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South asian american digital archives


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At the July meeting of Archivists Being Awesome, Samip Mallick presented on the South Asian American Digital Archive, an independent non-profit organization, newly relocated to Philadelphia, working to document, preserve and provide access to South Asian American history through a post-custodial digital-only archive. All of the stories and materials SAADA collects are freely accessible online at

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South asian american digital archives

  1. 1. Archivists Being Awesome July 30, 2012
  2. 2. Why is it important?•  “A community without its records is a community under siege, defending itself, its identity, and its version of history without a firm foundation on which to stand.” -- Jeannette Bastian
  3. 3. What makes SAADA unique•  Post-custodial archive•  Digital-only archive•  Radically focused on access•  Materials described at the item-level•  Actively engage community members in a dialogue about history and the role of archives
  4. 4.