® UDP Block level infinite incremental (I2 Technology)TM  Eliminates the need for second full backup  Uses less disk space and network bandwidth  Works in conjunction with deduplication, to improve capacity savings  Ideal for cloud or remote site protection  Significant backup job merge performance improvements, as only the deduplication index file needs to be updated, when duplicate recovery point data exists Block-level incremental backup Copyright © 2014 CA. All rights reserved. 5
    6. 6. Recovery point server Copyright © 2014 CA. All rights reserved. 6 arcserve® UDP Recovery Point Server, capacity optimized backup  Recovery Point Server (RPS) helps reduce storage requirements, bandwidth usage & accelerates protection & recovery across sites  Provides global deduplication: Data is deduplicated across nodes, jobs & sites  WAN optimized replication:1-2- many & many 2-1  Jumpstart: Data seeding to speed remote site deployment  Reduces load on production systems, by offloading merge & backup catalog generation to RPS system  In place re-hydration of data for fast granular restore (including restores from tape) REMOTE SITEPRIMARY SITE MSP / PRIVATE CLOUD TAPE BACKUP GLOBAL DEDUPE DEDUPLICATED DATA DEDUPLICATED DATA DEDUPLICATED DATA RECOVERY POINT SERVER RECOVERY POINT SERVER WINDOWS WORKSTATIONS WINDOWS SERVERS PHYSICAL OR VIRTUAL SERVERS DESTINATION RPS DEDUPLICATED DATA DEDUPLICATED DATA APPLICATION SERVERS CENTRALIZED MANAGEMENT WAN OPTIMIZED REPLICATION
    7. 7. Built-in replication Copyright © 2014 CA. All rights reserved. 7 arcserve® UDP Built-in replication  Proven block-based RPS to RPS replication, with global deduplication  Data can be replicated to multiple RPS servers  Unidirectional communication via HTTP tunnelling to eliminate configuration issues with NAT & firewalls  Restart failed jobs at last block  Advanced scheduling & differential retention  Replication task verification upon completion  Concurrent job support  Supports compressed, encrypted & deduplicated backups TERTIARY SITE PRIMARY SITE REMOTE SITE WAN OPTIMIZED REPLICATION CENTRALIZED MANAGEMENT DESTINATION RPS DESTINATION RPS
    8. 8. arcserve® UDP Jumpstart data seeding  Offline synchronization accelerates deployment of remote Recovery Point Servers and improves data transfers  Ideal for environments with limited bandwidth or charge-by- the-usage connections  Reduce your exposure when protecting data offsite  Supports public clouds such as Amazon, Azure, Rackspace and others, who offer data import services (Requires an RPS in the cloud)  Can eliminate the need to use tape Jumpstart data seeding Copyright © 2014 CA. All rights reserved. 8 Fast Synchronization ImportDatastore ExportDatastore COURIER SERVICE RECOVERY POINT SERVER PUBLIC & PRIVATE CLOUD REMOTE SITE / CLOUDPRIMARY SITE CENTRALIZED MANAGEMENT
    9. 9. arcserve® UDP Full system high availability  Integrated with arcserve UDP console  Protects Windows Full Systems and Linux (OS, Apps, Data)  Continuous full system replication enables near-instant recovery of entire system including business applications, files & data  Automated DR testing and/or push-button fail-over, fail-back  WAN optimized replication & jumpstart data seeding, for remote sites  Supports P2V, cross-hypervisor V2V & V2P failback via BMR  Supports DAS, SAN, NAS & cloud storage Full system high availability Copyright © 2014 CA. All rights reserved. 9 STANDBY REPLICA AUTOMATED, APPLICATION-AWARE FAILOVER NETWORK REDIRECTION & FAILBACK REMOTE SITEPRIMARY SITE PHYSICAL OR VIRTUAL REPLICA SERVERS LOCAL & REMOTE USERS USER TRANSPARENT FAILOVER & FAILBACK WINDOWS, LINUX, PHYSICAL OR VIRTUAL FILES DATABASES APPLICATIONS SERVER HEARTBEAT MONIITORING WAN OPTIMIZED REPLICATION CENTRALIZED MANAGEMENT
    10. 10. arcserve® UDP Assured Recovery ®  Enables automated disaster recovery testing of business- critical systems, applications & data, on a separate, replica server  Non-disruptive process avoids business downtime and impact to production systems  Recovery testing can be fully automated, or performed on a scheduled basis, as needed  Assured Recovery reporting provides evidence of system recoverability for compliance auditors Assured recovery® Copyright © 2014 CA. All rights reserved. 10 DR TEST REPLICA REMOTE SITEPRIMARY SITE PHYSICAL OR VIRTUAL SERVERS LOCAL & REMOTE USERS FILES DATABASES APPLICATIONS PHYSICAL OR VIRTUAL SERVERS WAN OPTIMIZED REPLICATION CENTRALIZED MANAGEMENT
    11. 11. arcserve® UDP Agentless backup for VMware & Hyper-V host environments  Enables single-pass backup of all VMs without the need to install software agents on each VM  Integrates with VMware vStorage API’s  Only backs up changed blocks  Application consistent (Exchange, SQL etc.) & transaction-log purge  Easily recover individual files & folders from within each VM  Centralized node, group & plan management from UDP Console Agentless backup for VMware & Hyper-V Copyright © 2014 CA. All rights reserved. 11 PRIMARY SITE PROTECTS VMs, VOLUMES, FILES, DATABASES, APPLICATIONS & RAW DEVICE MAPPINGS (vRDM & pRDM) vSPHERE FARM OR HYPER-V FULL VM RESTORE & GRANULAR RESTORE GRANULAR RESTORE DIRECTLY FROM TAPE PRIMARY SITE RECOVERY POINT SERVER TAPE BACKUP DISK, TAPE OR CLOUD GLOBAL DEDUPE CENTRALIZED MANAGEMENT
    12. 12. arcserve® UDP Local & remote virtual standby  Periodic, image-based system, application & data protection for physical servers & VMs  Replicate to remote location (remote office, DR site, MSP & Cloud)  Run recovery point conversion into VHD or VMDK formats at the remote site to a virtual server  Register with Hypervisor  Server heartbeat monitoring  Automated or manual failover to remote resources Local & remote virtual standby Copyright © 2014 CA. All rights reserved. 12 PHYSICAL OR VIRTUAL REPLICA SERVERS PHYSICAL OR VIRTUAL SERVERS RECOVERY POINT SERVER VIRTUAL STANDBY PROXY BMR RECOVERY POINT SERVER LOCAL & REMOTE USERS PRIMARY SITE WAN OPTIMIZED REPLICATION GLOBAL DEDUPE REMOTE SITE CENTRALIZED MANAGEMENT
    13. 13. Scalability Copyright © 2014 CA. All rights reserved. 13 arcserve® UDP Scales from small to large environments  For large organizations looking to scale out arcserve UDP, individual elements or roles can be installed individually to increase performance & scalability  In smaller organizations or remote offices solution elements or roles can be combined on a single host or node to reduce cost and complexity SINGLE UDP SERVER  MANAGEMENT CONSOLE  RECOVERY POINT SERVER  TAPE ARCHIVE  AGENTLESS PROXY  VIRTUAL STANDBY PROXY PRIMARY / LARGE SITE REMOTE / SMALL SITE TAPE BACKUP DESTINATION RPS WORKSTATIONS PHYSICAL SERVERS VIRTUAL HOST SERVERS GLOBAL DEDUPE WAN OPTIMIZED REPLICATION RECOVERY POINT SERVER AGENTLESS PROXY VIRTUAL STANDBY PROXY DISK, TAPE OR CLOUD RECOVERY POINT SERVER CENTRALIZED MANAGEMENT
    14. 14. arcserve® UDP Tape archive  Migrate RPS recovery points to tape, for archival and/or compliance purposes  UDP Premium & Premium Plus editions include the full arcserve® Backup functionality: -  File-based backup to disk, tape & cloud (Amazon, Azure, Cloudian, Eucalyptus, Fujitsu etc.) SRM, file archiving & infrastructure visualization  Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, File Server, IIS, Oracle, Informix, SAP, Sybase, Lotus, vSphere, Hyper-V, Xen, Linux, UNIX, Mac, NAS NDMP etc.  Application-aware backup & granular recovery  Centralized mgmt., reporting, alerting & global dashboard Tape archive Copyright © 2014 CA. All rights reserved. 14
    15. 15. arcserve® UDP Unified reporting  Unified reporting for arcserve UDP & arcserve Backup: - - Managed capacity reporting - Detailed status reports across physical & virtual nodes - Backup size trend reporting - Virtual Standby reporting - Host-based Backup reporting - Alert reporting  Detailed logs  Schedule the creation & email distribution of reports in multiple formats (PDF, CSV, HTML) Unified reporting Copyright © 2014 CA. All rights reserved. 15
    16. 16. Case study 1: Global MSP Copyright © 2014 CA. All rights reserved.  Customer Profile − Founded in 2004, services delivered from 60+ datacenters w/w − Provides private & public cloud services, hosting & managed services  Challenges − To simplify management, increase efficiency & enable scalability  Solution − CA arcserve UDP  Benefits − Delivers simple, centralized recovery management across its client base − Provides Replication & High Availability clusters, enables failover between datacenters in minutes, which helps ensure customer systems suffer negligible downtime, which helps the service provider meet service level agreements 16
    17. 17. Case study 2: Service & reputation Copyright © 2014 CA. All rights reserved.  Customer Profile − Nationwide Gas Station currently operates and licenses over 300 locations in more than 40 states, offering outstanding value and service at attractive and convenient locations. They expects to sell over 4.5 billion gallons of petroleum this year.  Challenges − The biggest challenge was their need to consolidate into one solution. Needed the ability to recover in seconds to rebuild servers and get applications to functional state. Having our solution enabled their current SLA's and HA windows to be met at a 99.9% rate.  Solution − CA arcserve UDP (Protecting email, HR, Finance & file server data)  Benefits − Solution requires little manual intervention & the IT team was able to implement the solution quickly & easily, without having to invest in external consultancy 17
    18. 18. Prescription Take one arcserve UDP pill and get: -  Flexible licensing  Simple deployment  Unified management console  Physical and (agentless) virtual backup  Local and remote virtual standby  Platform and application breadth  Recovery Point Server  Global deduplication  Built-in replication  Full System High Availability  Tape archive  Assured Recovery® Copyright © 2014 CA. All rights reserved. 18
    19. 19. Side effects by not choosing arcserve UDP  CommVault: Expensive and complex  Symantec: Well just read the news!  Veeam: Got physical…NOT!!!  Unitrends: Hardware appliance, who?  AppAssure: Tape anyone? Copyright © 2014 CA. All rights reserved. 19
    20. 20. Questions Copyright © 2014 CA. All rights reserved.
    21. 21. Legal Copyright © 2014 CA. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Windows, Windows Azure, Windows Server, Hyper-V, Active Directory, SQL Server, and SharePoint are registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. UNIX is a registered trademark of the Open Group in the United States and other countries. Linux® is the registered trademark of Linus Torvalds in the U.S. and other countries. IBM, Lotus, Domino, AIX and Informix are trademarks of International Business Machines Corp. in the United States, other countries, or both. All other trademarks, trade names, service marks and logos referenced herein belong to their respective companies. THIS PRESENTATION IS FOR YOUR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. CA Technologies assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of the information. TO THE EXTENT PERMITTED BY APPLICABLE LAW, CA TECHNOLOGIES PROVIDES THIS DOCUMENT “AS IS” WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, OR NONINFRINGEMENT. In no event will CA Technologies be liable for any loss or damage, direct or indirect, in connection with this presentation, including, without limitation, lost profits, lost investment, business interruption, goodwill, or lost data, even if CA Technologies is expressly advised of the possibility of such damages. Copyright © 2014 CA. All rights reserved. 21