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Proforma project work at jntuh mba


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Proforma project work at jntuh mba

  1. 1. Chapter 1-9 p (P-pages) 1. Meaning – 1p 2. Need- “ 3. Objectives-“ 4. Importance pros & cons-3p 5. Scope-1p 6. Limitations-“ 7. Research methodology-“ 8. Literature reviewChapter 2-14 p 1. Industry profile-6p 2. Company profile-8pChapter 3 • Data analysis and interpretation 20 questionsChapter 4 1. Findings-1p 2. Suggestions-1p 3. Conclusions-1p(6-10 pages) • BibliographyBook name, author name, edition, page no, paragraph, website, journal name.Page no: separate page no for each chapter.Ex: introduction -1.1-1.26 Industry profile- 2.1-2.32Line spacing: 1.5Type of words: time’s new romanFont size: headings 14 bold Data 12Paper: royal bond A4 size
  2. 2. charts: bar,line,pie (black &white)For each definition of topic the students have to mention book name, author name,edition no & paragraph.